Top Shelf Sale – Cheap Indie Books!

As you know, we’re big fans of Top Shelf around these parts. Now and then, they want to clear the shelves, top and otherwise, and when they do that, they slash prices to levels that some bad commercial producers might label insaaaaaaaane.

Here’s the link to the sale. Go forth and experiment.

Check out the work of James Kochalka, Tony Consiglio, Nate Powell, Eddie Campbell, Liz Prince, Scott Morse, and others. It can’t hurt right?

You were thinking of getting Jeff Lemire’s work anyway, so why not throw in some $3 books?


  1. Some nice stuff, definitely should get some before it’s all over….Heck even the other less discounted prices are pretty good.

    Although I didnt know Blankets had a soundtrack. ??

  2. One word: Owly.

  3. AWESOME. I did this last time and picked up Essex County, Blankets, and Tricked. I can’t wait to figure out what to get this year.

    @TheNextChampion-I bought the Blankets Soundtrack and it’s okay. It’s worth $3.00 if you liked the book. It mostly sounds like the background music they use on "This American Life."

  4. @scott: It’s just weird there is a soundtrack for a graphic novel….Next I’m gonna see a Limb Biskit soundtrack for Kick-Ass…..*shudders*

    @Rob: I love owly! God it makes me sound like a 5 year old but I love it so much. I push it every day at my job and people just love it!

  5. LOL @ postage to the UK being $60!

  6. o.0 VERY AWESOME!!

  7. I went with Incredible Change-Bots.  

  8. @PaulMontgomery: Good choice. This is a very funny book, especially if you are/were a Transformers fan. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  9. I got some great stuff last time that I might never have tried; Tricked, More BOP! The King, Big Head.

    This time, other than Alex Robinsons Nether Regions, I just clicked things into my cart pretty much at random. I figured it’s the best way to give stuff a try.

  10. Fans of World War II espionage should totally check out Super Spy by Matt Kindt – he also has another spy book and some noirish-looking tales I’m trying to circle back on.

  11. Incredible Change-Bots is definitely worth a look, I thought it was really funny. And Rich Koslowski’s The King is a must-read.

  12. The King by Rich Koslowski is awesome. It’s also a steal at this sale. It goes for $20 on Amazon.