VIDEO: Ben Templesmith Draws The Next Issue of FELL

Last year, at the Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco, the celebrated comic book store Isotope -The Comics Lounge hosted a series of events featuring many comic book superstars as comics and music merged. The highlight of those events was the live drawing of the next issue of Fell by artist Ben Templesmith.  Yes, the next issue of Fell. It exists!

And now you can see Templesmith in action as he draws, along with a excellent set of music based on Templesmith’s music tastes thanks to a great DJ set from DJ SamSupa.  Highlights include a classic Doctor Who moment that had the live audience cheering, as well as watching Templesmith post to Twitter while drawing, uses beer to ink the page, and even shows some fans how to ink on a spare piece of paper. It was truly a rockstar moment for Templesmith and a blast to watch.


Thanks to James Sime at Isotope for providing this great video.


  1. This is going to be interesting, always love to see artist draw.

  2. So this happened last year? This doesn’t dispel my disbelief that the next issue of FELL exists because wouldn’t we have it already?
    This video was completed in MArch last year and FELL is usually a 16 page story so it is safe to ask what has happened to these pages in nearly a year?

    • Maybe he released this video to prove to people that it wasn’t his fault that Fell is AWOL

    • From Warren Ellis’s website: “Ben still has the script for issue 10, and I’ll go ahead and finish issue 11 when he gets more than halfway through 10’s script. And we’ll move on like that until we have enough of the intended final seven issues to go to market with.”

      So… let;s stay optimistic.

    • Sooooo it’s now march. Nearly a year after this video was taken. I wonder what’s happened?

  3. I really did miss fell. If it does return in 2012 I will be most pleased as a fan that enjoyed both creator’s works.

    Not holding my breath but remaining optimistic.


  4. (gasp)

    This is actually happening! I must do a jig to celebrate!

  5. this vid is awesome. i’ve watched it at least 5x now. thanks

  6. So it’s been nearly a year since this vid. And now temple smith has another book. But with this and the erratic release of chocker I will not be buying his work again.