User Reviews Love Crisp Fall Weather… Again

We heard tell that there weren’t too many exciting books to come out this past week.  But we can make all the sweeping generalizations we want, for the iFanboy Users have put in the hours and the effort to clear away the haze of uncertainty.


Lewis tried to give up on Trinity, but much like the morass of The Godfather III, and the only memorable line it spawned, Trinity #23 pulled him back in. Granted, he credits the art to Fabian Nicieza, so make what you will of that. 

Story: 4 / Art: 4

Ok, so about a month ago I swore I was giving up on this series. Then, like an addict, I slipped. I picked up issue 19 and thought to myself, hmm, this isn’t bad. I mean sure, the first 15-16 issues of Trinity were bad. But 19 was a moment that I thought, this has some interesting stuff going on here. Well in issue 23 I think Busiek finally is starting with the payoff.

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drakedangerz (who must fancy himself some kind of pulp hero) likes “nekkid Catman” even while asserting his own heterosexuality, not that there’s anything wrong with that, in his praise of Secret Six #3

Story: 5 / Art: 5

Seriously funny, great art and just incredible writing. Simone has a very great handle on these characters and her ability to juggle each of their very very different personalities is amazing, particularly her handling of Catman. Just when you think the blonde bombshell is on the verge of growing a heart of gold, he says a few lines that make you realized he has no plans for a change of career any time soon.


J4K3 (whom you may remember as L337), is more positive about Spawn than anyone, save Todd McFarlane. He likes the new direction in Spawn #185, but then, he was digging it all along. Still, I don’t know how many new readers are out there for Spawn. Godspeed you hellish caped beast! 

Story: 5 / Art: 5

The return of Todd McFarlane, joined by Whilce Portacio and Brian Holguin, marks the beginning of a new era in the world of Spawn. And this, friends, is for the better. McFarlane’s direction, combined with the dark and unique style employed by Portacio and the considerable scripting prowess of Holguin, will undoubtedly take the mythos of the Hellspawn to new heights while simultaneously providing wayward readers and new readers alike with a jumping-on point worth getting a hold of.


JumpingJupiter joins the chorus of mixed review of Invincible Iron Man #7.  Matt Fraction seems to be continuing his contribution to the confusing ideas about who Tony Stark really is these days.  The editorial mandate from Marvel seems to be along the lines of “whatever…” 

Story: 2 / Art: 2

The art mostly disappoints. D’armata’s coloring still does all of the heavy lifting due to Larroca’s lack of any rendering. Resulting in rushed colors that make all exposed skin look shrink wrapped. Juxtaposed with the occasional photographic elements it turns into a weird mess. The layouts, architecture and tech look gorgeous however. So visually, it’s a give and take thing for me. I keep hoping for a change of art team but I tolerate the current one. Oh and I sure hope there will be a new cover artist for the next arc.


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Once again, I really have to emphasize that a lot of you, perhaps high on election fumes, channeled much of that energy into some great reviews of the week’s offerings.  Be sure to read all that interest you, and perhaps some that don’t over here.


  1. My impression of the ‘Iron Man’ issue is that Fraction wanted to do a Frontline+Marvels+parts of Bendis’ Daredevil style outsiders’ view of the hero, and somebody at editorial said, "That’s boring, let’s make it a Spider-Man teamup."  (I’ve got no actual evidence for saying that, it’s just how the book read; in any case, neither half really worked).

    I do think this issue is evidence that, however well the "Brand New Day" reboot is working within the Spider-Man title, it’s going to cause problems whenever Spidey interacts with anyone outside of his books, because much of the characters’ mutual history (and hence any interesting underlying tension) has been erased. 

  2. I want to thumb through this Spawn issue to Portacio’s art because his art on Batman: Confidential was, to put it nicely, horrible.

  3. @ohcaroline: Couldnt have said it better myself with the BND problem.

    Look even if OMD was the greatest storyline in the history of comics; Marvel was going to have problems writing stories with other heroes interacting with Web-Head. You could just tell with Invincible Iron Man and with Ms. Marvel Annual, that the writers are having a hard time figuring out how to justify talking to Spider-Man without referencing OMD or Civil War.

  4. I find nothing wrong with admitting that another man is attractive.  🙂

  5. @TheNextChampion   I don’t mean to say that it can’t be done, just that it needs to be addressed.  I actually think the Iron Man issue could have worked if Iron Man had gone after Spidey, or if Spidey had been more resentful and confrontational about Civil War — they could work things out in the end, but the interaction would have some weight.  I don’t know whether the choices here were the editors’ or the writer’s, but the writing seemed weirdly conflict-averse — and it’s hard to tell interesting stories without conflict.

  6. Wally West used to be a public hero and everyone in the world in the DCU knew his identity.  DC realized that was stupid and had The Spectre "erase" everyone’s memory about Wally West being The Flash. (This was written by Geoff Johns, by the way) No one freaked out about it and it actually led to good, compelling stories and made the character better.

    It sounds like to me the biggest problem with this issue of IRON MAN was not the fact that Tony didn’t know Spider-Man’s identity, it’s that they just completely ignored the fact that because of CIVIL WAR these teo people should not be "teaming up".  Wasn’t that the whole point of CIVIL WAR?  To bring back the tension between the characters.  Seems like that’s out the window.

    But, I didn’t read the issue, I’m just going off of what I’m reading in other people’s reaction to it.

  7. What I didn’t like about the Iron Man issue, besides the art, was that Tony just kept saying "you’re not registered, we can’t team up."  Just saying it once is ok, but he didn’t give the impression at all that he was ever going to bring Spidey in or chase him down.  Is this just to show how he has lost his drive because of what has happened to him and his company in the previous arc?  Or is it because he is just tired of being a dick and threatening and chasing unregistered heroes?

    I stopped caring about things like "how are they going to address the part in their history where Spidey and ______ did ______"  Its just frustrating.  It ruins the story to dwell on OMD shennanigans, at least for me.

  8. Thanks for using my review, guys. It seems I get featured whenever I review an Image book.

  9. @conor  The reason I thought BND was a problem here, particularly, was that a lot of the Civil War conflict wasn’t between Iron Man & Spider-Man but between Tony Stark and Peter Parker.   And as somebody who cared about their relationship pre-BND, I think it’s unfortunate to lose that history.  For people who didn’t care, granted, it’s not an issue. 

    The registered/unregistered conflict wasn’t ignored.  That’s not to say it was addressed particularly well, but there was an in-character explanation given for why Tony didn’t have him arrested basically, he was too preoccupied with other things and didn’t want to waste his time. 

  10. @ohcaroline – The whole "too busy" thing is just a total cop-out on the CIVIL WAR ramifications.  It’s the same dumb stuff that has been going on in the Avengers books.

  11. @conor  No argument there.  This issue did go somewhat beyond ‘too busy’ to suggest that Tony’s questioning his whole involvement in a lot of things, SHIELD included.  But it wasn’t all that convincing in the face of the fact that somebody obviously wanted to slap Spidey on the cover of this thing to sell more issues.

  12. I wasn’t bothered by Iron Man not arresting Spidey since I think Marvel’s been pretty clear that "arrested the unregistered superheroes" is on the priority list of the Inititative somewhere between "learn how to do that thing with the spinning plates on sticks" and "buy and watch the entire series of Perfect Strangers on DVD" given how many time they just let the guys go or (in the case of Bucky) actually equip and send out which makes sense to me.  The idea of going along with the SRA was primarily about culling the less desirable aspects of the superhero community, the incompetent and the insane.  Whether Stark remembers Spider-Man’s real ID, he knows the guy is on the level and attempting to arrest him when there are real threats out there is really silly.  Stark’s fist priority is "keep the world safe."  Spidey helps do that so Stark’s not going to exactly trip head over heels to stop that.  That, and I think Marvel realized if they kept making one half of their superheroes always trying to arrest the other half, that’d look really really stupid after a short while.

    Like ohcaroline said, I was more disappointed that Spidey and Iron Man’s past hasn’t been brought up.  After the events of Civil War, their meeting like this should have been a gut punch yet somewhat (not entirely–some was just Fraction ignoring things he could do) because of BND, the impact of this was like a feather.  It was just blah which stinks.

  13. I haven’t started Fraction’s Iron Man yet, so I did not even realize this team-up was happening or that anyone would be talking about it when I wrote my column this week.

    I’m not saying I am a prophet, but I will read your fortune for a nominal fee.

  14. To be fair, Bendis half assed an explaination about Civil War in his New Illuminati series.

    Dr. Strange asked him if he came to the meeting (about the Skrull Elektra) in person, would he be arrested. Stark just responded ‘No….I dont care….it doesnt matter…nothing matters now’. So I guess for Stark anyways, he doesnt care about the registration act anymore.

    Which makes no sense as well since he was a huge proproant for the bill in the first place…Again like I commeted on Jimski’s article; they might as well ignore Civil War now cause other then the Initiative title….nothing has really been kept permanent from that event.

  15. @TheNextChampion- I am pretty sure Stark was just saying "it doesn’t matter" to Strange because he was far more worried about the Skrull threat at the time.  A far more serious threat had popped up that made registration the last thing on his mind.  That was not intended as a way to sweep the whole issue under the rug or to show that Stark had stopped wanting people to comply.

    The same thing happened during WWH.  Strange offered to help and Tony said ok, because Hulk SMASH took precedence.

  16. In all fairness, that’s been Tony’s response to unregistered heroes since about three months after Civil War ended.

    Maria Hill: HA!  We have Luke Cage right where we want him!  He’s going to pay for all of his unregistered actions!

    Iron Man: Oh, look, a kitten’s stuck in a tree! TEMPORARY CLEMENCY!!!!!

  17. I’m just happy my review was featured in such good company.

    as for the subject at hand, I can’t speak my mind on the ramifications of CW, OMD, BND and various related acronyms but the issue did feel awkward. From what I can tell it seems to have to do with things that connect to the Marvel U outside the niche Fraction is craving. My reason for saying that is that the previous – mostly self contained – arc kicked ass and there was a serious dip in quality for this continuity driven one-off.

    It seems that the upcoming arc will SI related so I’m a bit worried. I prefer my comics only peripherally related to its respective universe. We shall see.

  18. @Tork – You can get the entire series of Perfect Strangers on DVD???  GET OUT OF DEE CITY! 

  19. Tork and ohcaroline hit the nail on the head. OMD/BND fucked this story up.