USA Network + DC Comics Deliver Burn Notice Comic

Last week, our pal Whitney Matheson at Pop Candy shared the news that the USA Network would be teaming up with DC Comics to produce and deliver a webcomic about Burn Notice, the immensely popular TV show on the USA Network.  This is another example of a TV network utilizing comics online to continue their stories, much like what AMC has done with Breaking Bad.

The interactive graphic novel called A New Day, will run for 12 weeks and serve as extension of the show.  The creative team on the comic are writers Ryan Johnson and Peter Lalayanis, with art by Tony Shasteen and the entire project has been overseen by series creator Matt Nix.  

The comic is available on the web as well as through stand alone Android and iOS applications, which can be downloaded via USA Network's website. For those looking behind the scenes, today an article on MediaPost revealed that the mobile versions of the comics are powered by Panelfly.



But, this news doesn't really answer the question…"What IS Burn Notice?"


  1. Yes, yes, and more yes! Bringing up on of my recent favorites sketches on SNL made me smile today.

  2. Too bad the clip only plays inside the USA. Frak you NBC

  3. Nice move DC