Tom Vs. The Flash FINISHED!

We want to offer a hearty congratulations to our own Tom Katers, who, after two years has completed the epic journey that was Tom Vs. The Flash.  In his own inimitable style, Tom summarized each and every issue of The Flash Vol. 1 from DC Comics, culminating in The Flash #350, released today. 

We've seen The Flash get fat, we've met robot Abraham Lincoln, uncovered Gorilla City, met the Rogues, got placed in a singles internment camp, and lost Stacy Conwell, perhaps forever.  If you've never listened, you have missed out immeasurably.  Go through it all at  You could also go WAY back and listen to Tom Vs. The JLA, mostly because Aquaman is a dick.

A lot of people start a of of stupid things, but so few actually finish them.  Here's to you Tom!


  1. Congrats Tom!  Probably a dumb question that has already been asked, but are you going to continue to summarize new flash issues as they come out?

  2. True story: I used to listen to Tom vs. The Flash while doing yoga with thw Wii fit.

  3. Congratulations Tom! I’ve been there since the beginning of Tom vs. the JLA and I’m looking forward to Tom vs. Aquaman!

  4. Thanks for the kind words!


    @rjspring – Nope…Done with 1985, I don’t venture beyond that. 

  5. Next up…Tom vs. 2000AD? 

  6. Tom Vs. Detective Comics?

  7. @mikeandzod21:  Don’t be ashamed.  I find myself laughing at the iFanboys at the gym all the time.

  8. Argh I wanted to download right from the beginning through itunes, but it cuts off the feed at Tom Vs. the JLA #163 anyone know of a quick way of downloading all of them?

  9. @misterckent who said I was ashamed?

  10. Way to go Tom. I listened to Tom vs The Flash while running inmay have to take up swimming for Tom vs Aquaman.

  11. @olliequeen That is the earliest I did the podcast. That is 364 episodes so I think you are set for awhile.

  12. @mikeandzod21 – For a second I thought you meant you watched the iFanboys work out and just laughed at them. Which would be very mean. Don’t do that.


    Also, congrats Tom. I’ve loved listening and can’t wait to see what the Aquaman theme song will be. 


  14. @Tom thanks, thought they want back further, now for a mass download session

  15. Congratulations, Tom!  I can’t wait to get back to the silver age with Aquaman.

  16. Congrats Tom! Quite the achievement.

    Can’t help but wonder what’s next though? Could we be seeing a Tom Vs JSA podcast in the future?

  17. Well done, Tom. Looking forward to more!

  18. Tom Katers.  Great man or the GREATEST Man?

  19. I think the Tom vs. Aquaman show should have the phrase "NO YOU ARE THE LAME ONE" somewhere in there. Like a subtitle or something.

    Congrats and can’t wait to hear the next set! 

  20. Congratulations Tom!  What an awesome achievement!

  21. @haupt no, @misterckent laughs at the iFanboys at thw gym, I used to listen to TvF while doing yoga on thw Wii Fit. And, and I totally got a mention on an episode; episode 117. SUCK IT MORTALS!!!

  22. I’m only just getting into Tom vs. The Flash, but I’m already loving it. I can’t wait for Tom vs. Aquaman.

  23. WE DID IT! WE DID IT! 

    And by "we" I mean, Tom did’t the heavy lifting by recording all the podcasts, and everyone else did the heavy-listening. That’s pretty much equal effort, right? 😉

  24. Congrats, Tom!

  25. Tom, this is one of my favorite podcasts ever–Whit and I listen to several whenever we go on a roadtrip, and she doesn’t even READ the Flash.  

     I kinda wish you would do this for a few new comics every week, kinda like how Pat Kiernan reads the papers every morning on NY1.



  26. Before the vs. JLA podcast, Tom just wrote up JLA issue summaries, blogstyle. I do not recall where I read them, maybe they no longer exist out here in Cyberland. They were the same sort of thing as his podcast, amusing summaries, but much shorter. 

    If you are desperate to have earlier JLA history summarized for you, maybe Tom can still point the way?

  27. Listening to the last two episodes now. Can’t believe I wasted my time and effort finding these last 25 issues of The Flash, just to have Tom tell me how absurd they are. Live and learn.

    Congrats, Mr. Katers. Take a breather then hit those Aquaman issues!

  28. On to Aquaman!  I guess we’ll…

    *Puts on sunglasses*

    …see you later, Katers.


  29. I just got into the 200s, and looking for a time to get into the rest.

  30. woooot! Congrats, Katers!

  31. He did Tom vs the Flash talking so quickly… With Aquaman will he do it from underwater?

  32. Congrats Tom! I’m only a recent listener, but I’ve been absolutely loving it.

  33. Good work, tom. I hate most things but your show wasn’t one of them 

  34. Congrats Tom!  It’s been an awesome show to listen to.

  35. Good God Tom! You’ve reached the peak of your personal Mt. Everest! Awesome achievement. I would love to read an article of the "happy recap"! some more I’d like to see:

    Ron vs. Darkhawk?

    Josh vs fun?

    Conor vs Bacardi?

  36. I’ve been listening since the first Tom vs JLA. Tom, sir. You are awesome, man. One of my favorite podcasts of all time. I’ve gotten many people I know to listen to it. Even some who don’t like comics. You deserve a ton of credit for making me actually somewhat kind of like non-Batman DC characters. I didn’t think that was possible. Like some of the ifanboy guys have pointed out on past podcasts, what you do is a real skill and talent. Doing a one man podcast and being witty and entertaining is not an easy thing to do. Way to go, buddy.

    And not to sound ungreatful. What you’ve accomplished and given us is an amazing feat that we are more than thankful for. Take off as much time as you need. But there better be something next!!! We need our fix of hilarity. What else will cause us to randomly burst into laughter in public? Ron needs people giving him weird looks on trains!

  37. It was a fun ride and I enjoyed it. I recently got an iphone so I’ll be trying to download all of them AGAIN on THAT device. It’ll be a treat to listen to Tom Vs. The JLA all over again. It’s like a hilarious movie in my mind.

  38. Tom Vs. Animal Man plox.

  39. Tom Katers MASSIVE CONGRATS.  Favorite episode has to be the Green Eyesight issue.  Any chance we might get Tom Vs Teen Titans or jumping across the street Tom vs Thor?

  40. This is the biggest achievement in the comics industry since Dave Sim finished that 300th issue of Cerebus. Big congrats to Tom! Outstanding work!

  41. Major cheers to Tom. Next up?! Tom Vs. Deez Nuts.

  42. Just ordered the first two Aquaman Showcases so I can read along w/ Tom.

    BTW, I used to Hate with a capital "H" Camine Infantino. Because of your ‘cast I’ve gone back and read most of his Flash – early and late both – and can actually appreciate the guy.  Thanks for that.