Top 5: Buddy Team-Ups

Although heroes are predominantly known for their showy solo action, they are sometimes known to gang up on bigger threats – or just to have someone to shoot the breeze with. Comics have had more than their fair share of dynamic duos, and I’m not talking Batman & Robin. Much like the ‘buddy cop’ genre of movies popularized by Lethal Weapon, comics have shown two is better than one when it comes to fighting crime. For this list we’re narrowing down the Top 5 Buddy Team-Ups in Comics; no sidekicks or romantic partners need apply.


5. Wonder Man & Beast

When it comes to the Avengers, the tightest knit duo is none other than Simon Williams and Hank McCoy — Wonder Man and the Beast. They first met when Wonder Man joined the team as a reformed villain and Beast was moonlighting from his time on the X-Men, and together they became a one-two punch of fun and action. They've teamed up in the pages of The Avengers, West Coast Avengers, as well as the solo Wonder Man series as a 2000 miniseries titled Avengers Two: Wonder Man and the Beast.


4. Quantum & Woody

Although Valiant Comics dubbed them "The World's WORST Superhero Team," Quantum and Woody were anything but. Two child-hood friends friends that grew up and grew apart only to be reunited by the murders of their fathers, this decidedly different duo were the comics incarnation of Lethal Weapon back in the movie franchise's early days — with just a bit of Mel Gibson's current craziness.



3. Superman & Batman

The Megapowers of comic book tag teams, this DC duo have teamed up on numerous occasions as part of the Justice League, in their own titles and several series devoted exclusively to their joint adventures. The mix of a determined man with an analytic mind and the optimistic presence of a super-powered alien proved to be a force that most any threat in the DCU could handle. As interesting as they are in their costumed capers, I'd be just as interested in a Bruce Wayne & Clark Kent team-up!


2. Captain America & The Falcon

Although Steve Rogers has called a number of people his ally over the years, it's his partnership with Sam Wilson — the Falcon — that's proven the most enduring. For over 40 years, this duo proved to be a deciding factor in skirmishes big and small despite the duo possessing little in the way of super powers. Like I said, Cap's been in more than a few duos in his years but his connection with the Falcon seems as close as they come.



1. Booster Gold & Blue Beetle

Although they may not currently be in action, Booster Gold & Blue Beetle became the definitive duo just months after they started teaming up. The duo became fast friends as new inductees into the Justice League, and they've continued their adventures in and out of the auspices of the JLA, JLI or just plain JL.


  1. Blue and Gold had to be number one. Great list

  2. Great list but no room for Power Man and Iron Fist?

  3. Booster and Blue Beetle had plenty of solo adventures, but they’re the best buddies in comics because it’s hard to think of one without the other.

  4. Quantum & Woody! I thought I was the only person who read that series. I probably still am the only person with no fewer than two GOAT inaction figures, though.

  5. Other Suggestions:
    Cloak & Dagger
    Groot & Rocket Raccoon 
    Power Girl & Terra
    Batman & Robin (any incarnation)
    Sam & Twitch 

  6. No Cable and Deadpool?  They had a pretty long running series.

  7. What about spider-man and the human torch?

  8. cyborg and beast boy

  9. Wolverine and Nightcrawler

  10. Catman and deadshot

  11. I cant believe Batman & Robin isnt number 1!

    Also, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold have some of the worst costumes ever 

  12. I would call Batman and Robin a lot of things, but “buddies” isn’t one of them.

    At least not since the 1960s.

  13. Superboy and Krypto! 

  14. No Power Man and Iron Fist? I would have considered them for the top spot…

  15. @conor  Sure, maybe Bruce and Dick don’t fit the classic Tango and Cash sense of the word.  That said, there is no more classic duo then the Dynamic one!  

    However, you have to give me that Dick and Damian definitely fit the classic Lethal Weapon / 48 HRS mold of two partners who don’t like each other but are forced to work together and find begrudging respect.  Come on, that’s as classic as it comes!

  16. How is it green lantern and green arrow are not on the list!!!!

  17. Spider-Man and The Thing.

    MT-U & MT-I-O, ftw! 

  18. Tying in for that sweet, sweet Watch The Throne action

  19. Ok where is powerman and iron fist

  20. Wonder Man & the Beast should have been #1, but otherwise a good list.

  21. I’m glad Cap and Falcon made the list, but I agree with others that Luke Cage and Iron Fist should be on this list.

  22. Power-Man &Iron Fist should be #1. He had his own series that was made better when Iron Fist came on board.
    Heroes for Hire FTW! BTW it was a HEADBAND (think Bill Walton on the trailblazers) not a tiara


  24. @All4ninjas  Catman and Deadshot…I’m going to miss those two together.

  25. Superman & Batman should be number 1. What about Green Lantern and Green Arrow?

  26. Power Man and Iron Fist, the greatest buddy team-up in comics history, doesn’t even make the list? For shame!


  27. Gotta give props to the Catman and Deadshot suggestion, as well as the many Power Man and Iron Fist fans.

    I almost forgot one of my Bronze Age favorites: Deathlok & ‘puter!

    RIP, Dwayne McDuffie… :'(

  28. @Flakbait: Nope!  I have 2 of the Goat inaction figures as well.  Quantum & Woody was great. 

    It’s no surprise that a few Christopher Priest written books made this list.  He is the buddy book master.

    I would’ve put PM & IF on the list as well and bumped Supes and Bats.

  29. the simple fact that Superman and Batman (notice the order the names appear) are 3 and not 1 makes this list null and void. 

  30. I would not want batman and superman as number one; reason being it would br cliche for two big shots to have it thats like saying cap and iron man or cap and thor. As for the batman robin suggestion they said no sidekicks but i would put my money cap and buckey if they did

  31. @Joshua  I don’t think Batman and Superman should be #1 because they aren’t really “buddies.” They are certainly a fantastic combination, but their partnership is based more on mutual respect and common goals than a real affection for each other. They are just too different at their core to really be best buddies. Once the crisis is averted, Bruce and Clark don’t pound down a couple beers and watch a football game together, they go their separate ways. Wonder Man and the Beast save the world, then hit the bar to shoot pool and hit on women.

  32. Wow, no Flash and Green Lantern. Every incarnation of these characters have been team up buddies, they practically invented it. Oh well. Fun list regardless.

  33. Notable mentions:
    Dick Grayson and Wally West or Roy Harper
    Peter Parker and Johnny Storm
    Donna Troy and Starfire
    Tim Drake and Conner Kent
    Fire and Ice
    Plutonian and The Hornet (Told in Flashbacks)

    Just superheroes? Here’s more going outside the genre:
    Lando and Han
    Shepard Book and Jayne
    Shadow and Wednesday
    Flycatcher and Boy Blue

    In real life?
    Rob Liefeld and Todd McFarlene

  34. batman and superman is the ultimate buddy team up. what about a buddy team up dc/marvel mashup? i’d like to see thor and superman, batman and iron man, lobo and deadpool, hawkman and wolverine, storm and wonder woman.

  35. A wonderful list, but it wouldn’t be iFanboy if I didn’t toss in my own suggestions (and a week late, to boot!):

    Hercules and Amadeus Cho
    Superboy and Kid Flash (and Robin, if we’re doing threeways)
    Cap and Hawkeye
    Cap and Thor
    Supergirl and Batgirl (Steph, natch’)
    GL (Kyle) and GL (Guy)
    Hawkeye (Kate) and Stature
    The Question (either one, really) and Tot
    Jessica Jones and Ms. Marvel
    Wolverine and Gambit

    And of course, for the win…

    Ricochet and Hornet (SLINGERS 4 LYFE!)