Thor Set Pics: Destroyer!

UPDATE 5/4/10: Paramount Pictures requested we remove the photo of The Destroyer that we posted after seeing in on Latino Review

My love for you is like a truck: DESTROYER!
Would you like some making f–

Sorry. That's where my mind went. I can't explain it.

Anyway, Latino Review has the first snapshot from the Thor film set posted, and it looks like at least one of the villains is Destroyer, the suit of armor, enmagicked by Odin the All Father himself.  Basically he's a tough sum'bitch, and a heck of a design, that harkens right back to ye o' Kirby times.

I can't figure out of there's a person in there, but it just kind of looks like a statue. Then again, when it moves, it'll probably be CGI, but they need a non-mobile piece of armor to do some of the shots. 

They didn't really change the design at all, except for the snowboard, so that's cool too.




  1. I’m so flipping excited for this movie…I mean, Christ, I named my dog after Thor.

  2. That looks awesome.

  3. Actually that does look really good. I was fairly indifferent to this film but that pic has tweaked my interest.

  4. Awesome, I can’t wait to see a pic of Thor!

  5. @RMC – You don’t want to know what I named after Thor.

  6. it’s "berzerker" josh, jeez.

  7. Dude in a suit. Dude in a suit. Cool.

  8. My inner 9-year-old is flippin’ the f’ out!

  9. Can anyone figure out if how tall that dude is? Nothing as reference really.

  10. It’s kind of creepy in real life. I hope that’s what they were going for.

  11. @Mangaman – Sgreed. Living suits of armor, by their very nature, are creepy.

    Looks like it’s just a statue based on the sand-bags weighing it down. but then why is it in the desert?

  12. Wow, that’s great!

  13. That costume is terrifying … ly awesome.

  14. F*ck your yankee blue jeans.

  15. looks like a villain from power rangers! lol

    but awesome nontheless

  16. Jumping Jupiter – there actually is something of a point of reference, those bags on its feet. they look like pretty standard gaffer sandbags. I’m not sure exactly what weight those are, but if we assume they’re at least the 25-lb variety, that makes the Destroyer there pretty good sized.

  17. I saw this, and another pic (which spoils another film so I won’t say what!!) which makes me so excited for Thor. So, so excited.

    Just to know that somewhere, in the desert, there is a Destroyer suit out there makes my day.

  18. Josh is right, once the character moves it will be CGI. Sadly there is no man in suit this time around.

  19. This is probably the only Marvel film I’m interested in at the moment.  If anyone can do a loud over the top Thor and Asgard, it’s Kenneth Branagh.  I really really hope the first footage looks good.

  20. it looks rubbish.  it looks like a reject from the old captain america movie.  I hope im wrong but it looks horrible