TRAILER: ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ – Season 2

Like it or not, Ultimate Spider-Man was a big hit for Disney XD and Marvel TV. So big of a hit, in fact, that Marvel’s newest cartoon, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble will take place in the same universe featuring the same version of the Avengers characters that have appeared on Ultimate Spider-Man.


Season two of Ultimate Spider-Man kicks off on Monday, January 21, with a one-hour primetime special that features both The Lizard (the villain of last year’s The Amazing Spider-Man film) and Electro (the villain of the upcoming sequel film).

Here’s a look at the upcoming second season:


From Marvel Comics:

On his journey to become the Ultimate Hero, Peter Parker has handled tough challenges. From learning to team up with fellow Super Heroes (including The Avengers!), to fighting baddies from across the Marvel Universe, to remembering to pick up groceries for Aunt May, Spidey thought he had things all webbed up.  Now in Season 2, his world’s been turned upside down as his teammates become roommates, and they’re left to face foes without the help of S.H.I.E.L.D. But when iconic Marvel villains like The Lizard, Kraven, Electro, the Rhino and Doc Ock team up to take on the young heroes, it’s time for Spidey to discover the “great responsibility” of being a leader. Catch the one-hour SPECIAL PRIME TIME PREMIERE of Ultimate Spider-Man Season 2, January 21 at 7p/6c on Disney XD. And keep up with the team every Sunday at 11a/10c inside Marvel Universe.



  1. The thing that bothers me most about this show is how Spidey is almost always on a ‘team’. I hate that he is always bailed out by his annoying group of friends. I like Spidey better by himself with random team ups here and there. You might as well call this show Spider-Man and the Young Avengers.

  2. Enjoy your success now “Ultimate Spider-Man” because at the end of this season, when you have ripened like an old bag of mangy oranges, and had your requisite two seasons, you’ll be put out of your misery like so many cartoon series before you and we will all weep and ask why this had to happen to such a “successful” series. Bah!

    • You’re dumb, the reason those shows were canceled were because they weren’t owned exclusively by Disney. But you know, ignorance is always the best basis to make an argument.

    • No, I was referring to the current business model for cartoons in general. Or, I guess the reason Batman: Brave and the Bold got cancelled after 2 seasons* and Young Justice is on the verge of being cancelled after 2 seasons* is because they were not owned by Disney. Yeah, you’re probably right.

      * Or, 2 and a half seasons, depending on how you count.

  3. Where’s the trailer? You mention it, but don’t see it embedded

  4. Personally, I enjoy the show! Spidey’s breaking of the 4th wall and the cutaways add a nice change to something we haven’t seen in a Spider-Man cartoon before, and while Spidey is certainly capable of carrying a show on his own, I love the fact that he’s part of a team of B-List (and C-List) heroes. It gives them a chance to shine, too, in ways we may not have seen in the comic.

    It’s not perfect and some of the plots and jokes fall flat, but I’m not the target audience for the show… Still, I’ll keep watching it! Glad to see it’s back!

    • I am resigned to the fact that this is not “for me”, but I enjoy watching it w/ my kids. They just crack up at a lot of the slapstick visual jokes that happen in Peter’s mind when the action freezes, and there are enough easter eggs for me to sit there and enjoy it with them.

      Peter to get new fans than placate old ones I suppose!

    • “Better to”, not Peter…stupid auto-correct.

  5. I thought that Avengers Assemble was going to be in a different universe? Source:

    Does anyone remember when fans were worried when Disney bought Marvel? Ultimate Spider-man is that fear coming to life.

  6. I wasn’t completely on-board for this show when I first watched it, but there just came a point where I started to have fun with it and accept it for what it was. Hopefully season 2 brings the funny.