Top 5: “Tributes” to Amazing Fantasy #15


Amazing Fantasy #15: a book so auspicious that it's like an imitator generator. There may have been more iconic covers, but has there been a more ripped-off "homaged" cover in the history of the medium? Here are just a few books that tried to borrow the legacy and take it on a little joyride:


5. Deadpool #11

In 1997, this was probably as fresh as a daisy, not as stale as the expression "fresh as a daisy." It seems this Deadpool character has found himself smack-dab in a classic Marvel moment, but he has an irreverent, self-referential take on it that's saucily askew! Delightful! If only there were a way to shoehorn a character like that into every book and homage variant cover for several years.


4. Jesus Hates Zombies

"I don't see what the problem is. America loves Spider-Man, zombies have never been bigger, and 85% of the country identify themselves as Christians. This is going to be like a license to print money. Say, does anybody else hear a lot of deafening thunder?"

It may surprise you to learn that this Marvel cover homage with a zombie in it was done by Arthur Suydam, of all people. It's nice to see someone stretch.


3.  Amazing Spider-Man #573

Technically, just etymologically speaking, I'm not sure you can do a tribute to yourself, but Spidey sort of went for it anyway. (And not for the first time, I might add.) If you could do a tribute to yourself, it's a safe bet that Stephen Colbert would be a pioneer in that area.

2. Stan Lee Meets Spider-Man #1

Well, come on. What other cover would you do for a book like this? No, Stan does not have a satchel full of inexplicable pixie dust; those are throwing stars of concentrated, uncut joy shooting out of this cover and hitting you in the face. Smile, you churls! Excelsior!


1. Bongo Comics Free-For-All!

Finally, a cover starring the only guy who could list all of these covers from memory. Comic Book Guy is one of the few characters who would actually try to recreate the cover of Amazing Fantasy #15, come to think of it. Look how he smiles and glances heavenward, as if to say, "And you said I'd never accomplish anything. Who's laughing now, Dad?"

Mostly, though, this one was included because I can't stop staring at those "shoes."


  1. Is Deadpool saving a young Stephen Colbert? 

    Comic Book Guy’s shoes do look comfortable.  I’m jealous, too. 

    I’m not sure Jesus really hates zombies. The way I understand it, Jesus IS love.

  2. interesting. All but 1 of these are Marvel books. Is it unexpected that they would reference their most successful character in other books? Really like the Stan Lee Meets… one, apart from the spider on Spidey’s chest. Its like the artist made him antman by accident in a deadline rush and the editor made him do a very quick adjustment.

  3. Look who’s homaging me now. . .

  4. @stuclach  But zombies can’t love and that probably makes Jesus so freaking mad. I would lose it.

  5. @RoiVampire – Clearly.

  6. Jim, the last line of your description of the Deadpool cover was, in a word, perfect.

  7. I’d like to see more of these kinds of articles.

  8. Wouldn’t Lazarus be considered a zombie? Jesus seemed cool with him.  I’ve never heard of that book before, but the cover is hilarious to me.

  9. Jesus hates zombies? It’s sad to see different factions of the "Dead but got better"crowd at odds with each other. I wonder how he feels about Boston Brand?

  10. Clearly Bongo means something very different in the US as it does in this part of the UK.

  11. Why does Stan Lee have a bag full of stars? Is he terrorizing New Yorkers with them? 

  12. Suydam is awesome.  What’s he working on these days?  

  13. While I like all of these, The Amazing Green Lantern by Joe Quinones and Paulo Rivera may be my favourite Amazing Fantasy #15 homage: 

  14. Actually, the Quinones image is a homage to Amazing Spider-Man #39.  Which was an awesome cover as well, worthy of homage.

  15. I don’t even understand why Jesus is swinging around on a vine. He’s Jesus. He can just think of a place and teleport there instantly. Why sully his skin by touching zombie flesh? He can use his telekinetic powers and explode that zombie into pieces.

  16. How about this one that I commissioned Matt Kindt to do for my wedding?  It looks ‘amazingly’ (ugh) like us, and made a great wedding present.  Click below to check it out.

    Kindt Commission


  17. Holy shit, do I ever wish I’d thoughta that. I had an artist friend of mine do something for us (our party favor-reception gift thing-whatever you call it was a deck of cards with a drawing of us on it) but that would have been vastly better.