Top 5: Comic Book Kisses

Since the invention of the kiss, there have been five kisses rated the most passionate, the most pure. These are the comic book versions.


5. Thor and Jane Foster
Thor: The Mighty Avenger #6

Thor really knows how to woo a lady. Crash-land into her life, save her from imminent danger a few times, and take her on a magical chariot ride around the word (compliments of Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder). After six (wonderful) issues of build up, Thor and Jane finally have this adorably sweet moment together… and make with the kissy faces.


4. Scott Pilgrim and Knives Chau
Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour

The Scott Pilgrim books have a fantastic, unromanticized perspective of relationships. Scott’s terrible decision to try and hook up with Knives again is a great example of that. I love the execution of this scene; you feel the bone-headed guilt and shame of the incident but still have to chuckle about it. Not every kiss is picture perfect (or even a good idea). This is the best Worst Kiss.


3. Scott Summers and Jean Grey
Uncanny X-Men #137

The Dark Phoenix Saga in the pinnacle of Scott and Jean’s relationship. Not only are they totally in love, they’re completely supportive of each other no matter what they’re up against (kinda like Coach Taylor and Mrs. Coach). And up until the bitter end they work together as a team, never once losing faith in one another.


2. Jesse Custer and Tulip O’Hare
Preacher #10

One of the most romantic moments in all of comics. Period.


1. Superman and Lois Lane
All Star Superman #3

First things first,  Lois is doing the Leg-Pop, which we all know is the tell-tale sign of a perfect kiss. Add to that the most iconic couple in superhero comics and some breath-taking Frank Quitely art, and you’ve got the best kiss this side of Buttercup and Wesley.


  1. What really makes the Thor/Jane kiss for me is the ‘NEXT: ROBOT!’ in the corner.

    I miss TMA…

  2. That Quitely page definitely deserves top honors, but my personal fav kiss is between Batman and Catwoman in Hush.

  3. Scott Pilgrim, I remember reading that page and exploding in laughter. The “And that includes you” is the best thing ever hehe.

    I never read All Star Superman, can someone explain to me why Lois is wearing a superman costume and how she can survive on the moon where there is no atmosphere…? 0_o

  4. Hal/Carol in “The New Frontier”

  5. No Spider-man/Mary Jane?

    • would that fall under comic book movie all time kiss, but no spidey/mj at all is nuts. wolvie should be in here as well from one of those classic x-menbooks kissing jean grey.

  6. Can’t argue with this list Ali, those are all perfect choices

  7. Great list! And I always love an FNL reference! Speaking of Friday Night Lights, if there was a Friday Night Lights Season 6 comic book, I would buy it so fast!

  8. All incredibly great choices. I wish it was a Top 6, since I would totally include the Dr. Strange/Night Nurse kiss at the end of BKV’s “Dr. Strange: The Oath”. The entire series was chock full of cute flirtation between the two, and that scene at the end was a great culmination.

  9. I can’t believe you compared Greg Kinnear and Match Girl to Coach and Mrs. Coach Tami.


  10. I was hoping AllStar Superman would take number one. I love that moment.

  11. Do you think Jane broke Thor’s heart and set him off on his womanizing ways???

    “Thor has early meeting today, Thor will let himself out…”

  12. Expert Kissology right here.

  13. That is an excellent choice for #1.

  14. i actually tear up when i read that story in preacher.

    freaking garth ennis has one of my favorite love stories into a comic with a character named arseface and a villian with a head that looks like penis. that. is. impressive.

  15. Now we need a “Top 5 Girlfriend Deaths” list.

  16. This list is great, particularly the top three are spot on. I collect original art and my wife asked me once what page from the last few years I would most want. I showed her that one and told her that I’d never be able to afford it. I’m not even a big Superman fan, but it’s just perfect.

  17. Great. Now I want to reread Preacher but know that I won’t have the time in the foreseeable future.

  18. All good choices and that Quietly piece with the excellent color art: Perfect. The guy can be a pisser when not meeting deadlines, but he does hit it out of the park.

  19. Can’t believe the kiss from Daredevil #1 with the mob bride hasn’t been mentioned. Not a really romantic choice (and it is Valentine’s Day) but so iconic.

  20. That Scott Pilgrim kiss is one of the things that has made me laugh the most in comics.

  21. Pete and MJ’s first kiss was amazing. Andru drew the heck out of it.

  22. I love Preacher more than anything I have ever love and it’s not for the insane violence, the religion commentary, the action,the black humor, the outlandish characters, the sex, the language, or any of that stuff (as great as it all is.) I love preacher above all else because it is the greatest love story ever written. EVER.

  23. I’m sad there isn’t a single Batman/Catwoman kiss on here. Also, the kiss between Daredevil and Elektra at the end of 168 was pretty darn good.

  24. Invincible and Atom Eve have had some good ones.

  25. Verily Jane Foster, thou art a fulsome mortal wench, of a like to make my very loins quiver.

    Wife? Whatever canst thou mean, ‘wife’?

  26. This was the first kiss that came to mind for me: Hopey kisses Maggie.