User Reviews Didn’t Get Nominated Either

The whole thing is rigged!  Someone paid off the judges!  Let’s just run this dog and pony show out of habit, I guess.

Rustyautoparts, whose name recognition is way higher today than just yesterday, found himself some enjoyable Warren Ellis in Ignition City #1Story 4 / Art 5

The tone that Ellis sets up is a blend of realism and fantasy. There is definitely some serious subject matter and (beautiful) graphic violence. At the same time, there are propeller powere space ships and plasma ray guns. There’s a constipated old man. There’s gratuitous foul language, but it never feels overused or phony. Rather, it colors this world.

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mikeandzod21, who might be 2 people including a megalomaniac Kryptonian military leader, thinks those of us who didn’t buy Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk #4 because of the stupendous delays, are missing out.  I never bought it in the first place, actually.  Story 5 / Art 5

I know a lot of people are of mind that, becuase of this book’s lateness, they should skip it. Well, you are wrong. If your a fan of the old Ultimate Universe, the Hulk, Wolverine, the Ultimate 1 and 2, and Ultimate Nick Fury, you’ll love this book. This book took me back to when I first started reading comics with the Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Ultimate Marvel-Team Up.

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trugamer510 is another of the Secret Six #8 fans beating a figurative path to my door to say, “You, Josh, YOU need to make this book the best and most important thing in your life.  Well, that’s not exactly what he said, but it was there in spirit.  Story 5 / Art 4

This comic was so good it inspired me to write my first ever review. Ever since Villains United, The Secret Six have been a power house of great action and even better humor. Gail Simone’s writing is phenomenal. She possesses an uncanny ability to craft characters who are all unique but at the same time equally intriguing. The art is good with a lot of over-the-top action and exaggerated expressions but part of me still misses Nicola Scott.

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odare77 checks in on the final issue of the Ryan Kelly drawn arc with Northlanders #16.  It sounds like this will make a pretty sweet trade paperback, and of course, there’s no real need to read the earlier trades, as they’re not actually connected.  Story 4 / Art 4

As another arc ends this title still seems to be somewhat under the radar. Books like Scalped get a lot of the kudos, and deservedly so, but Brian Wood is really coming up with the goods here. Each story isn’t just a different period of viking history, or fresh characters, it’s a completely different genre of story set with a viking backdrop. This one is Viking detective/forensic/manhunt territory.

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User Reviews would have had a great speech too.  None of that name dropping of people you don’t know or blubbering.  No, it would have been genuinely funny, and it looks like people will have to just miss out.

Their loss.

Read the rest of the reviews here, and better luck next year!


  1. Oooo…a Ryan Kelly drawn Northlanders…me thinks I might need to buy this when I go to the shop this week.  

    As for Secret Six, I’ve been wanting to read it, but I’m waiting for the first trade, which isn’t coming out until 2011 or whatever because DC likes to take forever with these kinds of things.  Maybe I’ll pick up the back issues for cheap on eBay…we’ll see. 

  2. I really need to pick up a trade of Northlanders.  Overall I’ve heard great things, particularly about the first trade.  I’m adding it to my next book order.

    And I’m really pissed that DC’s trade program is keeping people from checking out Secret Six.  It is fantastic and I hate having to say that every time an issue comes out while still waiting for the trade.  You would think that trades for their lower selling books would come out sooner, so as to get more people hooked on it.  Vertigo does that right?  Anyways, end rant.

  3. Vertigo isn’t run by the same people, and from what I understand and have heard, it seems like DiDio’s still very committed to the monthly format, which might explain how long the trades take.  Perhaps he doesn’t want to cannibalize the monthly sales?

  4. Somebody pointed out to me that there is a TPB of the Secret Six miniseries.   Not to take away from anybody wanting to pick up the ongoing, since one *should* be able to pick up a number 1 and start reading.  

  5. Gotta wait for trade….gotta wait for trade.

    What happen to you guys saying ‘Oh just jump in at anytime. Doesnt matter if it’s in it’s 500th issue! You can jump into any issue!’ Or….how about picking up the first 8 issues? I mean pick up an old issue every week….You’ll be like Austrailia! But without the cool accent…

  6. I like trades better.

  7. I’m sure I could just start reading it, if I really wanted to. I’m not in a hurry, and it’s certainly not worth the effort of back issue hunting for me.

  8. @Josh-I mostly just meant that DC should take note that Vertigo does that and it seems to work.  I know I’ll be checking out Madam Xanadue because the trade came out fairly quickly and I’m curious.  I understand not wanting to cannabalize monthly sales, but I think they miss out on a lot of readers jumping on by not putting trades out faster.  It just doesn’t make sense to have to track down back issues.  True, you should be able to jump onto any issue.  But in reality most people don’t like doing that. 

    @ohcaroline-Yeah, there is a Villians United (Infinite Crisis tie-in) mini and a Secret Six mini.  Both are really good, but this new incarnation is better.  I would suggest picking them up, but also for people to realize that Simone really steps it up in this latest series.

    Sorry all.  I really don’t mean to sound like someone who is pimpin’ out this book.  I just really enjoy it and think more people would get a kick out of it if given the opprtunity to check the book out.

  9. @drake – I’m saying that DC knows what Vertigo is doing, but they have different business models.  It’s a conscious decision on their part to hold the trades, because they don’t want to lose issue sales. It seems a ludicrous notion, yes, but Vertigo doesn’t make as much only on issues as they do trades, so they get them out faster to recoup their expenses. I think, and it seems you do too, that they’re missing the forrest for the trees, but that seems to be their corporate strategy.

  10. @conor: I just think your contradicting yourself. I mean you took a user review to showcase how you can jump into any comic at any issue and not worry about it. But you say trade is better? I’m confused on what you really want.

  11. @TNC: I’m not contradicting myself.  *I* like trades better.  It’s my personal format preference.

  12. @conor: Then why did you take time to prove that anyone can get into any issue of a series on the podcast? If you prefer trade then I just think that makes any sense….

    ‘Thanks for getting me on Captain Britan conor!’

    ‘No problem pal, dont ruin anything for me though I am trade waiting on it.’

    ‘But….but you just referenced me the most recent issue….’ 

  13. @TNC: Are you kidding?

  14. @TNC-You’re not understanding what the man is saying.  He prefers reading in trade format.  I don’t think it has anything to do with when to jump onto a series.

  15. Well I’m saying that conor took the time to state that you can jump into any series… doesnt matter if it’s on issue #2 or #200. You can go in and have fun. When the oppertunity arises he could do that with Secret Six and maybe just give it a try….he says wait for trade. That just confuses me cause he clearly stated on the podcast for Captain Britain about this…

  16. @TNC: I didn’t tell anyone to wait for the SECRET SIX trade.

  17. @conor: No no….I’m saying YOU stated you can get into any series. But when someone says ‘Oh Secret Six is on issue #8 but you can still jump right in’…you state ‘waiting for trade’. ??

  18. I guess I’m just stating that if someone has that philosophy then they shouldnt be waiting for trade period. Cause they can go right in and enjoy themselves

  19. @TNC: Right, because that’s how I prefer to read comics.

  20. @conor: Then….why are you telling us in general to pick up any issue? I would think it would be the opposite when it comes to trade.

    Also I dont mean to turn this into a personal attack on conor. I see a lot of people state this and i’m just curious why they would say one thing but then do another. 

  21. @TNC: Because people ask where to start with issues?  If someone wants to start reading GREEN LANTERN in issues I’m not going to tell them to spend six months tracking down all of the issues.  They should just start reading it (at the start of a new arc is best, is my usual advice).


  22. Objection! Hearsay!

    From what I understand, the ifanboy triad said that if you want to read something READ it. It seems they don’t want to read Secret Six but will give it a try. It doesn’t seem sensible to go back issue hunting to get something you don’t want to read, when you can just wait for the trade to come out and order it, and read it at one go.  

  23. chlop gets it.

  24. I tried Secret Six.  I didn’t like it…there I said it.

  25. @kory – now comes the "telling your parents" stage. Good luck.

  26. Curse you Kory…curse you

  27. I don’t know if Secret Six would be as good to people who never read Villains United & the Secret Six mini? But, I don’t wanna detract from the constant pimping of the book, because it is awesome.

    What confuses me is the constant badgering of the iFanboys to read it & endorse it. What’s the logic in it? If the iFanboys didn’t read Daredevil, would it make the book any less awesome? Secret Six was Pick Of The Week here last week by the iFanbase user % … so, it’s not like the iFanbase don’t know about the book.

  28. @WadeWilson – bigger platform, more attention… more ears are tuned to the audio podcast than to Joe Smith and his review of the book. Some people trust them more to be critical and to produce good reviews. Also the possibility for a video show…

  29. @chlop — I totally get that, I’m just sayin’ that book was already POTW for the users last, week, so it’s not like the book is a secret (no pun intended) to the iFanbase. Also, what happens when the iFan-trinity read it & hate it? Backfire! lol.

  30. *just sayin’ that the book was already POTW for the users last week,

    4:30am + beer = mistakes.

  31. @Wade-I picked up the new series before even knowing anything about the previous trades and enjoyed it.  Totally not necessary for enjoying the book.  And its not so much getting the iFanboys to read it, if Josh chooses not to read it I’m certainly not going to cry about it or hound him for it, its more about getting others in the iFanbase to check it out.  Chlop is on fire today–get it on the podcast, or video show maybe, and more people might give an issue a shot.  I’m sure there are people who check out the podcast and/or the videos and don’t participate on the site at all.

  32. @drake — True. Good points. I will join in the badgering … lol joking. But, you’re right, I see the point of the hounding now, even if I don’t agree with it.

    PS – You should pick up them trades! They are as good, if not better than the current series.

  33. I shouldnt have said to backtrack into finding out issues. That I can understand….plus in today’s economy (drink) that would be too costly. But if you have that philosophy of just starting whenever and not get bogged down into finding old issues….Then that means there is no excuse to not read Secret Six currently and wait for trade.

    That’s all. I understand you guys dont want to read Secret Six in general, that’s all opinion. I was just confused that on one instance conor said one thing for a book; but then for another it’s a completely different philosophy. I didnt mean to start a flame war just pointing something that was inconsistant. I know I am still gonna wait for the first volume of the series, but if it’s a slow week I’ll give #8 a shot. 

  34. @TNC: I have not been inconsitant in anything.

  35. @conor: Gonna have to agree to disagree then

  36. @TNC: There are two different ways to read comic books.  I know you are aware of this, so I suspect you are being intentionally obtuse.  But just in case you are having logic problems today, I’m going to break it down for you.

    Person #1 writes in and says "Hey, I keep hearing great things about this book SECRET SIX.  I prefer to read comics in trade.  Got any advice?"  To that person I say, the first trade is coming out soon, you’ll want to check that out.

    Person #2 writes in and says "Everyone is talking about this SECRET SIX book – any ideas where I can start reading?" To that person I say to check out the latest issue because it seems to be a one-shot, or check out the next one because it is the start of a new arc.

    TWO different pieces of advice because there are TWO different ways to read comics. Neither is contradictory because the format alters the advice.

  37. @Wade-I do have the other trades!!  Sorry, I meant to include that in my post.  They are indeed a ton of fun 🙂

  38. And there’s the third way of reading them in the bath.‎

  39. @drake – Ahh, good one =) Now I don’t have to send Junior around to your house to "talk" you into buying them.