User Reviews Make Puppies Happy

I can honestly say it was an impressive week of user reviews. There were plenty of well written pieces on the books of the week, and it’s getting harder to choose that special blend that makes it to our highlight post. But I press on, intrepid and undaunted, much like those who toil in seeming anonymity. Well, no more, for here are some damn fine reviews of books that might be just under your radar.

cenquist does something I could never do, which is to like a Tom DeFalco book, with The Amazing Spider-Girl #22, and more power to him, because he makes me wonder what I’m missing.

Story: 5 / Art: 3

I am loving this book these past couple of months. This new storyline is fantastic. Frenz art will never be Olliffe’s in my opinion and the art has not been the greatest but Frenz has a much better handle on the characters now. My complaints about the art are not what they used to be. DeFalco handles all of the characters so well, from the main to the supporting.

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AngryChris is not so angry on Guardians of the Galaxy #3. Well, except for the art.

Story: 4 / Art: 2

With all eyes focused on the Marvel universe’s current pesky Skrull infestation, Guardians of the Galaxy has happily floated under the radar, far from the pressure of overwrought continuity and unnecessary story interjection (which, from the look of it, even Nova is unable to escape). I’m quite happy to say, that Guardians of the Galaxy benefits heavily from this; without the need to be tied into the hundreds of other frayed plot threads currently being traded throughout the Marvel U, Guardians is able to go off and do its own thing, with only one purpose in mind; fun.

DoctorColossus covers Image Comics’ new series from writer Joe Kelly, I Kill Giants #1, and he’s not giving up yet. But he is just flat out wrong about The Neverending Story, which was awesome. But that’s okay, because apparently he draws real good.

Story: 3 / Art: 3

The basic premise is reminiscent of The Neverending Story, except not retarded.

A 5th grade girl with a snarky attitude and an affinity for Dungeons & Dragons  has constructed an elaborate fantasy identity for herself: A Killer of Giants.

It’s too early to tell, but the seeds have been planted for what may be an honest exploration of why people lose themselves in fantasy.

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BrikHed rounds out the day with an actual review of Spawn #180. If you’ve been curious where Spawn was at these days, here’s your guy. For 180 issues, they must be doing something right.

Story: 4 / Art: 3

I am not sure how I feel about this issue. The art was really not that good and it felt like it was pieced together. Wanda, Terry and Cyan all looked unrecognizable to me and I wouldn’t have known who any of them were if they would have not used their names.

As for the story I think it was above average but less than what Hine has produced in the past. I was hoping for a little more of Al vs. the costume.


So there you have a sampling of some of the varied reviews from the week.  For more, browse through the Comics section for more opinions, and thank you so much to everyone who writes.




  1. Hey, Thanks for the art plug!

    Wow, I had no idea Spawn was still out there. I used love that book, but I had not picked it up since issue 25 or so. I always felt the premise was a good one. The best issues I read were the early guest writer issues. I am curious to see how the story has developed since I last read it. I’ll have to see if there are any trades worth getting.

  2. Spawn, that old blast from the past! Nice one. 

    I’ve got a big old stack of singles circa ’97-’00 that I got at a yard sale forless than a quarter each. None of them are particualry great but Greg Capulo was/is the finest McFarlane clone out there, surpassing his master in many ways, much like J. Scott did with Lee or Turner with Silvestri.

    The trades are worth getting at reduced prices. Half-price Books always seems to have one or two. Early printings of trades were cheap to begin with, so take half-off and you’ve got some good-but-not great reading for low $$ outlay.

  3. Thanks for highlighting my review Josh!

  4. I’m glad to see a highlighted review of I Kill Giants #1. Not only was it an enjoyable read (both the comic and the review), but we obviously don’t have to stick to mainstream books to be highlighted by the ifanboy guys. I wrote a review for an obscure indie book recently and I like to think those books warrant as much attention as, say, Final Crisis.