TOO COOL TO BE FORGOTTEN Goes Into Film Development

Over the years, there have been plenty of rumors swirling around film development of Alex Robinson’s books. Yet regardless of multiple Eisner and Harvey wins and nominations, and a hell of a lot of wonderful comics, we haven’t seen a film yet.

However, maybe now is the time?, who seems to report on these kinds of things, is reporting that Robinson’s Too Cool to be Forgotten is in development, with writers attached and everything. The 2008 book is about a 40 year old guy who gets transported back to his 15 year old self, and gets a chance to relive high school knowing what he knows now. Rocky Russo and Jeremy Sosenko are attached to take a crack at the script, and the picture is set up to be produced by a production company called Likely Story. This is interesting, because in 2009, the owner of Likely Story, Peter Bregman, was part of a deal to purchase 1/3 of Top Shelf, Too Cool’s publisher, and guaranteed them a first look at their comic properties. The writers have no credits outside of a yet-to-be-released movie called Movie 43. (Russo does have a credited role of ER once though.)

Having writers attached is more like active development than just signing a deal and reporting that. We’ve seen that lots of times, including chatter about this very book. Forward movement is slow in these circles, but slow is better than not moving.


  1. This is really exciting news. It’s a great story and I’d be really happy to see it on screen. I’d encourage anyone who hasn’t read this to check it out.

  2. the novel Replay from the early eighties is even better

  3. The original book may be slightly too thin for a full movie so I’d expect to see a bit of padding. Other than that, i think this could be a fantastic movie. for some reason, im picturing the main character flashing back to the high school from the Breakfast Club :S

  4. This could be VERY good. I’m gonna go see it with my Dad.

  5. Fuck yes! I love the twist in it and it made me moist in the tear ducts like an infantalised sissy man.

  6. I don’t care about the movie but i hope Alex gets a fat cheque