To San Francisco! To WonderCon!

Instant Updates via Twitter:

It seems that convention season is waking from its hibernation, and iFanboy will be there to cover the first big convention of 2008. We’re headed to WonderCon in San Francisco from February 22 to 24!

This year promises to be memorable. We’ll be hunting down interviews and having fun all weekend, so you can look for a video show before too long. If you’re at the show, please do not hesitate to say hi to us. We’ll hit you up with some freebies, and prove that in real life, we’re generally affable fellows.

But if you don’t run into us on the floor, we expect to see as much of the iFanbase as possible at any or all of the following events, that you will not want to miss:

Friday February 22 at 8PM, iFanboy and Isotope the Comic Book Lounge are co-sponsoring a party featuring Ben Templesmith (Fell, 30 Days of Night) and Antony Johnston (Wasteland). Come to Isotope, meet some folks, have a drink, hang out. Click here for more details. (and click the flier to the left to see the awesomeness)

If you’re into comics podcasting, or just like to see what happens when you put a bunch of people who talk too much in the same room, then on Saturday February 23 from 1:30-3:00, get yourself to Room 220 in Hall A for the Comics Podcasting Extravaganza, featuring all three iFanboys, Lene Taylor and Logan Hall of I Read Comics, Bryan Deemer of Comic Geek Speak and Chris Neseman of Around Comics. (Click on the bitchin’ flyer to the right)

At 8PM Saturday night, following the premiere of the animated Justice League: The New Frontier feature, the official after-party will commence at Isotope, with none other than Darwyn Cooke himself in attendance, as well as special guests, J. Bone, and New Frontier director, David Bullock. Clearly, you won’t want to miss this one. Click here for more details. (and click on the flier below to see the EVEN MORE Awesomeness)

It will be a weekend jam-packed with fun and more comics and creators than you can handle. We hope to see you there, and if we can’t, we’ll bring you back something good to see.

If you haven’t, bone up on iFanboy’s 2007 coverage of WonderCon, featuring such gems as Conor being able to feel his socks, and drunken Civil War rants.


  1. (Formerly Cincinnatus) 

    I can’t wait. Some friends and myself are heading to the city with similar goals. We’ve been working on a site for awhile now and Wondercon is our first big event so lets hope it all works out! To check out the happenings of Wondercon from a different angle check out our site at Sorry for the shameless plug but I’m really excited with what my friends and I have put together. Can’t wait to see everyone at the big show!

  2. I haven’t been to a con in about 14 years.  I don’t miss the crowds, noise, and hassle, but I do miss the conversations and meeting new people.  I should visit one again just for the spectacle, but I can’t get up the eneregy to do it. 

  3. Sadly, I won’t be able to make it. I really wanted to go, but the wallet isn’t allowing it this year. I really wanted to do the Tiki Bar Walk…


  4. I’m so excited for Wondercon…its going to be my first convention ever!

    Its really cool ifanboys has a panel, I’ll have to try and get to that…I just recently found this site and I think its great

  5. I’m still undecided about whether or not I’m going to make the short drive to SF this week for Wonder-Con.  Guess I should take a look at the programming…

  6. I’m sorry to i won’t be making it this yr.

  7. This will also be my first con ever. Incidentally, this is my first ever post on iFanboy (longtime forum member on Around Comics, though). I look forward to meeting you guys at the Isotope party (if not beforehand)!

  8. Hey Josh,

    You’re old comic store House of Secrets, in Burbank,  we will be having a booth this year at Wonder Con. Our store onwer will be pimping out his book. With a cover by Bruce Timm. So stop by and check it out. I don’t get to go… someone has to watch the store *sigh*  But you guys have a blast!!

    See you in San Diego!!!



  9. Im totally excited to be going to Wondercon this year!  It’s just been getting better and better since the SDCC guys took it over.  There’s just sooooo much stuff happening in this year’s programming, now I gotta add seeing the iFanboy guys to the list!  I’m not gonna have time to shop and score swag! ^_^

  10. Can’t wait for this, only 3 days more days. Hope to see some of you guys around. Anyone planning anything outside of the iFanboy parties?

  11. nice!

    I’m flying in on Friday, see you at the show that afternoon…looking forward to hanging out…


  12. Driving up on Thursday for early badge pickup.  Hope you get some solid footage without wearing out your shoes.

  13. I wish I could go, but it is not in the cards.  Have fun everyone!

  14. I am looking forward to Saturday me and my friends are heading up to the con. And I definitely will be attending the podcasting panel.

  15. The kick-ass fliers state the party’s are until midnight. Come on! I’ve been to Isotope parties.

    See you guys there.

  16. Just incase you guys are coming and not from around here, its been raining like crazy the last few days. Thunderstorms and all that. Just wanted you all to be prepared since its supposed to be like that for the rest of the week and on into the next one.

    Of course I write this while the sun is shining and there aren’t to many clouds around.  

  17. if you guys are looking for a great bar nearish to Moscone, I heartily recommend City Beer on Folsom between 7th and 8th It’s great for beer enthusiasts, hundreds of bottled beers and 6 on tap. I drag Ron there almost nightly; the owners, Beth and Craig, are fantastic. It’s like hanging out in your friend’s kitchen. There’s also some great restaurants across the street. The blueberry pancakes at Rocco’s are completely out of control.

  18. Check out the bitchin’ Podcast Panel graphic!

  19. I work 3 blocks away from Moscone Center. I will be there on Friday and Sunday. We love the new website! Catching up on the audio podcast. My dad started me on comics and I stopped in the early 90’s. My son loves Transformers and we stopped by a comic shop and I am back into it. I am collecting USM, Uncanny X-Men. My son who is 8 picked up the POW Teen Titans & Invincible, and you guys loved it so I am picking them up and also Fear Agent. Ifanboy rocks! I hope to see you guys there.

  20. If you guys are looking for a kick-ass cup of java near Isotope, try The Blue Bottle Coffee Company @ 315 Linden.  It’s in an alley about a block away Isotope (they’ll know of it, trust me).  They put up their garage door and serve coffee drinks that put Starbucks to shame.  Con on, Ifanboys, Con on.

  21. you know sydney has a conventation… maybe ifanboy should come along

  22. Waitaminute – Kirkman is here?  Dangit – I am so regretting not making the 45 minute drive north to attend the Con!

  23. I got to meet Mark Bagley. As a huge USM fan that got into comics because of that book (and iFanboy) it was a real thrill. I also got to meet Conor and Gordon while Josh and Ron were doing an interview. Also I saw Gordon’s true charm in action with the Booth Babes. Everything he’s said is true, the booth babes really do love the Intern…

  24. Crap – Bagley is there as well?  Now I feel like even more of a bozo for now going…

  25. Wouldn’t it suck if they got there and it was Dane Cook?

  26. @ Pol.  Ha ha ha.  And all the other ‘net idioms for laughing.  I do think that would be tragic.

  27. Does anyone else think an iFanboy episode with Chris Neseman should be in order soon?

  28. I can dig that, I loves me a good comics podcast crossover.