Here’s what I know about The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!… it’s very good. It just might be the best animated superhero adaptation running today. I usually won’t even watch stuff like this. Further, it seems to capture the spirit of the Marvel Universe I grew up loving better than a lot of the comic books do. It’s certainly the best version of Hawkeye I’ve seen in about as long as I can remember.

Because it is a just and right world, there is more on the way. Feast your eyes on this trailer for the second season.

Assemble!! Marvel’s The Avengers hits the big screen May 4… But in the meantime, get your hero fix with Marvel TV’s trailer for season 2 of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!, premiering April 1 inside Marvel Universe on Disney XD!  The Avengers have fought against some of the most powerful and dangerous super villains in the world. But just when the team thought they had things under control, new threats emerge… Caught in the crossfire between two warring alien empires – Earth’s Mightiest Heroes must make a stand. But whom can they trust when they learn not everyone is who they seem to be?

Tune in for The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! season two premiere, along with the series premiere of Ultimate Spider-Man inside Marvel Universe on Disney XD April 1 beginning at 11am/10c.



  1. Their costumes are all different now.

  2. SUPER excited for this!

  3. I saw the first episode of season 2 (at a convention) and really enjoyed it. It seems like Marvel is bringing in a ton of new characters from their universe this season. It should be a great season.

    Oh, and I’m looking forward to that intro song. Rock On!

  4. wow! agreed! best super series out now….Red Hulk!

  5. Um, awsome cant wait

  6. Wow; Ms. Marvel, Fantastic Four, and Red Hulk this season!! Can’t wait!!

  7. The best thing about this show? The DVD’s come out in the UK.

    *sunglasses* AW YEAH!

    Take that, DC!

  8. I like how Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Wasp aren’t mentioned because they don’t have their own movies.

  9. Looks great! Season one was excellent.

  10. I’ve gotta watch an AD before I get to watch and AD? I freaken hate that crap.

  11. Here’s to Miss Marvel!

  12. Did Hawkeye get a costume change too?

  13. FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! Been wondering about this. Ready for April 1st

  14. Can’t wait!!!

  15. Great googly moogily! drool…

  16. 43 seconds in….is that Hellboy? Man, if only…

    • Hellboy goes to Hell, year of monsters til then, luv it….I’d like to see a Mignolaverse style mini series with a cpl unusual paired Marvel characters done by Arcudi, Corben, Guy Davis or Mignola w colors by Dave Stewart of course and at least one Marvel writer and artist co-working with a formula that already works so well in the Mignolaverse. Seen it with DC’s STARMAN and Batman and liked it now its Marvels turn.

  17. Anyway, what I actually came here to comment on: I just started watching this Avengers cartoon a cpl days ago via Netflix and love it! Have to agree with it capturing the spirit of the classic Marvel U I grew up with. Loved how its continuity based while interweaving multiple plots with villains agendas, heroes origins and story lines all while moving forward in a bounce around but linear way. I love the line-up and can’t wait to others like Vision and any guest stars are a great surprise, the little easter eggs here n there are cool too. Loved watching it commercial free like one big animated movie and look forward to the 2nd season, with leads into the cosmic in place, new costumes integrated welcome.

  18. When I first saw the promos for the Avengers Season One, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. The look wasn’t what I expected. But man! It sure won me over! This is the kind of storytelling I’d like to see in the comics today; not dumbed down, not hyper sexualized or gory. Just straight up super-goodness that adults and kids can enjoy!