Top 5: Supervillains with Capes

5. Dr. Light

If there’s one character in all of comics I don’t want to share a cell with, it’s Arthur Light, a convicted sexual offender. Don’t let the cape fool you, and don’t turn your back on the guy.

4. Hobgoblin

He’s a carbon copy of the Green Goblin, but that cape puts him over the top. Plus his glider is a little scarier than the original. That’s because the original Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley, was a former billionaire fashion designer. He’s going to bring some definite panache to the same old goblin villainy. And it shows.

3. Magneto

He’d look like a moron without the cape. Just picture it. It makes the outfit.

2. Granny Goodness

When I have nightmares, they look like Granny Goodness. I’m honestly afraid to look up Darkseid’s favorite AARP card carrying henchperson, for fear of learning too much and never being able to sleep again, or visit my grandmother. She’s into pain! (Granny, not my grandma.)

1. Dr. Doom

It’s not a longshot choice, obviously, but look how he wears that thing! The chain/medallion combination keeping the cape on is, in itself, a strong fashion move, but it’s how he carries it, with ultimate confidence, and no one looks more menacing in forest green. No one.


  1. Doom is my all time favorite. The Chains and Medallions ive always thought were pretty funny. He reminds me of some of those big gaudy bling purses that the ladies carry around nowadays. Thats right DOOM, you look like a fashion accessory!

    Taskmaster has an epic cape. Mephisto should get an auto nod, just because….he’s supposed to have a cape!

    My all time favorite non comic evil caped villain has to be without a doubt….Mr. Boogedy. (high five if you remember and love those movies)

  2. This is a solid list. As a sentimental favourite, I’d have to add Mole Man, who gets bonus points for the bitchin’ Dracula collar.

    (Come to think of it, Dracula is a Marvel villain too …)

  3. Taskmaster!

  4. What story does that Granny Goodness image come from?

  5. ever thought of doing a top 5 female villains list? Granny Goodness would be on mine. Yeah she is creepy.

  6. DOOOOM! Damn, it’s too bad Marvel pulled the plug on the Doom mini. I was looking forward to that.

  7. i was just thinking, and i’m sure there are plenty of examples that disprove my theory but does it seem to anyone else that most heroes with capes have villians without capes and vice-versa?

    Batman – no prominent caped villains (Ras Al Ghul is the only one i can think of)
    Superman – no prominent villains i can think of
    Spawn – does he have any caped villains?

    Doom – Fantastic Four don’t wear capes
    Magneto – X-Men don’t wear capes
    Hobgoblin – Spidey doesn’t wear a cape
    Dr Light – most of the Titans are cape-free

    Marvel’s Norse Gods and DC’s New Gods have a lot of capes but i think that’s mostly to add a sense of Shakespearian theatricality and mythological drama.

    Creators seem to have lost their love for capes on new characters these days too, which is a shame. I love a good cape.

    • Bizarro has a cape

    • I’d say Storm has often had a cape for the X-Men, and Robin and Raven have had capes for the Titans but for the most part your comparisons are pretty accurate. I think there’s probably a good visual cue for pairing a cape together with a non-cape.

      However, capes have been on the downturn since the Incredibles…

  8. Dr.doom is the best foe in all comicd

  9. This might be the first time Dr Light (and for that matter Granny Goodness) has been considered Top 5 for anything!

    • He would easily make the list of Top 5 comic book rapists.

    • @BCDX97 Very true, but I still remember how for some 20 years post-crisis, he was basically the laughingstock of the DCU villains….basically the idea was that if a bunch of kids could beat him (The Titans), then anyone could.

  10. Is it weird that I just assume every ruler of an Eastern European nation dresses and acts exactly like Dr. Doom?

  11. I find it very interesting that Doctor Doom is rocking a tunic and a cape and no on bats an eye but poor Darkseid got nuthin’ but flak for his when they revealed his new costume.

  12. I have an old Magneto action figure sans cape. Does not look as strong.