UPDATED! POW! Entertainment Contest: Win a signed copy of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1! & MORE

UPDATE! The folks at POW Entertainment just aren’t done giving stuff away! They’re fund raising for a member of their team who is running a marathon to help fight against AIDS and giving away swag when you donate! And time is running out! Check out the details below:

Wednesday October 15 — LAST DAY for Random Draw!

Hey Everyone,

Good news! POW! Entertainment, is sponsoring Junko Kobayashi, for a 26.2 mile Honolulu marathon to help in the fight against AIDS!

Make your donation today for the limited edition lithograph signed by Stan Lee and Arthur Suydam (Pictured Below) to be drawn on October 16th.

DON’T FORGET you can still donate to receive an official Marvel Movie Poster signed By Stan Lee. (Every $50 donation gets you a poster and for each $100 donation the poster will be signed by Stan Lee. Posters pictured below.)

You can still donate to get that special gift for your friend or family member and don’t forget that the holidays are coming soon.

Get your signed poster today.


Visit the AIDS Marathon Donation Page for POW! Super Heroes for MORE details.
Random Draw Prize:





We’re counting on all you True Believers out there to be real heroes and help in the cause for the fight against AIDS. Any contribution you can make would mean a great deal. Thanks for your generous support.

-Stan Lee & POW! Entertainment. Junko Kobayashi & POW! Superheroes #9401


If you’re like me and you’ve just about had enough of the coverage of the U.S. Presidential election, we’ve got some news from POW! Entertainment to lift your spirits! They are running a contest that goes from now until Election Day (November 4, 2008) that features many wonderful prizes, and a grand prize that is absolutely staggering — a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man #1 signed by Stan Lee!

Check out the press release below:


Super Hero Icon Stan Lee to Give Away Signed Copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1 on Election Day!

Valuable comic book collectible is top prize in contest to promote Lee’s new book, Election Daze.
Barack Obama and John McCain better watch their backs on Election Day because they’ve got super-powered competition!

Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee will swoop into the spotlight on November 4 when he picks the winner of the “Amazing ‘Election Daze’ Lottery.”

The winner will receive the holy grail of prizes for comic book collectors — a copy of The Amazing Spider-Man #1 signed by none other than Stan Lee himself! A personal phone call from Stan Lee is another once-in-a-lifetime opportunity included among twenty prizes.

A purchase of Stan’s new book, Election Daze, direct from the Filsinger Publishing automatically results in being entered in the contest. The contest runs until November 3. The winners will be announced at the Election Daze MySpace page on November 4.

“This promotion is a win-win situation for Stan Lee fans and comic book fans,” said publisher Tom Filsinger. “Election Daze is a hilarious book and a person can win one of the most prized comic books of all time!”

Election Daze has been a hit for Filsinger Publishing since its release in April with sales of over 10,000 copies and ranking as high as #2 on the list of “Hot New Releases” at amazon.com. The book is available at Barnes & Noble and bookstores everywhere.

Filsinger Publishing has followed up on these successes by releasing Election Daze as an eBook and has also teamed up with Genus to release the book on the iPhone and iPod Touch through iTunes App Store. Both of the new formats feature bonus material with new photos and jokes by Stan Lee.

Election Daze features Stan Lee’s irrepressible, wildly funny dialogue balloons which accompany eye-catching photos by Capitol Hill photographer, Lauren Victoria Burke.

The subjects of the photos range from Barack Obama, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and President Bush, to political celebrities such as George Clooney, Chuck Norris, and Stephen Colbert among others. Comedian Dennis Miller has called the book, “Absolutely hysterical.”

“I’ve always gotten a kick out of combining far-out captions with serious pictures,” says Lee. “It’s a great change of pace from writing fantasy tales, although sometimes politics seems more like fantasy than my own stories.”

For more information about the Election Daze contest go to the official MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/electiondaze  or to the Filsinger Publishing Web site at http://www.filsingerpublishing.com.



  1. I don’t know if I like the idea of it being signed…

  2. Really? Howcome?

  3. signing it can’t harm it in any way, right?

  4. Technically, it could affect the value, I suppose.  But not if it’s Stan Lee.  If it’s signed TO you, then the resale value would be less, I think.  But then, part of me thinks that’s supercool, and I wouldn’t want to sell it.  Then again, if I got horribly sick and had no insurance…

    Just thinkin’ out loud here.

    Either way, I find myself wondering if I am in fact eligible.

    And, fun fact, in that first story in ASM #1, Peter is repeatedly referred to as Peter Palmer.

  5. As far as I know it only affects the value according to CGC (correct me if I’m wrong). So unless you plan on having it slabbed (and we all know the general opinion on that!) it shouldn’t affect it. I personally would rather have it signed to me, since it is infinitely more valuable to me to have Stan Lee thinking my name in his head as he wrote it, than to just have him sign his own name. I can’t think of a bigger name in comics that is still living anyway, and anyone who would turn around and sell that should be banned from this site and any other site like it. Either way though, it’s a pretty awesome prize!

  6. I’m not even thinking about value.  There’s no way I’d ever sell it but if I had the choice to choose between a signed copy and a non-signed copy, I’m probably walking away with the unsigned comic.  There’s something about it, maybe historical importance, that I don’t like the idea of it being marked in any way.  Plus, unless I can actually meet someone, shake their hand, and watch them give me an autograph…that bit of ink doesn’t have too much meaning to me.  That  being said, If someone offered me a signed copy of amazing spiderman #1, I certainly wouldn’t turn it down. 

  7. I’d sell it the very next day.

  8. It’s a rare comic so it won’t end up in a used books shop… it’s weird finding books with dedication or with postcards congratulating a happy birthday…

    And it’s a nubmer one comic signed by stan lee – someone out there is probably willing to legally change his name to get rid of any awkwardness…

  9. Wow, that is the greatest contest ever, buy something i want and get entered in a contest.  I cant believe you all are having this discussion I would love to have stan lee autograph an amazing piece of history for me.  Who cares if it decreases in value??  This was not a discussion i ever imagined seeing on this website…

  10. Is this another contest just for the US or can us Aussies play too?

  11. Done and Done!

    As for the value of the book and having it signed:

    If you plan on having it graded by CGC, it will not be Signature Series because no one from CGC saw it signed so they won’t authenticate the signature. Instead, it will get a "Qualified" grade, with a notation saying "Name writen on cover in ink" on the lable. If you get a COA (Certificate of Authenticit) along with the book, then keep it in a safe place if/when you send the book in to be graded. When you get the book back, you can sell it using the CoA as proff that the signature is the real deal and the value won’t be effected.

     If there is no COA, whether it’s graded or not, then the value will drop.

    If it’s personalized (signed specificaly to you), the price will drop even more, even if you have a CoA.

  12. oh yeah, and my spelling sucks. lol


  13. @josh: Really? Cause I have the Essential Spider-Man vol. 1 and I didnt even notice it. Wonder if they edited it once they saw the mistake.

    Thanks for that fact Josh Planagan.

  14. Yes really, but it was my mistake, becase it’s in the second story in that issue. I don’t know if they "fixed" the essential, but in the omnibus, that’s how it is.

  15. I just checked both. Peter Palmer is in the Omnibus, but was edited out of the Essential. Pretty cool. Josh gets the No-Prize!

  16. I hate to be a party pooper, but I wonder what the taxes would be on winning something like this.  Unfortunately probably alot.

  17. As it would be for any valuable prize.

  18. Well, once it’s signed the value would be hard to ascertain, if I won it I would have to gowith the only firm value that I could honestly attribute to it for tax purposes.  Face value (12 cents) …

  19. I would feel unworthy to hold such a thing.

  20. @ malakilii: Maybe we’re seeing everyone’s true colors. I for one am very proud of my collection, and have made some damn good money buying/cherry picking/and reselling other people’s collections over the years. I understand some of you think you got burned durring the 90’s boom, but it’s basic suply vs. demand.

    Amazing Spider-Man #1 (1963), + maybe 30,000 copies printed, + not many in good condition (kids would roll them up and stick them in there back pockets as they road home from the drug store after all), + quite a few have been discarded over the years making it even more rare, + 1st issue of a long running title staring one of the most popular characters of all time, = highly sought after and valuable.

    Spider-Man #1 (1990), well over 1,000,000 copies printed (not an exaggeration), + many people who bought one or more were well aware of comics being collectable and took good care of it, + Just about everyone and their brother has one (or more), + 1st issue of a title that is no longer around and nothing important happened in it that had any lasting impact to Spider-Man, = Not really worth crap.

     Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (2000), 1st print run only had about 5,000 copies, + shop owners only ordered a hand full of copies thinking "not ANOTHER Spidey book!" and many buyers past it by for the same reason, +  Several people stopped taking care of their books after the comic market went bust, + 1st issue of a very successful run introducing the Ultimate universe and featuring somewriter named Bendis, = a high grade non variant copy will get you about $200 on E-bay.


    Thus ends my anti- "all collecters are stupid" argument.

  21. Didn’t mean to single you out Malakilii, I wasn’t really directing that to you. I just had something to say and used your comment to spring board off of.