Tuesday Showdown: Thor vs. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel vs. Thor

"Batson?" cooed a nurse, "Dr. Blake will see you now." Billy smiled broad, setting down a tattered issue of Ranger Rick. The boy stood up and strode to the open door where the woman adjusted her orthopedic socks. She gestured toward the scale in the hallway. 

"Didya know an octopus can scrunch up inside a pop bottle?" he asked, kicking off his shoes. "So long as their beaks can fit. I just wonder what an old Coke's doing at the bottom of the ocean or an octopus is doing in a grocery!" He laughed alone.  

"Your teeth are alarmingly white," the nurse said, tinkering with the scale. It was a compliment, Billy knew, but nonetheless, she looked like the toad he'd kept in a shoebox under his bed two summers ago. 

"I drink a lot of milk and brush my teeth while I listen to the radio stories." 

She led him down the narrow hall to a mint green room with a sink and a stool and a table and a watercolor image of two beach chairs. Billy set his shoes down by the door and hopped up on the table, trying best not to shred the layer of wax paper doubled up beneath his dungarees. "What am I, chopped liver?" he laughed. She almost sneered. He tugged nervously on his earlobe. "You know. Delicatessen." 
She took his blood pressure and asked him not to fiddle with the sink or the cabinets. The doctor would be in shortly. Billy sat contentedly, thinking about a dog he'd once seen. 
Doctor Blake entered after a little while, gnarled walking stick in the crook of his arm. He set it down in the corner. "Hey there, Billy," he said, sitting down on the stool and rolling closer to the boy. "What ails ya?"
Billy pulled a carefully folded document from his back pocket and handed it to Blake. "I need a physical for school, sir."
"Trying out for football?"
"Glee club."
Blake looked over the form, pen in his mouth. "Do you smoke?"
Billy gasped. 
Blake checked off a few boxes and tucked the pen in his ear. Then he pulled a tiny hammer from his coat. "This is all kind of bullshit, but I'm an old country doctor and I like to start with the reflexes. Okay?"
Billy, aghast at the profanity, merely nodded. Blake gave the boy's knee a little tap with the hammer. Billy felt a jolt run through his shin and his leg made an involuntary spasm. It startled him, and inspired by the doctor's own slur from the moment before, he yowled, "SHAZAM!"
It was the first thing he had thought to say, but he immediately knew it was a mistake. The little room exploded in light, and when the shock and awe faded, settled into a droning, alkaline din, the boy was gone, replaced by a statuesque figure clad in fire-engine red. Captain Marvel had torn the wax paper. 
Blake lay crumpled in the corner, coat blackened from the blast. "The devil…?" he muttered, peering at the strange man sitting confused on the examination table. Blake reached for his walking stick, and with the last of his strength, slammed it down on the floor. 
In an instant, Blake was gone, ushered off to another space. There in the corner, adorned in helm and gleaming mail, stood his divine counterpart.
"You're not Doctor Blake," said Marvel, rising from the table. 
"No," said Thor, "And mine hammer is a great means larger."  
Captain Marvel vs. Thor
Who wins?
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  1. Fighting, brawling, smashing, light banter, jovial poking, head rubbing, exhausted laughing, collapsing, peace making, drinking, Thor showing captain marvel the town like a big brother, comparing father figure stories, all ends well. Draw.

  2. Thor took down The Sentry. A guy who has the power of like a zillion suns and can just fuck anything he wants up. Captain Mar-vell is dead.

     Thor wins. nuff said.

  3. Thor has but the powers of one puny god. Captain Marvel has the powers of six different gods. Cap’n Marvel by a mile. Unless he starts sharing powers with Mary, the Lieutenants, Uncle Marvel, Cap Jr, and every other person under the sun.  In which case the Marvels outnumber Thor and take him out that way. 😛

  4. um, why are they fighting again???   I like this match up, I’ll ponder on this a bit.  but my gut tells me that Thor is going to end up walking away victorious, while capt Marvel is going to get hurt, but then Capt. Marvel has the power of 6 gods, while Thor, only 1. . .  

    I don’t see a fight here, so I agree w/Shallam

  5. " Billy sat contentedly, thinking about a dog he’d once seen."

    Nice 🙂  But that clinic is toast, and the frog-faced nurse needs to find another gig.




  6. Captain Marvel is the winner. Captain Marvel can punch out Superman, Superman can defeat Thor (JLA/Avengers). Also in another contest, Thor vs Black Adam, I voted Black Adam because he could take the entire DCU in 52. And since Black Adam and Captain Marvel are on the same power level, Captain wins.

  7. Thor is drawn by Chris Samnee. Regularly. He wins.

    Alternatively, The Nurse comes back in, sees the cmotion, yells "Shazam" and turns into Isis. She tells the men to stop their bickering, because peace is the way. Then they all cisit a SPCA because every Thunder God(ess) needs her or his own ThunderCat.

  8. Captain Marvel has an aspect of 6 different gods power imbued upon him by a Wizard. While he must be indeed powerful, the god themselves still exist separate from Captain Marvel, as he communes with them when necessary. So he’s not exactly the embodiment of 6 gods, just a recipient of an aspect of the respective gods powers.

    Whereas, on the other hand, Thor is a god himself, and is therefore on an entirely different power level that the good Captain.


    While I have the utmost respect for both characters, Thor outclasses Captain Marvel handily.

  9. Thor commands the magic lightning that Billy summons to strike him instead of Billy and gains the wisdom of Solomon, strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas, power of Zeus, courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury. 

    Then he feels sad for Billy and has Volstagg adopt him.

  10. I think it’s been said before, but in the end, Speed of Mercury makes all the difference. Thor is strong and tough and all that, but Captain Marvel is all that and hit you with the thunder while you’re half-way through a verily.


    Not that he uses the speed, but still…he could! 

  11. (@Cedric, wow, you actually have a real honest to goodness reasoned argument which makes good use of cross-company cross-overs. I like it.)

    Thor was turned into Zombie-Thor in the Marvel Zombies series, so he’s not so powerful. In fact I think this makes Thor a weakling, and thus Thor sucks.


  12. The fight last hours and ranges all over from Blake’s office to Avengers Mansion, from the JLA Satalite to the Savage land, from The Rock of Eternity to the Halls of Asguard.  Marvel’s superior speed gives him an edge and Thor is on the ropes, until he relizes it is a divine LIGHTNING BOLT which gives Marvel his powers.  Summoning the fullness of mastery of storms Thor uses Mjoliner to suck the mystic power bolt from Marvel, leaving little Billy Baston powerless.  All hail the ODIN SON!