Upcoming TEEN TITANS Variant Covers by Quitely, Hughes and Kerschl

To celebreate the new direction for Teen Titans by newly DC-exclusive writer J.T. Krul and artist Nicola Scott, we've got three badass variant covers to show you:

By Frank Quitely


By Karl Kerschl


By Adam Hughes

Adding Damian to the mix instantly has me interested in this new direction. He's a great catalyst for tension in a group dynamic. The new creative team takes over with Teen Titans #88, in stores October 27, 2010. In the meantime you can check out a preview of the issue here.


  1. With Damian on the team, I pity their enemies.

  2. I want every one of these covers. Those are all awesome.

  3. i love Quietly, but Frank’s Damian is a bit pumpkin-headed…

    beauitiful stuff though!! gimme!

  4. Man, Adam Hughes is awesome.

  5. I’m quite digging these covers! I’m really hoping this book becomes great again since I’ve always loved the Teen Titans. Hopefully we’ll see great things from Krul’s run! 

  6. Kerschl—Hamina hamina

  7. I’d like all three of them as well.  Adam Hughes is just awe inspiring!

  8. I just realized…Damian is really just Calvin a bit more grown up with black hair.

  9. Gotta admit, that is the weakest Quitely cover I’ve seen since…..well ever. Not doesn’t pull me in like all of his other covers do.

    But Kerschl’s cover? Oh man I’d love to see him do the interiors for the Titans. 

  10. I wonder how long it will be before Damien is taking some type of leadership role in the Titans.  I would pick up any superhero team book with 10-12 year old Damien Wayne in charge.  (it makes me smile just to say it)

  11. Has anyone else noticed that the characters of the DC Universe tend to sleep in massive piles of people? 

  12. @edward: Well the corpses have to be put in the neat, orderly pile for later.

  13. that Kerschl cover is like icing on a cake. BEAUTIFUL!

  14. I bet Quitely has a new interior book he’s doing.  And I bet I know what it is and who it’s with!

    (Which is why we haven’t seen him do interiors in so long)

  15. After his next DC arc I mean.  😉

  16. @TNC: No way. Look how peaceful their faces are. that looks like a lovely little collective nap 

  17. Love the covers!!  Been a while since the TT was relevant in any way.  Damian may be just the ticket!!

  18. Yes but will JT Krul have Damien beat up Gar with a cat?

  19. I would try to get all three of them.

  20. If Damian is going to be a consistent presence in the Teen Titans books I may start picking them up.

  21. got to get the Quitely cover.  Quitely is the only guy that draws Damian right.

  22. I clicked on that preview and that sealed it! Ifanboy says"Jump!" and I’m jumping on!! I might just be in love with Nicola Scott’s Ravager. I also noticed $3.99? (didn’t I just read something about $2.99 books?) anyways, I’ll be on the look out for this 10/27

  23. @Jesse1125: The price roll-back starts in January.

  24. Adam Hughes just Defined Wonder Girl.

  25. All three of these are fantastic. But I gotta pick Quitely’s as my fav. I love how Damian’s pose isn’t one of pride or exhaustion after "taking out" the Teen Titans, it’s readiness. "Is that all you’ve got?" Brilliant choice by Quitely.