Trade Wars 2: Trade Surplus

It’s been a little while since I did this, but I thought it was time to hold another round of “Trade Wars,” as I’ve decided to call it.

I’d say the best, most interesting thing I’ve read lately is Scott Pilgrim, Vol. 1: Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life, the first volume of these trades. Thanks largely to it getting mentioned by you folks on the site, and a glowing review from Brian Bendis, I gave it a shot.

And I’m glad I did. While it didn’t resonate with me 100%, I really did enjoy this book, and was surprised at the direction it took. If you like Blue Monday, you’ll probably like this, because it’s got a very similar feel, but is just a little bit less… girly, for want of a better word. It is done in a slightly manga-esque style, what with the big eyes and cutesy character designs, but the book did win me over with its specific style and attitude. Basically, you’ve got this guy, Scott, who’s a cool 23 year old, who plays in a band, and hangs out with his friends, and so on. Then it gets kind of weird because he sees this certain girl in his dreams and then meets her at a party. She’s the mysterious new girl from out of town. But Scott’s already got a girlfriend, and she’s still in high school. Then it just gets stranger. I’ll refrain from much more explanation, because I think I enjoyed it more having no idea what I was about to read when I started. It’s compelling, well crafted, and moves fast, and it was exactly what I wanted out of a book that had nothing to do with crossover events.

In other news, I did a marathon session of catchup on Fables, and I’m now only 3 issues back from the current issues. And I must say, I’m loving this book now. Mark Buckingham is an immensely talented artist, and I’m continually impressed by Willingham’s imagination and sense of humor.

What’s every one else reading these days? Besides Civil War I mean. What should I look for in San Diego next month?


  1. Man, I love Scott Pilgrim. I can’t find the third trade…


    What should you look for at SDCC next month? Me!

    And in all honesty, look for something published by Vertigo called “It’s a Plane”. It’s a breakdown of Superman as a cultural icon, and it’s a pretty good read.

  2. Scott Pilgrim, Vol. 3: Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness

  3. I love Scott Pilgrim. The third one wasn’t as good as the others. He changes time frame a lot more frequently in the third. It’s still awesome and I will read it until the end.

    I just got the first trade of Rising Stars, by JMS. It’s pretty interesting (I know I’m late getting to this party). Just caught up with Ex Machina, which I really really enjoy.

    I found a used copy of Fortune and Glory by Bendis, so I’m looking forward to giving that a whirl.

    It’s not out yet, but I’m going to recommend Desolation Jones when it gets to trades. It’s some really really good stuff. Best Ellis stuff that I’ve read.

  4. I picked up the first trade of Scott Pilgrim also. At first I liked it, and then I didn’t like it, and then by the end I liked it again. I think that once I wrapped my head around and embraced the the (somewhat) surrealist elements I got really into it. I’ll definitely be picking up the next two trades.

    I’m thinking about Desolation Jones. I’ll take a look at it in San Diego, maybe.

  5. The ongoing series that I am collecting trades for are Ultimates, Girls, Ex machina, Y: The last Man, DMZ, Invincible, Fables and Powers.

    Random trades I have read in the past couple of weeks include Freshmen which was ok, The Filth (why god why?!?!), Fury (Max) which was kick ass, and that UXM Millar compilation trade, which didn’t read as well second time through.

    I had a look through the NYX trade (mostly for the extras)… the story sucked but Joshua Middleton is great for that kind of book, it’s a shame Joey Q pissed him off so much he went exclusive DC. Surprisingly there are some nice extra bits from Middleton in there. Superman/Shazam unfortunately had no such extras.

    Best new trade recently though has been DMZ, I cant wait for Kristian’s issue.

  6. Not the Filth!!!

    What in hell was that?!!?!?

    Fan of Weston’s however. Glad I’m not the only one. And I bought every issue. I just kept waiting for it to make sense. It never did.

  7. The Filth – one of the few mini-series to make me break my self-imposed “If you start a mini-series, you have to finish it” rule.

  8. Hoooray for reading Fables! I have a trade or two to catch up on myself… the downside to graduating from college is that I no longer have an accessible circle of friends whose comic stashes I can raid. In other Fables related news, I’m thinking of getting a print done by the cover artist, James Jean.

    As soon as I get a job *sigh*

    I’d like to start reading some indie stuff, so maybe I’ll check this out.

  9. I know you guys read image stuff in trade for the most part. Well the Fear Agent comes out in trade this month. I challenge you guys to read it and review it. Now, there wont be a lot of (lovidovy) Character development in this book; So don’t look for it. Pure testosterone balls to the walls action. ( Hey I think I just learned something about myself. Maybe THAT’s why I’m such a Hulk fan…..)

  10. I have just finished Box Office Poison and Blankets. I enjoyed them both but now I am looking for something else along similar lines. I plan on checking out Tricked, but I would like to try something by a different author. I am looking for a graphic novel not necessarily a trade. Something that doesn’t involve superheroes, crime, or science fiction. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  11. Dave, try this:

    Stylish Vittles

    Also, maybe:

    The Waiting Place

    They’re both relationship/people books. Both highly recommended. There are 3 volumes of each I believe.

  12. I just saw on the Bendis Boards that they have a trade paperback exchange. Is there any interest on this board of doing that? Could be a good way to unload old trades and explore some new stuff.

  13. Thanks Josh, I will look at both of them.

    Jan, how would an exchange work?

  14. Well, basically, everyone comes up with a list of TPBs or HCs that they’re willing to trade and then you lay claim to other people’s items and then come up with what you think is a fair trade.

    And then you trade mailing addresses and send them out. I’m not at home, so I don’t have my stuff, so I can’t list what I have yet…

  15. Let’s see if anyone else is interested. If so, we can do a mention on the podcast, and then we’ll do a separate page for it here.

    Who’d be down for this?

  16. I think its a cool idea. I have been wanting to clear off my shelf for a while and I there are a lot of trades I pass on, because I just don’t have the cash. I have a stack of Marvel and DC TPBs that I was going to sell at a yard sale. I’d rather do something like this.

  17. Yeah sounds like a cool idea I’d defiantly be down for it.

  18. I’m in. There’s a bunch of stuff I’d be willing to part with in order to read some new stuff. I need to try to get into the DCU eventually.

    I think it’ll be hard to part with some of my stuff, but I’m sure there’s stuff I’ll never be reading again…

  19. Alright, we’re going to work on getting a page together for this. We’ll let you know when it’s ready.

  20. The Filth is going straight up there. I’ll trade it for anything. Even an issue of Elf Quest. Please.

  21. I’d trade FOR the FIlth. Sometimes when reading Morrison you just have to sit back and remember that he went to Tibet and saw aliens, so his comics might sometimes reflect that.

    I just started reading the Rocketo tpb and if you like your comics pulpy, it is highly reccomended.

    totally down with the trading.

  22. I’ve got some stuff I’d totally trade.

  23. Fun Home
    I’ve just fished reading Fun Home – A Family Tragicomic , by Dykes to Watch Out For cartoonist Alison Bechdel and it has to have been my most literary graphic novel experience yet, as she references and even echoes Proust, Hemingway, Joyce, and even Homer throughout her memoir while telling the story of growing up with her father, a closeted gay man who may or may not have killed himself as a result of his secret. It’s a solid book, its tale told in a non-linear fashion with various anectdotes scatterered throughout like a completely serious version of Family Guy. The art is lovely, drawn in black and white with different shades of grey and blue water-colored in.

    Wordy as hell, but I loved it.