TRAILER: Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers

Based on the graphic novel by Robert Rodi and Esad Ribic, Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers, this new 4 episode series will hit iTunes, Xbox Live, and Playstation Network, and the first will debut on Monday March 28th.

You want to know what Thor's got against his hermano Loki? Take a look:

A new episode will be released every following Wednesday. The hi-def versions will be $2.99 per episode, and the standard def will be $1.99.


  1. Impressive

  2. The only Thor hardcover I own.

    This still looks like a motion comic to my eyes, but it still looks very good.

  3. Hard to believe that’s not a motion comic.  They captured the spirit of the comic.

    Astonishing X-Men, when rented from netflix and watched on the widescreen is acutally awesome! (Despite Josh judging it without seeing it)

  4. Watching it again, it is clearly mixed. I’ll probably buy this.

  5. I’m impressed. I might have to check this graphic novel out.

  6. um…yeah, this kicked ass!  this marks a huge stride in motion comics.  hell yeah.

  7. I’m not sure when ‘motion comics’ become animation, but i also don’t care. This looks like a huge leap forward.

  8. Looks gorgeous.  I’m down for this.

  9. I’m Sold. The animation is so very impressive it makes me get goose bumbs. My biggest concern is probbly the voice acting but I’m not to worried.

  10. Thought this was for the feature length animation about a young Thor and Loki that Marvel had been promising for a while.  I’m more excited for this!

  11. whoa, nice. 

  12. there was some great staging in that trailer.

  13. Hey, Ruwan here from Marvel…I am the producer on Thor & Loki. Glad to see people are excited for the series. I definitely think the entire creative team–animation team, directors, sound team, etc.–who worked on this project have done a phenomenal job. This trailer is just a small taste. We, of course, know that there is always room for improvement, but I definitely think me and the team stepped it up here and really put together a sharp entertaining project. And we’re loking forward to stepping it up after Thor & Loki.

    Thor & Loki story (originally entitled LOKI) was one of the first things Axel Alonso handed to me when I started at Marvel a few years ago. Robert’s and Esad’s brilliant take on Loki is something that put me on a mission to make sure that we made sure that every element enhanced the story and brought a new value to it as animation. Anyway, I’ll let you guys judge for yourself when episode 1 hits at the end of the month.

    Thanks again,