User Reviews Take the Trash Out

Due to the special show this week, we didn’t get to all the books, which is a bit of a shame, because the books were very strong this week.  So, of course, User Reviews are more important than ever.


ThomasKaters, when not summing up The Flash, writes a damn fine review of I Kill Giants #2, which apparently is the best book ever. 

Story: 5 / Art: 5

I was familiar with the lure of the 20 side die as a child. I once wore a Superman cape for an entire summer when I was 5. I loved the idea of being something else, something more exciting. This book has managed to tap into the feeling from when I was a child.


Neb sums up his feelings on Final Crisis: Revelations #2, and it’s not so good.  He used the word “hate,” and that’s not good at all. 

Story: 3 / Art: 1

This is just one of those books that you hate to hate. I mean, it’s Greg Rucka writing some of my favorite characters from one of my favorite series. This has got to be gold, right? And yet, I find myself nothing but disappointed with this month’s issue. It’s kind of a stinker, and while some story elements are nicely done, there’s just not much here to be really excited about.

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bentheo talks about Deadpool #1 because, well, we probably weren’t going to. But it’s by Daniel Way, so I’m not going to say anything bad about it. He’ll come after me. 
Story: 3 / Art: 5

The story really highlights some of the key things you should see in any Deadpool story, a lot of humor and ridiculous antics from Deadpool, but also that he is extremely deadly and competent at what he is doing. Really, that sums up this whole issue.

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Mart has put a lot of thought into writing about Wonder Woman #24.  Take a look, and make sure his efforts weren’t wasted. 

Story: 4 / Art: 4

We’ve just finished a multi-parter, and another is due to begin in a couple of months, so in between writer Gail Simone gives us a breather. She’s too savvy a writer, though, than to fob us off with a palette-cleansing but meaningless entertainment; this story matters to the series. Maybe not so much the second part, in which an old foe returns, but certainly the beginning of the book.

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Thanks all, and make sure you check out the rest of the reviews from this week’s comics


  1. That Deadpool book might turn out to be the perfect combination of unsavory elements transforming themselves into something glorious. Take Daniel Way, give him a 90s character I don’t care about, and tell him to go devil-may-care nuts?… this could be his Citizen Kane.

  2. Cable & Deadpool was, for one brief shining moment (or, like, for 28 issues out of its 50 issue run) the perfect comic book for me.  And I’m willing to keep reading a mediocre ‘Cable’ book hoping it will eventually show signs of life, but the idea that the Deadpool book is going over well and might even be good is upsetting to me.  Don’t ask me to make sense of this reaction.

    Meanwhile, there’s a Renee Montoya series by Greg Rucka that I’m actually contemplating dropping, which also makes me sad.

    Tom’s review is really tempting me toward ‘I Kill Giants,’ though — but I’d already decided to wait for that trade.  Hmm.

  3. Yay me.

     Also, I agree about I Kill Giants. I love it. (To show what a big Deadpool fan I am, a big reason I picked up the first issue is because it is by Joe Kelly who is my favorite Deadpool writer, but I got hooked because it was amazing.)

  4. Deadpool can be a really great character, you might think it’s stupid to say: But Deadpool can be up there with some of the strongest characters around like Wolverine, Iron-Man, and others. I mean look what he did to the Skrull ship with just a few bombs! He could totally be something if he wasnt just used for comedic relief. Not to say he cant be funny, he should, and Daniel Way is doing a fantastic job with Deadpool (both Origins arc and this issue)….but I wish Deadpool would be more of a factor in the bigger Universe then just his own title.

    I Kill Giants sounds great and it probably is great….Sadly my LCS doesn’t carry it so I gotta wait for the trade. *tear*

  5. Thanks for highlighting my review guys.  There’s been some debate on the forums about Final Crisis: Revelations, and while I can appreciate the good that people can see in it, I just think it should be better.  And that art…oh man, don’t even get me started…

  6. I just checked out my Myspace forum and someone was raving about the art in Revelations.  Heh.

  7. @ Tork~  Let’s get some context:  were they raving madly (a sure sign of lunacy) or dancing with bright glow sticks? 

  8. In all fairness, they just said the art was great, but the point remains: I thought it was funny reading yours and his back-to-back.

  9. Deadpool was pretty damned good, actually. There’s a good chance it’ll replace either Young X-Men or X-Factor on my pull list.