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rwpos is the other person on the internet who will publically admit to liking what Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness are doing, specifically with Hulk #11. Story 4 / Art 5

I’ve also appreciated Loeb’s effort to draw on years of continuity, introducing numerous supporting characters and villains from throughout the full history of Marvel comics.  He does a good job of offering these characters in a direct way that makes them accessible to new readers while delivering an extra dose of nostalgia for long-time fans.

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changingshades suggests you opt for suicide over reading Azreal: Death’s Dark Knight #2, which might be just a teensy bit hyperbolic. Story 2 / Art 2

This issue was a little easier to take than last. There was a lot less set up and a little more action. There wasn’t gratuitous killing just to show us what and how much of a bad ass the new Az is, but there was a lot of emo, oh I’m going to die and kill people because I’ve been such a fuck up in the past moments and none of that holds any interest at all for me.

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Rustyautoparts is not only Ron’s favorite new member of the iFanbase, but after his review of Ignition City #2, he might be Warren Ellis’ as well. If he cared. Which he doesn’t. Story 5 / Art 5

The art was just as great as it has been. The characters have an offbeat look. The faces are almost misshapen, but it lends well to the look and feel of this off-kilter past. Ignition City itself is almost made a character in itself through the look Pagliarani has given it. In this way, it reminds me of Sin City, where the setting is just as important as the characters and the story.

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bakakaba thinks that things are over between him and Angel: After the Fall #20. These things happen. It’s not you, it’s him. He’s at a weird place in his life. He’s just really busy with work. You understand. Story 2 / Art 1

It doesn’t read like it is an Angel book anymore to me.  The story isn’t bad (though it isn’t very good imo), but the voices for the characters don’t feel right at all, and the plot seems more focused on characters that aren’t the ones associated with the title.  As if the writer had an idea for a separate comic, but when he got handed the Angel comic decided to try to shoehorn it into the Angel universe.

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  1. I feel the same way about Angel, i dropped it after last issue and now i’m glad i did.

  2. Let’s be honest, "Rust-yau-top-arts" is everyone’s favorite new member of the ifanbase.

  3. @stuchlach Agreed!

  4. Oh sure it’s the land of milk and honey for rusty now….but you’ll wait and see 🙂

    Gotta disagree a tiny bit for the Azrael review. I gave the story a 3, so I share the same sediments on it….But the art is very well done, I would love to see Irving do a monthly title in the future.

  5. I’m not quite sure what to do with this newfound fame. I wish I could say I became wellknown on my own merits, but now I’ll have this whole Ron thing hanging over my head. It’s sort of like being Jamie Lynn Spears. No matter how early I get pregnant, Ron will still mispronounce me.

    Wait, is that what I meant to say?

  6. That post got weird fast.

  7. Hello. My Name is Noob. And I love Loeb’s Hulk. It has been 11 issues since I have been addicted.

  8. @josh – Terrifyingly fast.  Perhaps we should just call him Russ Otto from now on.

  9. I was wondering if anyone would guess that was my real name… Do you know me?

  10. And another ‘duh, noob’ moment. My name is in my profile. Anyways, back to the topic at hand. I’ve really been liking this Azrael mini. As I’ve mentioned before elsewhere, I’m a real sucker for religious themed superhero stuff. It probably has to do with my Catholic upbringing, but let’s not get into psychology here. The second issue did flounder a bit, but it’s all about the strong finish.

  11. @Rust-yau-top-arts – I would love to claim that I deduced your real name, but I am not even remotely that Sherlock Holmesian.  Pretty clever username derived from you real name.  Mine is my log-in on my old VAX account from my college days.  It stands for: STUdent CLArk, CHristopher.  Lame.