User Reviews Really Could Have Gone for Chicken Wings

Sure there were parties, and beer, and yes, perhaps even sweet, spicy, succulent chicken wings, but today is Monday, so it’s back to work. The stalwart reviewers of managed to crank out some reviews however, and continue to make comic book reading a better experience.


Flapjaxx has cracked the code of ongoing comics, and it seems he’s sick of the cycle, starting with Daredevil #115

Story: 3 / Art: 3

We can only deny that this series is treading water for so many issues, or for so many story arcs, or for so many years. This issue — and this arc as a whole — was okay but it’s nothing new. And while I can’t help but look forward to the Kingpin’s return, on one level that only underscores how often the elements of Daredevil keep getting recycled.


ChrisStriker, whom I think we can safely assume is some kind of super soldier and/or pro wrestler, has given Wildcats #7 a shot. Fun Fact: this incarnation produced 7 times more content than the previous effort by Grant Morrison and Jim Lee. 

Story: 5 / Art: 5

Gage does some interesting stuff with the characters during the battle. All the characters got their moment to shine, but some got a little more time in the sun to move them a few steps forward. Voodoo took some major steps forward and some great ways. The team’s dynamic is changed by the issue’s end and I think I’m going to enjoy seeing Gage play with the new dynamic.


CammyKnoxville, whom I always picture as asking to be punched in the groin and then laughing about it, had a completely non groin pain reaction to The Umbrella Academy: Dallas #3, as it should be. 

Story: 5 / Art: 5

I’ve loved The Umbrella Academy since its first introduction on Free Comic Book Day all those many years ago, and halfway through the second volume, it has shown no signs of slowing down. Unfortunately, many people see the name ‘Gerard Way’ and judge the book by its cover, not giving it a second thought. Those people need to be rounded-up, shot, burned, and fed to mountain lions.


And finally, since I couldn’t pick just one, how about the 25 (so far) reviews of Final Crisis #7. Say what you will about the issue and the series, but it’s got people talking, thinking, and discussing. Remember, it’s all supposed to be fun, so keep having it.

You want more reviews? They’re available for the taking right here. Now let’s go out there, and have a good game and play fair!


  1. 25 reviews, is that a record for this site?

    I’ve heard nothing but mixed reactions for Daredevil. Half of the people say it’s back to form while the other half say it’s boring as hell. So it seems like that book is worthy only of trade.

  2. I read Daredevil during the Mr. Fear run (that went through issue #100) and it was so mindnumbingly boring (in my opinion) that I don’t plan on buying it again until it hits #200.  And that is from a guy who is actually buying (and to some small extent enjoying) Trinity.  I don’t know what is wrong with me.

  3. Also, I just looked at the review list in Josh’s link.  TNC, do you do anything other than post reviews and comments on this site?  Holy shit, man.  Your lack of societally valuable output may be single handedly causing the recession.

  4. @TNC- I’ve found that Daredevil reads way better in trade.  Same goes for Captain America.

  5. @stuclach: I’m a very lonely man in the real world. Plus, there’s no good sales out in the world so why should I go out and buy stuff?

    @Kory: You know what I was thinking about Captain America this week is that it’s starting to get boring……maybe it’s just me but after a steller run on the title so far; brubaker has yet to impress me with the last four issues for Cap. When I think about it, that’s what seems to be the general criticism for his Daredevil run too. That it was great in the beginning, but now it’s a at a slow, boring pace. Maybe waiting for trade for Cap isnt a bad idea once issue 50 comes out.

  6. @TNC – No offense intended.  I am glad you are on the site and so active.  The more the merrier.

  7. Damn, it took so much fucking energy to write that review. I thought that my unique perspective would have garnered me getting featured.

     I say bullshit.

  8. From what I can tell, Josh picks the featured reviews at semi-random.