Top 5: Good Apes and Monkeys


5. Solovar (DC Comics)


4. Detective Chimp (DC Comics)


3. King Solomon (Tom Strong)


2. Sky Ape (Sky Ape)


1. Ampersand (Y: The Last Man)


  1. Can’t argue with number 1

  2. No Gorilla-Man? Gorilla-Man and Gorilla Grodd are both > Solovar.

  3. Detective Chimp reminds me of Karl Pilkington.

  4. Grodd’s out of the running for this, he’s a bad ape. Although I might put Grape Ape ahead of Solovar.

  5. no ken hale?

  6. Just to be a nitpicking dick: Ampersand isn’t an Ape. He’s a monkey.

     That first year Anthropology course found a use 13 years later!

  7. Take another look at the title. You think I didn’t know nerds on the web would mention that first thing out of the gate?

  8. I hate to be that guy but what the hell…. Hey no Moneky Man from Moneky Man and O’Brien

  9. Top 5 just isn’t enough, there are too many awesome primates.

  10. turns out i’m also the guy with typos in his post, obviously meant Monkey Man

  11. Monkey Man was in the first draft. He got CUT!

  12. Notice who’s not on this list: Gongorilla Bill. Know why? Because he sucks.

    You can’t see me right now Robinson, but I’m giving you the stink-eye.

  13. Crap. I saw that after. I’m sure I’ve said less intelligent things on the webernets before. Crap.

  14. Gotta love Detective Chimp. I have never heard of Sky Ape before, but I just want more of him!

  15. No one can fault the inclusion of an ape with a rocketpack, and if you do, I’m fairly sure Tom Katers will fly to where you are, and beat you.

  16. @Wheel Congorilla is awesome!  He’s easily the best part of the new JLA.

  17. I gotta have more Sky Ape.

  18. @gobo: Being the best part of the new JLA is like being the tastiest portion of a turd.

    In my opinion.

  19. Who said Ampersand was "good." I’d say his alignment is "Chaotic Neutral" at best…

  20. Who is this Sky Ape and where can I find him?!?!

  21. No Gorilla Man?

    No Gorilla Grodd?

    No Hit-Monkey? (granted he’s a newcomer so maybe he’s not in the mainstream of monkeydom yet.)

    Plus Detective Chimp isn’t #1?


  22. @TNC: Gorilla Grodd is evil.

  23. @conor: Oh…..does that make me evil?

  24. Ampersand FTW!

  25. @TNC – No, dude, it’s supposed to be "good" apes.  That’s why Grodd isn’t on it.

  26. What about Spaceboy from Umbrella Academy?  Is he "ape enough" to make the list?  If so, I’d put him in my top 5.  (Especially if we are taking the coolness of the jetpack into consideration.)

  27. There are no ‘bad’ apes, only apes that were raised badly. 

  28. @MisterJ – Good one.

  29. I approve

  30. To make this list it is all about accessories.

    Solovar – awesome cape

    Detective Chimp – He dresses like Sherlock Holmes!

    King Solomon – Glasses and accent

    Sky Ape – Jet Pack


  31. My #1 is Detective Chimp

  32. Monkey = Funny 


  33. Now of course, we all know that PROOF is a sasquatch, but I will include him here. Close enough for rock and roll. 

  34. I know this has already been mentioned, but I would have kept Monkeyman, from "Monkeyman and O’Brien", on the list.

    I don’t know if "Grape Ape" has appeared in an actual comic (I know him from T.V.), but he’s a fun guy.

    Also, I would have supported you with my dieing breath if you had included Beast Boy. Perhaps even Animal Man, but Beast Boy can at least look like an ape or monkey, and I think it would have been fun to get them in on a technicality.

  35. Speaking of monkeys fighting the good fight, did that Guerillas mini from Image ever finish?  I was kinda digging that.

  36. It got picked up by Oni, and will be finished there, starting in October, I think.

  37. Fucking grape

  38. This got me thinking… where is the monkey movie for 2010?  I don’t even remember one last year.  I thought Hollywood had a deal with satan to produce at least one monkey movie every year.  I tried looking it up on IMDB, but they are sorely lacking the monkey genre tag. People love monkeys.

    I imagine somewhere in LA there is a faint odor of brimstone, and Space Chimps 2 being greenlit.

  39. What about the Ape from Angel and the Ape?

  40. They forgot Mighty Max , it was a little indy book that I was only able to find the first issue . If anyone else knows how I can find more issues please let me know . It was great !

  41. No Gleek? Nostalgia just shed a tear.

  42. @Doug, calling anything from Superfriends "good" does violence to the English language.

  43. @RonAbsten: SUPER FRIENDS was great!

  44. I would submit the monkey that shot at Abe and Hellboy should be considered.  He’s not evil, he’s just misunderstood.  If a big red demon and a fish-man broke into your home and started walking around your house, you’d probably open fire, too.  That monkey was just exercising its right to defend its own home.  Self-defense advocates worldwide would be proud.