VIDEO: And Now…the Full Length GREEN LANTERN Trailer

Okay. There's some Spanish subtitles in there, and it's still YouTube, but io9 has posted the first full length Green Lantern trailer. 

Take a longer look at the footage first seen in last week's Entertainment Tonight teaser, plus a whole lot more. Abin Sur. Sinestro. Hector Hammond. The whole nine. 


Yeah, they're definitely going for the Iron Man tone, with just a smidge more whimsy and sentiment (really playing up the fear/will-power angle). Honestly, it looks like an exciting night at the ol' movie house. 

And I think I learned some Spanish. 

UPDATE – You can see the trailer in full high definition here (and no spanish subtitles).


  1. …..speechless.


    That was AWESOME.

  3. the movie looks waaaaaaay better than the ET preview from last time. Its obvious that the CGI isn’t close to being done yet as most of the cuts were half a second. The last shot of Hal in the costume looked kinda sorta….not so much, but its early and i’m optimistic that they have lots more finishing to do to it. This thing does look pretty epic and could be tons of fun. This is the first thing that i’ve seen that has made me want to see it. 

  4. …nope. Still doesn’t cheer me up.

    Looks cool though. 

  5. wow. this just keeps getting better. my only reservation has been the mask. maybe its getting better. Hal seems a lot more serious to me in the books, but maybe the comedic edge will work.

  6. Fail! Thank god I still have the comics.

  7. Yowzers. Now I’m excited.

  8. did anyone else catch the emblem on Carol’s helmet?

  9. awesome awesome super awesome.  Hal *does* feel a little more Ryan Reynolds than Hal to me, but don’t get me wrong.  To me that’s a colossal positive. *snicker*

    The only thing negative I have to say about the trailer is Blake Lively was like a robot.  I have an overwhelming urge to punch her in the face.  But it was all of two lines so I’ll try to give her the benefit of the doubt. Otherwise we may have a Jennifer Anniston in Office Space on our hands.

  10. ‘In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night.’ Reynolds had that spot on. I cannot wait for this, apart from a couple of questionable vfx things which will no doubt be fixed I cannot wait for this.

  11. Wow. I don’t like the suit (especially when he does the whole arm waving thing at the end) but everything else is greaT!

  12. I Love this direction. Not sure I love the costume but the pop on is amazing.

  13. That looks awesome, although the aliens still look a bit… off to me (I can’t quite figure out what I think is wrong with them, but I’m sure it’ll look better on a big screen). Really excited for this now

  14. Not bad. Not bad at all, and the oath teaser at the end was a nice touch – can’t have the fanfolks messing their pants just yet.

  15. As long as those special effects get cleaned up, I think this can be pretty good.

  16. I’ve been a fan of the costume from the beginning and seeing it in action only reinforces my positive feelings for it.

  17. I love that the costume is a construct. It’s a great solution to a complex problem. 

  18. I was really skeptical about the footage I saw on ET a few days ago. But this trailer, definitely gives it some promise. They’ve got some time to polish the effects so I think this could be really entertaining.

  19. Going to wait till I see this trailer on the big screen before Harry Potter. I want this to be a big screen experience.


    That being said, this is going to be a TOUGH few days.

  20. Updated the post with a link to the full HD version of the trailer.

  21. The HD trailer just sold me.

  22. it looks good but I dont like how much CG their using on the costumes…but maybe it will look better in the theater.

  23. Ok that was heaps better than the other preview footage. Maybe I’m getting used to the greenness. In brightest day in blackest night at the end brought tears to my eyes.
    Officially i haven’t been as excited to a movie since I saw the first Lord of The Rings trailer back in 2000!

  24. Looks GREAT in HD. 

  25. Quicktime version looks smoking. Yes lots of CG and humor, but not every comic book movie has to be dark to be good.

  26. Worst casting since Jessica Alba as Invisible Woman. Did Tim Story direct this? It looks totally routine, by the numbers. No sophistication from the man who directed Casino Royale. Sad.

  27. The trailer looks ten times better in HD. Picked up so much more on the second viewing. EXCITED!

  28. @s1lentslayer you can be more dramatic without going dark. I think this could have been more dramatic but I like what I see.

  29. Looks pretty damn good. 

  30. Wow…I watched the trailer three times. After seeing this over the earlier trailer, I’m A-OK with the effects. They looked amazing. Tomar-Re and Sinestro looked very realistic. I do wonder how non-comic readers will take Hector Hammond. I think Hammond looks nice, but it may be a bit goofy looking toward people.

    The way Hal is shown in the trailer seems more in line with how Kyle usually is seen. Hal seems more like a directionless kid, instead of the cocky directionless pilot in the comics. Though, I do understand that this is all new to Hal, so it makes since he’d be amazed at all this stuff he’s seeing. 

  31. Chills.

  32. Looks like i’m going to get some bubblegum in my popcorn 

  33. BTW, I loved the moment with Hal and Tom:

    Hal: The ring said it was a great responsibility.

    Tom: You!?  Responsilbility?

    Hal: Let’s hope so.

    That was great.

    And the costume also looked great in motion. Check off my costume worries.

  34. Much much better than the other clips that ran a few days ago

  35. I didn’t read any comments. My wife watched this, she says it’s cool for a variety of well thought out reasons. That decides it, I’m not watching any trailers for Green Lantern. That’s going to be difficult but I can do it.

  36. That was better than i hoped for.

  37. Meh. I’m still not sold.

  38. It opens with Hal abandoning some chick in bed because all comic book fans need that sexual power fantasy thing, right? 

  39. @edward – You’re bringing baggage into this. Again. 

  40. This deserves a red post ASAP

  41. Much, much better than the ET clip – though still on the fence if it is worth $10+ to see in the theater

  42. Ok so the apple version of the Green Lantern trailer looks a ton better, but is Blake Livley acting like she is doing porn dialogue?  The eyes in the mask should be solid white.  Seeing his eyes was creepy.

  43. Again? I’m the most superficial dude on this site 


    but tell me i’m wrong 

  44. @edward – It’s a larger issue than simply being a comic fan thing. This is an action movie thing. This is a comedy thing. It’s every Bond movie. 

  45. wow straight  to DVD!this does look campy

  46. @snake101: There was nothing campy in the trailer.

  47. I see you’re point. It does exist in other media but i still, kind of, think it’s more evident in comics though. 

    And i can’t definitely see a lot of camp in there  

  48. I’m not seeing any camp anywhere. It’s not like we have a scene where Hal makes a giant catcher’s mit to help some kids play baseball. The scenes where Hal abandons the hot chick and the humor between him and Tom seem humorous, but not in a campy way.

  49. Anyone else notice that Abin Sur is Scottish?

  50. there’s a moment when Hal magically changes into his green costume in front of his side-kick/best-friend and yells "I know! Right?!" That’s pretty campy,  dude

  51. That did look much better in HD. Kinda excited for this movie now.

  52. @neums He sounded English to me.

    @edward Eh, to each his own then. I found it just funny for me.

  53. Camp is a failure as seriousness, and the scene where he changes into costume is clearly not meant to b a serious moment.

     Quit trollin dude.

  54. Just watched the trailer in HD and it looks tremendous. The final scene with Hal and friend look bad on Youtube but  looks pretty damn good in HD. I’m super excited for this movie but it still sits behind Thor and Captain America.

  55. @edward: I don’t know that you understand the meaning of “campy”.

  56. man, this knee jerk "trolling" argument is tired 

  57. O-M-G!!! All of my doubts just went right out of the window!!! Cant wait!!

  58. @TheGoose: I guess. I dunno, I picked up a Scottish brogue at "Use its power to defend our universe." Especially on "universe."

  59. @neums I’m not disagreeing with you. I’m just saying. *wink*

  60. Hmm, looks like someone was a big fan of Iron Man.

    My least favorite thing about it was the music.  Some of the dialogue is borderline cheezy but hopefully in the context of the film it will work. 

    All you older folks:  can you believe we’re getting a GL movie?  Oh, Modern World, you continue to amaze me.

    I hope this does big numbers so we can get a Flash film.  That’s the DC movie I want to see.

  61. I don’t know.. this Linterna Verde just looks like a rip-off of Green Lantern.

  62. I’m still a bit skeptical cause of a lot of the glitches with the CGI I saw in the trailer, but as long as they fix them all up I will so be seeing this. Ryan Reynolds has got Hal Jordan down!!!

  63. Camp, noun, something that provides sophisticated, knowing amusement,as by virtue of its being artlessly mannered or stylized, self-consciously artificial and extravagant, or teasingly ingenuousand sentimental.


    Do Hal’s costume and giant green hand or pink aliens on OA seem self-consciously artificial and extravagant ?  

  64. @aBirdseysView HAAHAHAHA!

     I likeed the trailer, i think the scenes on Oa are going to be fun.

  65. Alright now I’m really excited. Tomar Re, Kilowog, Hector Hammond, and Sibestro looks PERFECT. and the suit being basically a skin makes sense and is the closest we’ve ever actually seen anything that resembles the comic book page.

  66. I am only a passing fan of Green Lantern.  I like the mythology but don’t really read it.  However, with this trailer I am very much looking forward to the film.

    Sinestro’s moustache was perfect.

  67. I wouldn’t classify any of this as campy, even the green fist construct, which was played entirely straight. Green Hornet is campy. This isn’t. Unless we see a big green catcher’s mitt or a fly swatter or something. 

  68. i don’t see the Iron Man influence everyone is talking about…because there are Raptors flying around? Really?

  69. It’s a tonal thing. They’re going for funny with a charming playboy character, as opposed to the dark and gritty. They want this to be their Iron Man. Which works. 

  70. @wallythegreenmonster- I think it’s because of the quick wit and overall charm of the lead character.

  71. Yes. This looks great. More of this, please.

  72. @edward: Not at all. This is all played straight.

  73. @wallythemonster — It’s the music, and the womanizing scene in the beginning of the trailer could have been a scene from Iron Man.  Yeah, and the jets didn’t help either.

  74. @deanwinchester  Thank you! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that.

  75. Hmm, upon listening to the music again…maybe they were going for Wild Hogs not Iron Man…

  76. Holy crap!  Giddy!!!  This looks awesome.  Soooo much to love in that trailer.

  77. @ultimatehoratio well.  I think the jets are kind of necessary.  Pilot and all.  But it’s definitely more comedic-action iron man than dark-gritty batman.

  78. I know its not goin to happen because it’s out of vogue these days, but musically movie needs a theme lie Star Wars, Superman, and Batman have. Apiece of music that we can hear, and hum along, and imediately identify "Green Lantern!". I couldnt tell you how sweet that would be.

  79. God. DAMN. This looks sweet.

    Was that Cowgirl at the beginning?

  80. @ultimatehoratio Now I’ll be having nightmares with Hal on a motorcycle paling around with Tim Allen and John Travolta.

  81. @Conor: yes, adam west once said he played Batman as straight as he would have played Hamlet 

     It doesn’t mean there are things in there that are campy. Like the costume which are so artificial and manufactured that they can’t even exist in reality  

  82. @TheGoose — Hopefully there will be an uncomfortable scene where the guy from Scrubs plays a Green Lantern that tries to sex Ryan Reynolds up.

  83. @Muady — Are the people on GL the only ones who don’t realize that the score was the one bad thing about Iron Man?

  84. @edward: I can only assume you’re joking at this point. If you don’t see the difference between this and Adam West’s portrayal of Batman…

  85. @itsbecca — Since they’re trying to appeal to the same audience that enjoyed Iron Man, it stands to reason that it would be somewhat evocative.  Still, I thought they’d be more subtle about it.

  86. @edward …I’m confused.  You know green lantern has aliens right?  Lots of them?  Kind of the basis of the Green Lantern Corp.  You’re upset they didn’t pull out everything that has to do with the origins of the Lantern and the context of the story to make it more palatable for an audience who doesn’t read it?  You’re citing pink aliens as your example of camp?  The constructs?  What exactly did you want this movie to be?  Take that away and he’s just a generic flying superhero.

  87. "Like the costume which are so artificial and manufactured that they can’t even exist in reality"

    See, you’re just giving yourself away. A green lantern construct cannot exist in reality, no way! are you kidding me?!

  88. @Conor: I’m just repeating what a great man said. 

    you do realise there was a scene where Hal wimps his belt off and says in a spunky way " let’s get these pants off and fly some planes" ?

    did we see the same footage?  

  89. @edward: Apparently not because you saw a campy version.

  90. @itsbecca and Muaddy: you’re both right about those things. They were very campy elements of the original silver comic, right? 

  91. @edward — What if you replaced "campy" with "cheesy"?  Seems like you guys are arguing over semantics at this point.

  92. @Ulitmatehoratio: yup. I did included a definition of camp up there though 

  93. I’m loving the look of this film very much. I don’t know how anyone however can not say the dialogue was horrid as well as Blake livelys acting. Also Ryan Reynolds as many have said is playing himself not Hal. Sinestro looks so perfect though I want to cry tears of happiness. If nothing else the action should be badass.

  94. I a little worried about how Reynolds will be playing Hal based on the trailer and how Hal will be portrayed, but I’m more exicted than anything else.

  95. @edward I’m not even interested in arguing, I’m just *genuinely* confused.  Those are integral elements of the modern age comic as well.  (Also, while alien life has been important for some time, but aren’t the more complex constructs [especially based thematically on the character making them] more modern?  I’m not a huge silver age fan so I could be completely wrong.)

    To me it seems like you think the source material is "campy" as well?

  96. I didn’t really like the transformation, don’t ask me why. I did really like all the aliens in the trailer, they looked so good!

  97. @halik — Lively did seem to be delivering her lines like she was half asleep, but supposedly she’s got acting chops so here’s hoping!

  98. @Itsbecca: the source material IS camp.

    And i’m not being hostile. i’m just saying.  

  99. I’m so sold!!  I can’t not only wait to see it in the theater, but to own the Blu Ray and watch it on my PS3 400 times. 

  100. @edward Oh okay. That makes sense.  So, in your opinion, the film is being true to the source material!  Guess there’s no need to argue about that, even if we disagree whether that’s a good or bad thing.

    I do kind of think a large portion of superhero comics are a bit camp, outlandish scenarios treated with the utmost seriousness, but we love it because we’ve bought into that universe.  Street level characters are easier to ground, but Green Lantern… you kind of just have to go balls to the wall with that property. 

  101. @itsbecca — You can’t play something like Green Lantern completely straight.  If you try, you end up with something like Daredevil where the outlandish visual style doesn’t mesh with the serious tone.

  102. yup

  103. @ultimatehoratio–the music is an unfair knock–its extremely commonplace in Hollywood to borrow music from a movie with a similar demographic and recycle that over the trailer. The music is the LAST component of the film to get made so you have to do that. 

    Every supherhero movie is going to have the military in it especially with the Pentagon’s innitiative to give unprecedented access to big budget tentpole film productions…its a "sales tool" to make the military seem exciting during historically low recruitment. You tell the Pentagon you are making an action movie with a big budget…they give you access to just about anything. 

  104. is it just me, or does the CGI look a little "goofy"………..I mean the CGI in the trailer for the film Skyline looked better than this……….yikes!! 

  105. @ultimatehoratio Oh, I agree. I don’t see it as a bad thing at all. GL is a difficult propetry.  Like the aliens. If they’d done it without committing they’d have fallen into that zone of not being realistic, but not being other worldly so just being… awkward.  So they went for it.  In my mind (from what little we’ve seen) good decision.
  106. Hell to the yah! I am looking forward to this 🙂

  107. Wow Blake Lively seriously sucks, that’s what they get when they hire someone who’s on the CW. Not impressed by the trailer, mostly because I don’t like the leads, such terrible casting. 

  108. I was gonna wait until Friday to see it on the big screen before Harry Potter but I couldn’t wait, this looks awesome!!

  109. Elasticviper I couldn’t agree more. Movies aren’t just visuals acting and dialogue are the keystones and this certainly falls short in both aspects so far. I’m really thinking Mark Strong is going to knock it out of the park though.

  110. The cgi costume is horrible, as is the mask. Also, Oa doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense to me, especially based on recent depictions. I really hope the cool stuff makes me lose myself in the world…

  111. I’d like to hear what the man with the lantern tatoo has to say

  112. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with Blake Lively. I’ve never seen her show, but when I saw her host Saturday Night Live, you could tell that she has some range in her. Plus, c’mon, she’d be a hot Star Sapphire.

  113. Mark Strong is a solid Sinestro, right? They nailed that.

  114. i didn’t like it. at all. it looked terribly melodramatic and silly. nothing made me go " oOOOO cool. " but that is just me.

  115. Looks terrible….

  116. Where does the line for the midnight show start?

  117. If anything, it looks to me as if Renolds really nailed the Hal Jordan character. Some of those rendered environments look downright beautifull as well. I am very excited about this. I’ve watched the trailer like 5 times already.

  118. Im totally watching it when it comes out, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be eye rolling throughout the whole thing…that trailer just looked cheesy

  119. Hal is weird.  Who takes off a spoke protector but leaves the reflectors on wheels?  Especially a FELT?  If you’re going to drop three grand on a bike, at least take off the dork stuff.

    Neat trailer. 

  120. Sinestro looked great. The rest is very ehh. I’m being cautious about this one.

  121. ill admit there is a few things i didnt care for in this trailer(mainly the earth stuff) but all the space stuff looks amazing! i cant wait to see it in hd 3d. p.s. as much as i like ryan reynolds he allways plays ryan reynolds.

  122. i just read a small description of the film and it said the villain will be parallax. anyone else read this?parallax?

  123. The new Green Lantern trailer looks a lot like Hollow Man; but with worse effects and acting.


    Why is everything like a flame thrower/ green fire? It reminds me a lot of Alan Scott GLNRG.


    I was looking forward to more geometric looking stuff. Looks very TV movie-ish

  124. I’m now twice excited. There were still a few moments where the costume looked off… But for the most part it looked fantastic.

  125. Thank god it looks so much like the comics. Looking forward to it.

  126. Looks pretty well executed and seems to have a nice tone, but I miss some big action scene or really cool moments to stay in mind and get me really excited about this but a) no need to spill it all in the trailer and b) I thought the same of the Iron Man trailer.

  127. After The Phantom Menace and Spiderman 3 trailers, I’ve learned to not get too excited

  128. It feels like we are going to get a good origin telling out of the movie. I’m sure they will setup a plot connection with Sinestro for the next film.  The battle with Hector has me concerned, that might be very painful on film . . .
    But any comic fan has to be so please at the amount of true comic content this film will have . . . respect to the ink.

  129. Alright I take it back I’m not skeptical anymore. I just saw this in HD & it is breathtaking! Wow so many comic book movies next year Thor looks amazing, Green Lantern looks phenomenal, now all we have to do is wait for Captain America footage so that we can get a good idea of what that movie might be like. Can’t Wait for 2011!!!!

  130. Looks like fun.  My only quibbles are Blake Lively’s delivery on that piece of exposition was extraordinarily wooden.  I’ve not seen her in anything else, but I’ve never heard anything bad about her acting skills.  Surely there was another take?  And they seem to be following the Transformers movies by overly complicating CG effects while quick cutting around them.  Which makes it difficult (for me at least) to get a read on what I’m supposed to have just seen.   It’s a trailer though, and I’m not going to take that as a guide for the look/pace of the film. 

    The space/alien stuff looked very nice.  And while Reynolds isn’t going to win any awards, I find him really enjoyable in everything he’s in.  He must be holding a record for the number of comic characters played now, surely?

  131. Looks pretty awful to me, but whatever.

  132. This looks a lot better than I previously thought. I agree with everyone that says this movie appears to follow the Ironman formula but I don’t see anything wrong with that. As long as it is a fun movie that I enjoy (like I did Ironman), then I’m cool with it. Can’t wait to watch me some Linterna Verde!

  133. I can’t wait to see this, I might even take that day off so that I can see it multiple times on opening day…

  134. even if i were a fan of GL’s which i definitely am not…. i would still have hated this trailer. Reynolds looks like he’s about to cry in ever scene and sinestro is going to look so terrible when he’s all purply and "developed."

  135. Nice! I am pumped.

    Could’ve used at least a line from Sinestro. I’m really hoping they play up the mentor/protege relationship. But still, good stuff.

  136. This looks pretty fun! I’ve never read much Green lantern (I’ve never known where to start with it) but I’m sold on this trailer.

  137. Now I care. It looks like it will be accessible to people who know nothing, but still have lots of detail and character for fans to enjoy.

  138. This just shot to the top of my "must see films of 2011" list. I also just created that list.

  139. I remain hopeful, but unconvinced. Looks like fun, but the CGI stuff does look a bit… well, maybe this movie is just a few years too early. Or maybe they’re not finished. We’ll see, but jeez… that scene where Hal puts on the suit with Tom? Not great.

    Now, the tone, I like. Like Reynolds as Hal, like the designs of OA and the aliens, really like the direction they’re taking with the character. Not sure about the "carved from moldy rocks" look of the ring or battery, but those may grow on me. Hector Hammond’s design? To be fair, I did get a bit of a Sci-Fi Original Movie vibe off’a that, but hey, context goes a long way.

    In short, let’s call it Cautiously Optimistic.

  140. The CG is still early, I think. We’ve got months to go until the premiere, so I’d wager they’re still refining all these effects. 

  141. My only complaint is I would have liked to have seen at least one more construct. Everything looks awesome though

  142. That’s a pretty good trailer.

  143. @paul I hope so.  I wasn’t very impressed with the effects at all.

  144. I love the scope they hint at in this.  Here’s hoping it makes money so that we get to see Sinestro go all bad-ass in the sequel (assuming that’s what happens).  Still, some CG looked pretty good so far, some, such as the suit, not much, but there’s plenty of time for them to fix it up.  Can’t wait to see this, I think I’m looking forward to this comic book superhero movie the most next summer. 

  145. Are those street toughs he’s beating up with he giant green fist?

  146. @jonnyflash: If it is, then this is the best damn movie ever made.

  147. Looks really fun! Doesn’t look on the level of Dark Knight. But, it looks Ironman/marvel movie level good. Can’t wait until june.

  148. The full trailer looks WAY better than the short peek ET showed earlier this week.  I see there’s better effects and it doesn’t look so dorky now.

    I’m stillconcern about the two main characters though:  Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.  None of them still convinces me as Hal nor Carol, but of course, I had a poor opinion of it all when I saw the ET sneak peek and the trailer prove me kind of wrong, so there’s still hope.

    Hope it keeps improving.

  149. Never having seen Blake Lively in anything but this trailer, I can only hope the two moments they showed here were bizarrely out of context in some way that leaves room for the possibility that she can act.  At all.

    Seriously, what is with the casting of women in superhero flicks?  Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns was boring, lifeless, completely uncharismatic.  Malin Akerman’s flat performance  was the one weak point for me in Watchmen.  I found Scarlett Johansson utterly dull as Black Widow.  Is the look the only factor being weighed or something? 

  150. Looks great.  Really excited for this one.

  151. @bansidhewail   Yeah i feel that. I think Allison Mack(Chloe from smallville) has more charisma in her pinky than half the leading ladies in the comic films from the last few years. Except for maggie g. in the dark knight who is amazing. well actually paltrow was awesome in iron man 1 and 2 so she gets a pass as well

  152. Well.  This looks pretty much amazing.

  153. @elasticviper

    Total the positive votes in both polls (which is split between two options in your link) and you get a very different story.

  154. That CBR pool shows most are excited. 37% neutral. 20% negative 42% positive. Not "meh"

  155. Uh, actually, if those numbers are correct, a majority are not positive. 20% negative plus 37% neutral equals 57% not positive.

  156. Well at least someone knows how to read polls.

  157. @darkturtle

    Talk about skewing data. Lumping both netural/negative and calling it all "not positive" implies that both netural/negative votes are wholly negative. Which is blatantly untrue. Besides zefyr didn’t even look at the comicbookmovie poll which shows an overwhelmingly positive response.

    I suspect that most in the neutral category are those mostly just being resistant to eating their own words about the ET spot so soon, anyway.

  158. @Muady: maybe those people that voted neutral just didn’t think it was anything special. 

  159. This has been the first bit of promotion that has me thinking, things are gonna be alright.  Also, I’m with Ultimate Horatio on this, if I didn’t like the trailer (which I did…) I would at least lay down the price of admission in hopes of getting a Flash flick out of the deal. 

  160. it saddens me to admit that finally seeing the trailer didn’t amp up my excitement, but slightly extinguish it.  damn it.

  161. @elasticviper

    Maybe so. I merely suspect, knowing the nature of fanboy behavior. Either way, I think its evident the majority of opinion so far is either positive or "wait and see".

  162. The only thing I did not like is Hal’s mask. Makes him look like Bradley Cooper or something. The rest I can live with and even be excited about. I am more excited to see it now than I was, so I guess it "worked" on me. Definitely appears to have an "Iron Man" movie feel about it, from what is shown.

  163. i will see this film, i can’t completely endorse it yet but my curiosity has been piqued–good special effects perhaps

  164. Seeing as how there is some sillyness in the trailer, I do kind of wish they had made the Jack Black one with the Robert Smigle script a few years ago, would have been different, would have been fun. Oh well.