VIDEO: A New Trailer and TV Ad For ‘Dredd 3D’

I have to say, with each new trailer for Dredd 3D I get a little more interested in this film. I’ve gone from little-to-no interest to kind of looking forward to it. Maybe it’s because I really like the two lead actors or maybe it’s because the concept is just goofy enough to work.

Either way, we’ve got a new 60 second trailer that reveals a bit more action and a bit more Dredd at his most dreddy.

There’s also a 30 second TV spot that you may or may not have seen (I have) that utilizes much of the same footage from above.

Dredd 3D hits screens on September 21.


  1. I get the sense that this could be terrible in a very fun way. If you know what I’m saying.

  2. Lookng forward to this in the same vein of a fun crazy violent R movie that I used to love as a kid in the 80’s.

    • It’s interesting you say that. I heard a review of Expendables 2 on NPR this Wednesday that said pretty much the same thing about that film. It was a really interesting review in which the reporter essentially said the film signaled a return to pre-9/11 style action movies. Its now okay again for violence to be over the top and to show less consequences on screen. Essentially its okay to return to the camp and gratuitous, over-the-topness that defined action films in the 80’s and 90’s. I personally think it’s a good thing. The “fun actioneer” has largely disappeared since 9/11. It’ll be nice to have some balance back in the action genre.

    • @USPUNX movies like Robocop, Commando, Total Recall, Die hard, Rambo, Cobra ext ext were just mindless fun. I’m glad to hear hollywood is back at taking chances in making big screen action movies for Adults again. Thanks for telling me about the review Man

  3. Boy! They really like that song they keep playing a part of. Maybe it’s a fine song, but it so tonally wrong for this trailer that I am disposed to disliking both more than perhaps I would if I were to encounter them separately.

  4. I for one, am glad this movie exists, can’t wait to see it. The trailers don’t show much, other than that it’s a straightforward action flick with Dredd and Anderson against a drug gang in a huge block building. Which should be fun. But hey, never know, maybe there’ll be some nods for the fans in there as well. Maybe some youngster doesnt seem quite right, PJ Maybe, etc, ha just sayin’.

    And, ideally, there could be a sequel with a undead menace from another dimension, if you know what I’m saying folks. Judge DEATH give it to me.

    • I been reading 2000 Ad and Judge Dreadd Mag for a couple years now and wanna check out some the older stuff any suggestions on Trades or graphic novels?

    • Sure, some graphic novels I recommend are Judge Dredd Case Files 2 which has the first two long Dredd epics, The Cursed Earth and The Day The Law Died. Those made me love the comic. Also JUdge Death: Death Lives, which was the first Judge Death and Dark Judges stories in Judge Dredd drawn by Brian Bolland, and other Judge Death stories. Also recommend The Pit, America, Origins, Mandroid, Dredd/Batman Files, Dredd Aliens, and Mechanismo.

  5. Richard Starkings, who comes from the UK comic book scene, told me he’s seen Dredd and loved it. That seems like a good sign that it stays true to the comics.

    • It can be a very good movie, and fans could like it, but that doesn’t mean “it stays true to the comics”. Simply put, we already know it doesn’t stay true to the comics, from the trailer alone even. Plus the script, etc. I haven’t read the script, but I’ve seen some posts about it a bit on the official boards.

      I feel like everyone just wants to say “oh this is true to the source”, for it to be good. For everything. But well, this is obviously going for it’s own style, which is not the same style as the book.

      Also, considering this is a comic movie where most of the characters in the movie including all the villains are original and not from the book… well, yeah. Again, I am pumped for the movie, but just sayin’, it is what it is.

    • That said, from a huge in depth Q&A with the movie’s writer on the official site, it does sound like one aspect of the movie that’ll be very faithful is the characterization of Dredd himself. And hopefully Anderson, it’s great that she’s in it. And he’s said that if he gets to make sequels, well he’d like to include of bunch of comics characters and villains, such as Judge Death. So, definitely hope this movie does well.

  6. It seems, from what we’ve seen so far, is that this movie will in fact be a complete antithesis of the previous hated (yet perfect) movie. I’m really hoping, however, that they don’t do a complete 180 and make this new movie ultra serious since Judge Dredd did in fact have moments of goofiness. Scenes of the ridiculous future setting of Mega City 1 and the tough guy parody that was Dredd really broke the tension during serious stories. All the great Dredd writers utilized this, so I hope that the filmmakers follow that same LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! of storytelling.

    • There we go! Got my law fill for the day.

      Also, I can’t image this movie is going to be totally serious. Grim and gritty, maybe. But when you have a drug in this movie to make sure slo-mo shots is essential in the action then I doubt we’re gonna get ‘Schindler List’ quality stuff here.