Tuesday Showdown: Miss Marvel vs. Power Girl

Miss Marvel vs. Power Girl

"Carol, I'm not sure how I feel about this."

"We're not getting butter on the popcorn because what they dispense here isn't even butter in the first place, Peter. And even if it was–"

"You called me Peter. You don't know I'm Peter, I don't think. Right?"

"For the sake of this story, which is already a little convoluted, we're Carol Danvers and Peter Parker, in plainclothes. At the movies."

"I like that you still wore your sash thing though. And the domino mask. But I wasn't talking about the popcorn."

"We're seeing Piranah 3D. It's what we're seeing."

"I don't think you understand how important Jaws is to me. I don't know if I want this as part of my lexicon."

"This isn't part of the Jaws franchise."

"I read a thing."

"Stop reading about the thing before doing the thing. This is supposed to be fun."

"I've intentionally avoided all of the other Jawses. Jaws is all there is. And maybe Orca. That's my continuity."

"I've never actually seen Jaws. Not all of it." 

"Executive decision. We're seeing Machete instead."

"Executive decision? I outrank you."

"In what way do you outrank me? I'm on more Avengers teams than you, lady."

"Right. I only need to clock in for the one." 

"Fine. But you're flying me to a city with a Chick-fil-A after." 


"You have to wear the glasses, Terra."

"I don't normally wear glasses."

"These are special glasses and they let you see in 3D."

"I'm nervous about the glasses. I don't know if I'm ready for 3D."

"This is why we couldn't go see Avatar."

"The blue kitties…"

"Because back then I knew you weren't ready for 3D. But now I'm confident that you can handle the third dimension."

"Oh wow."

"Terra. Don't look at my chest."

"But it really works!"


"Do you think we should be supporting 3D?"

"I think seeing this in 2D would defeat the purpose."

"Sure. But we're basically voting for studios to make all of their movies in 3D."

"I'm paying to see this movie in 3D so I can see killer fish and tits and gore in 3D."

"Would you want to see Persuasion in 3D?"

"I don't know what that is."

"It's a Jane Austen novel."

"Why didn't you just say Pride & Prejudice?"

"P&P was already–"

"You call it P&P?"

"Pride and Prejudice was already made into a feature film within the last ten years. Why would you reboot it?"

"To add–"

"3D. Right. But why does it need to be in 3D?"

"I don't really want to see Jane Austen's Persuasion in any D, Pete."

"It was seriously the first Jane Austen novel that came to mind."

"It's not recognizable as a Jane Austen novel title off the bat like that."

"Okay. Northanger Abbey. Would you want to see that in 3D? Because that's what they'd do."

"What's Northanger Abbey about? Maybe there are tits or giraffes that could jump out visually. Tell me. What's it about?"

"English people."

"Oh, I know you actually know what it's about. You could actually just tell me the story right here without looking it up because you're that guy."

"It's about balls."

"Say again?"

"Balls. Parties."



"Would you shut up!? No Terra, I will make a scene!" 


Miss Marvel vs. Power Girl

Who wins?

Show your work! 


  1. Ms. Marvel has my vote!

  2. Not to disrupt the narrative of a good ‘versus,’ but I feel like the problem here is Peter.

    Can’t all the ladies combine their forces to make him shut up?

    Actually, probably not.  So the winner of Ms. Marvel vs. Power Girl is Spider-Man.  That’s just the way it goes.

  3. How about Paul vs. Bendis

  4. Ha ha ha, man, I was reading this going ‘it’s kind of hard to tell who is speaking in some of these exchanges.’  Now I realize this is what we call "homage". 

  5. Power Girl would win the fight, but the real winners would be Peter and Terra, seeing their significant others in a massive catfight. 😀

  6. @Shallam: 4 posts. I love this website.

  7. Boobs vs hidden ones — PG FTW!



  8. I would totally see Persuasion in 3-D.

  9. PeeGee!

  10. wow…and not in a good way. this actually takes up space here. yeah, and we wonder why people have a negative opinion of comics. good job (and not in a good way).

  11. Power Girl is lame Ms marvel is not. Ms Marvel wins.

  12. this is 3D vs 2D   there’s no way to draw a logical conclusion from this . . .   


    Peter Parker wins either way.  logic smogic 

  13. i miss amanda conner’s PG =/

  14. @iSpiderMan – What exactly was so distasteful about this post (which is one of a regular series that appears every Tuesday)?

  15. @iSpiderMan

    Why are you so uptight? Your date is about to get in a huge catfight with Power Girl! 

  16. Well, hey. It’s not my best showdown, but I think it’s an interesting matchup. Pretty evenly matched. 

  17. @josh – I should’ve been clearer. Just b/c this is a regular Tuesday thing doesn’t mean it should continue. It comes across, to me at least, as a negative stereotype of comics and comic readers. Thank you for listening.

  18. @Paul

    I dunno, I think there’s a bigger lean than you think. 

  19. @iSpiderMan: In what way? (You’re still not being clear.)

  20. power girl and miss marvel start fighting, spider-man sneaks out of the theatre in the commotion of people pulling out their camera phones. peter goes and watches scott pilgrim for the second time. 

  21. I’m guessing he thinks this objectionable for either of two reasons.

    #1: It’s a vs. "Duh who would win a fight, duh". I don’t see it that way. For me vs. is just an easy way to talk about superheros without thinking too much. Just light entertainment.

    #2: There is a potential sexual undertone to this fight. You know, ooh, big tits, cat fight, they might have lesbian sex. hot.

    Whatever, I think these are cute.

  22. Persuasion would be the best Austen to have in 3-D, totally, because it’s the one with the British Navy in it.  

    Not to mention the zombies. 

  23. @iSpiderMan – It’s technically a writing exercise.  Comics, and the characters we read about are used to make stories.  This is one way we can have fun with that, and exercise the storytelling muscles. You named yourself iSpiderMan on a website about comics, and this is the thing you think is a waste of time?  Here’s my suggestion: don’t read it, but don’t crap on other people’s fun or the work the writer put into it.

  24. Maybe it was comment #5 . . .

  25. If you want to start making fun of other people’s posts, please do it somewhere else.

  26. Thread seems Kosher to me. Am I missing something… ?

  27. I wasn’t making fun of anyone’s post (this time). Someone deleted comment #5, which made me pause while I was reading it and say, "that is kind of crude." Then I thought it was playing the double entendre (or however you spell that french word) and still thought it was a bit crude.

  28. The… dialogue… too… self aware! Must… resist… the siren song…. of Bendis. :-p Great job. Loved this. Gave me a good chuckle. Persuasion 3D does not hold a candle to The Semaphore Code Wuthering Heights, though. 😉

  29. Guys, we are missing the point.  WHO WINS???

  30. PeeGee wins by default because Terra has to be less annoying than Peter?

  31. @Gramercy: Conner’s PG is classic.  Let’s see Ms. Marvel handle Vartox.

  32. Ms. is "Mizz" not "Miss."  Carol is liberated.

  33. Peeg would win because I love her and my love would see her through. I like Carol but pretty sure that "like" won’t win the day.

  34. Depends on the incarnation. 80ies almost teenage, not super-boob-hole Power Girl was cool, but over all I’d go with Miss Marvel, even though she’d vote Republican.

  35. Chick-fil-A? Paul you sure you’re not Bendis?

    As PG and Ms. Marvel throw down, Peter and Terra decide to sneak down the hall to another theather and watch Machete. PG and Ms. Marvel are pretty evenly matched and after a drawn out battle realize that Pete and Terra are gone. They call a truce and catch the next showing of Piranah 3D. After watching the movie The two begin to argue about the quality of the movie and another epic battle begins. They take this fight to the air outside in the theater parking lot. As the aerial battles heats up they both exchange blows and come tumbling down into the very theater that Peter and Terra are watching Machete. The screen was destroyed, the mood ruined, and thus Peter and Terra are the real losers in this battle.

  36. I personally love Chick-fil-A. I think it’s ridiculous there isn’t one in the NY area. 

  37. I THINK there is a Chick-Fil-A in the NYU food court. I haven’t yet done an investigation, but I’m sure to do it soon. I LOVE Chick-Fil-A. I think the gods, with all their ironic wisdom, cursed me by puting me in a city I love with everything except this glourious establishment.

  38. Apologies to everyone here. I fell off the edge yesterday; momentary lapse of insanity. Carry on.

  39. power girl carry on

  40. Thanks. Happens to the best of us.

  41. This feature is one of my faves… and I think the dialog in this one was fantastic.

    MM vs PG?  Paul wins.

    PS: Now I want to see Amanda Connor work on a Bendis written book.  Has that team ever happened? 

  42. This might be one of my favorites. Going with Power Girl(as a Marvel dude too). This would be an awesome comic crossover if it ever happened though and the writers had fun with it.

  43. I think Marvel really missed a trick not making Ms Marvel’s book more like PG’s book. Obviously there was a magic team for PG and it started after MM finished, but Ms Marvel has humour potential as shown with the spider-man dating stuff.

  44. Ms. Marvel takes it home. PG’s super tough, what with the Krypton and all, but Carols military experience and energy powers take home the gold. And, if nothing else, Pete’s constant, popcorn-mouthed heckling would drive the unaccustomed Karen outta her Pre-Crisis mind, leading her to distraction and, ultimately, defeat.

  45. Well, Ms. Marvel’s most recent ongoing went 50 issues.  Which I believe is some kind of record for a Marvel book helmed by a woman.  Maybe She-Hulk beat her? I don’t think so though.  Faltered a little around the Secret Invasion stuff, but was a great read pretty consistently.

    While I LOVED the Gray/Palmiotti/Conner run on PG I’m less keen on the Winick/Basri Stuff.

    SO, till PG hits 50 I’m going with Ms. Marvel.

  46. Dear All, In regards to deleted Item 5. Since Ispiderman has retracted, allow me too to offer my apologies. I intended only bad punning , and certainly no offence. Double Entendre’s are just too easy , and I remember Powergirl from when she had the JLE’s cat!

  47. Don’t friggin’ apologize! That sort of joke gets thrown around here and on the podcast all the time! It just happened to be a cranky day.

  48. Since people are apologizing, perhaps I can get an apology from Josh?


    (but that is the deleted comment #5 that I was referencing that was I assume deleted by Conor that got Josh mad at me)