VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN – White Tiger

Now that Spider-Man is swinging his webs on Disney XD in the new cartoon series Ultimate Spider-Man, there’s more and more comics meet cartoon fun happening every week. ┬áThis weekend, the next episode of Ultimate Spider-Man introduces White Tiger and Marvel’s provided us with a behind the scenes look:

Marvel provided this description:

This Sunday, watch as Spider-Man and White Tiger team up to save Midtown High on a new episode of Ultimate Spider-Man, inside Marvel Universe on Disney XD at 11am/10c.Together, they must figure out how to unmask and beat a notorious villain at his own game. Check out this behind-the-scenes interview with Caitlyn Taylor Love (voice of White Tiger), as she gives the inside scoop on balancing heroics and homework, and how she keeps the other S.H.I.E.L.D. trainees in line while learning to master her powers


  1. Ugh! I couldn’t be more disappointed in this show. Hearing about all the behind-the-scenes talent (Bendis! Dini! Casey!) had me feeling good about the show’s prospects. These guys have been involved in some pretty great things in the past. Now, they’re all putting their heads together and coming up with something that’s… kinda irritating.

    I really hope the rumors of Jeph Loeb looking to cancel EMH in favor of an Avengers show that’s closer to USM are false.

  2. For me it’s been a breath of fresh air. Contrary to the above I have really been enjoying it.

    • I’m enjoying it because it’s fun. You can’t quantify how i or anyone else determine what is fun. I get why people don’t like it. What i don’t get is why the people who don’t like it frown upon people that do. It is, what it is. Is it the Spider-man i wanted? No. I want Spectacular Spider-Man back. But it isn’t coming back. I have this, and i like it. It’s fun.

    • @RahUniQue I agree with you. I didn’t really like the first couple of episode, but I think it’s because I wanted Spectacular back as well. But, the last couple of episodes have really been enjoyable. I really like the manic-ness of the show (something I DIDNT like at first) as well as the humor. The new world is really coming together.

    • For me it’s putting back the fun in Spider Man. It’s not so serious and not just about stopping the villains.

  3. Exactly, TomSwift.

    Saying “it’s for kids” isn’t enough.
    Kids aren’t dumb, treat them as if they have attention spans and tell a good G-rated story.
    My 4-yr old niece was ENTHRALLED with The Lion King but gets bored with Spoongebob’s randomness.

  4. I can’t be the only that think she sounds like a dude when she’s voicing White Tiger.

  5. Avatar photo filippod (@filippodee) says:

    Meanwhile, in Ultimate Comics, Miles disappears but we find out that he had a white son of his same age who takes the costume.

  6. If it’s a machine it’s much less impressive, but the end-credits music features some excellent double-kick-pedal death-metal drumming.

  7. Ultimate Spider man good animation style and ok stories. Avengers Earth’s … good stories but not fond of the style of animation (reminds me of late 80’s early 90’s cartoons in other words to me it looks cheap). Young Justice simply crushes these two shows. And now that Legend Of Korra is out Marvel takes the back, back seat of the animation mini van.