Top 5: Scenes That NEED To Be In A Flash Movie

Over the last couple years there have been rumors swirling around a possible movie featuring my favorite character, The Flash. No real details, just discussion of writers and possible directors. People saying Nathan Fillion should play The Flash. The usual comic book movie discussion.

A Flash movie is going to present a couple of difficulties. The character has a bit of an inherent lightness, which doesn't seem to match with what moviegoers are looking for these days. It can also be difficult to show super speed on screen and make it believable. A hardcore fan, like myself, can list possible difficulties all day. It isn't all doom and gloom though. A movie could work if the creators are able to hit on the iconic emotional notes that The Flash possesses in abundance. If the producers can pull the right type of moments from the source material, a great Flash movie can be made. I don't think a literal translation will work, but there are plenty of visual inspirations.  After careful consideration I would like to present what I believe are the five scenes that NEED to be in a successful Flash movie.


1) The Flash #115          

Americans are overweight. The stereotype of the comic book fan is that they are fat. The Flash can be fat. Americans also love potatoes. Throw it all together and we have movie magic. A hero pulling himself together. Getting dehydrated to a normal size while laying in potatoes. The American dream writ large.


2) The Flash #171

Modern society can be isolating. Even in a large city you can feel like you are alone. Just a slab of concrete on the sidewalk of life. The Flash has actually been a slab of concrete. He knows how it feels to be stepped on by the careless. He pulls himself out of the path of apathy…to heroism.

3) The Flash #177

Audiences want to see the every day problems of the heroes. They want to see the bad job, lack of money, and not being able to go home because The Flash's head has become gigantic. Imagine an audience moved to the edge of tears as The Flash tries to jam his gigantic head into a phone booth. He is like us! Yes…there will be phone booths in the movie.

4) The Flash #197

The Flash is going to be played by a real human actor. These actor types like to have their faces on screen. They don't want to be a concrete slab the whole time. The mask has to come off at some point. Let's give them something to do. Here is a one Flash performance of Hamlet, using super speed to create the illusion of other actors. Let's see Fillion do this.

5) The Flash #210

The Flash needs a sidekick for the movie. Kid Flash might seem a bit hokey for modern audiences, so let's up the stakes. Abraham Lincoln, the greatest president-warrior of all time, makes an appearance. Not the lame Abe Lincoln of the past, but the devastating Abe Lincoln of the future. The one that the survivors of Earth-West create to lead them. The one that is a ROBOT! Robot Abe Lincoln palling around with The Flash. Get those registers ready.


Tom Katers is done writing about the Flash…for now.


  1. Nice piece Tom.  It’s absurdity at it’s finest.  Good gravy was the Silver Age wacky or what?

  2. Creating a robot President Lincoln as a symbol of hope….

    Why don’t we get our scientists on this??

  3. Does anyone else really, really want to see a Tom Katers helmed Flash film? (But only if it is in very poorly done 3D!)

  4. I think The Flash #115 could work as the plot of the whole movie.

  5. mmm … potatoes …

  6. i love flash soooooooo much…

  7. Tom, I don’t think you’re taking this Flash movie seriously.

  8. I’m not seeing this film unless Katers is given a consultant role.

  9. If it were wally we could get loads of gratuitous sex as well as massive product placements from fast food

  10. Now this is the Silver Age I know and love.

    I want to find a copy of Flash #115 just to read that entire storyline. 

  11. Yes! I’d watch that. BUt I would also add the time when Flash punched those face clouds in the face in Flash #111. I’ve never seen a superhero do that on the big screen yet,

    Also, cameo from those creepy half-man birds 


     Did Tom write the Jonah Hex movie?

  13. Great stuff. But why stop at Flash? I for one want to see a silver age film of every superhero. That’ll really blow audiences minds. You masses think you know superheroes? You ain’t seen shit!

  14. #197 sounds like one of the most intriguing things I have heard about for the Flash…why did he need to perform Hamlet?  I will be looking for more info on that one!

  15. screw gritty and real. lets roll with this.  if dc wants to beat marvel at the big picture game they need silver age everything leading up to a justice friends movie. but if they were smart they’ll make the wonder twins the gritty ones.

  16. Next I’d like to see Tom’s idea just for a Flash trailer.

  17. A slab of concrete? but, wha,how?..oh never mind> head hurt too much