THOMAS JANE NEWS! Jane wants to be on the Walking Dead!

Why not use this as an excuse to post about Thomas Jane? And that picture as well.

From NBC via Spinoff, it turns out Thomas Jane, big comics guy as you know, wants a piece of already renewed The Walking Dead TV series, or at least a walk-on. 

"I'm going to come on and do a guest thing," he says. "Maybe play a bad guy," because after all, he says, "That show is going to be a a big f—– hit," he told us at the HBO post-Emmy party.  "I've seen it and is fan-f—- tactic."

I think he meant "fucking," but I can't be sure. 

Savvy readers will remember that even though the Hung star is insane, he's a hellisciously fine actor, and appeared in Walking Dead writer/director Frank Darabont's The Mist, a little while back. So he could pull that off obviously.

If there's any further Jane news, you can be assured we'll be here to share it.


  1. He just wants his kids back!

  2. …maybe he could play the governor?

  3. @mikeandzod   I thought the same thing.

    iFanboy is surely the one stop shop for all pertinent Thomas Jane news.

  4. Is Thomas Jane the new Nathan Fillion?

  5. Josh, why don’t you marry him already and get it over with? 🙂

  6. This is awesome news!

  7. @RapidEyeMovement  I thought Nathan Fillion was the new Thomas Jane

  8. Yeah, I can see him as the Governer.

    But that’s probably going to be a loooong time before we get that far into the series. (If we get there at all) How about he plays the farmer that holds up the zombies in his barn thinking he could save them? I can see his role being expanded for a bit longer.

  9. "That’s milk and eggs, bitch."

  10. "But I’m not a zombie, I promise."

    "You ate two humans already. That’s brains and flesh bitch."

  11. Alright, I clearly missed something. Between the SDCC references as the King of Comic Con and now this. Why the focus on Mr. Jane?

  12. Vegan Police are coming to Walking Dead.

  13. "All Jane News! All the Time!"

  14. He’s the good kinda crazy, not the Mel Gibson kind.  And he messes with Hollywood types.. like going barefoot to black tie events. 

  15. I’d like to see him play the role of an actor (himself) playing the role of a homeless guy.  I don’t know how that works in the Walking Dead world, but I know I want to see it.

    Also, keep the Thomas Jane news coming.  He cracks me up.

    Also, also, That picture makes me want to regrow my beard. 

  16. The man who should have been RICK.

  17. He should be one of the Zombies Michonne had chained to her!

  18.  Maybe his character could be a drunk who is constantly HUNG over.

  19. This man just loves carrying a gun!

    To me, he would have been Rick. I bet he’s better than the guy they got to poorly fake an American accent.

  20. "Look….you’re nice and all…but…I’m Tom Jane…"

    Jane needs to be in Walking Dead. And everything else. 

  21. I too would pick him as Rick.  Other than that, they need to find him a role that he won’t get killed in because he would awesome  on that show.

  22. Thomas Jane is the man……

  23. He would have been a tremendous Shane!!!!

  24. Thomas Jane > Jane Eyre


  25. He should have played rick!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Why did he have to be on Hung? He would have ruled as Rick