Top 5: Weird Green Lantern Corps Members

5. Mogo

He's a living planet, and he arranges his foliage to form the Green Lantern symbol. That makes being a planet that much cooler. You want Mogo on your side.


4. Ch'p

This deceased Guardian of sector 1014 is a fuzzy squirrel. Making the list for the exact opposite reason as Mogo, we can also confirm that in addition to his ring power, Ch'p also has a heightened sense of smell, which isn't necessariy useful in space, but it can't hurt you either.


3. Percival

That is a fantastic mustache. Not only that, but Percival formerly a Green Lantern of Earth, was a Leprechaun. But then it turns out that the leprechauns were actually aliens from the planet Maltus. He'd have gotten in for the mustache alone, but the leprechaun thing puts Percival over the top.


2. Ar-N-O-Q

He's a jellyfish… maybe? Apparently, nothing is known about Ar-N-O-Q, and he was created by Alan Moore. I'm putting mystery jellyfish thing in the #2 slot just for the novelty of it.


1. Dkrtzy RRR

Timph Rye, a mad mathematician, developed Dkrtzy RRR, a bio-sentient mathematial equation for willpower. If you can think of something weirder than that, I'd love to hear it.


  1. An equation? LOL! That’s colorful. There’s also a typo in “mathematical”..

  2. Never heard of Dkrtzy RRR, but cool ideas based on mathematics always toot my horn.

  3. I didn’t know the top three existed.  They are each wonderful in their own way.

  4. WHATTTT?? What about:

    Bzzd – A fly
    Amanita – A mushroom
    Chaselon – A diamond
    G’Nort – a dog
    Galius Zed – a big head
    Larvox – an insect type larva/caterpillar thing
    Leezle Pon – a microscopic germ
    Medphyll – a carrot

    Now that I think of it… this should be more like.. a top 30 weirdest Green Lanterns, and you still wouldnt reacha fraction of their entire Corps…

  5. I think Rot Lop Fan should at least be #2. The F# Bell Corps is one of Alan Moore’s most inspired ideas for sure.

    Otherwise great list. Mogo is awesome.

  6. Rot Lop Fan has got to be up there, too.

  7. I didn’t know 3 of these which is awesome. Damn that is one hell of a mustache

  8. Dkrtzy RRR sounds like someone from Wu Tang.

  9. HailScott  That is exactly how I tried to pronounce it at first-  Dkrtzy RRR has got your money- don’t you worry.

    And- the the number one spot- That’s number one alright. 

  10. Cool stuff. I was Wondering if I would see the ( I think he was called) the C sharp Bell, who was a member of species without vision.

  11. Mogo is really cool. Never heard of these guys, but the arranging of foliage is pretty awesome. Things like that is why I read comics.

  12. A living mathematical equation… that’s a well deserved N°1

  13. how about that other Alan Moore lantern that lived in sector with no sun, so there was no concept of vision or light. S/He lived in a world of sound, and came up with a whole sonic version of the lantern oath. Pretty cool.

    Also, the Ch’p panel came from Green Lantern: Mosaic, which I think is one of the most under-appreciated series out there. It came from writer Gerard Jones, best known now for his non-fiction prose including Men of Tomorrow- the comic creator biobook, and Killing Monsters, which is the best post-Columbine book I’ver read. Great rational antidote to the Fredrick Wertham style media hysteria that followed Columbine. Great companion piece to Gus Van Sant’s Elephant.

    Gerarard Jones’ ‘Green Lanter: Mosaic’ series was AWESOME.It  pitted Joshn Stewart’s super-well-developed character against a surreal landscape that would make Dali and Jodorowsky jealous.  According to his John Siuntres’ Word Balloon interview with Jones the series was cancelled because it was too Vertigo-ish.

    I advise everyone: seek out Green Lantern: Mosiac in whatever form you can get it. It’s a series that deserves reading, and if any DC execs are reading: TRADE IT!  People havre already done the scans for you!  I would pay for a book of those scans.

  14. I hope to one day have a mustache as epic as that space leprechaun’s.

  15. There’s a germ Corps member isn’t there? Or is that a Sinestro Corps recruit?

  16. @TheNextChampion  You might be thinking of Despotellis, a sentient virus, in the Sinestro Corps.

  17. @kennyg  Oh, and in mentioning Despotellis, there is an action-figure 3-pack in the DC Universe Green Lantern Classics Wave 2 assortment that has Despotellis, Dex-Starr, and B’dg (B’dg is super cute, like a cross between a squirrel, a hamster, and a rabbit or something).

  18. I’m glad G’nort isn’t on the list. He’s as strange as kilowog on the jli as their fixit man (oh that happened)

  19. Green Lantern writers must do lots of drugs.

  20. @TheNextChampion: There’s also a GL germ. Soranik uses him to get Despotellis out of Gardner in the Sinestro War. Can’t remember his name.  

  21. I’m pretty sure Percival is wearing Ch’p’s tail for a mustache….