This ORPHANS #2 Cover Has Purple Pants and a Submachine Gun

BOOM! Studios shared this cover for Orphans #2 with us. I’m always a fan of the white background and I dig the silhouettes falling to their death off to the left.


Here’s more on the issue. This cover is by John Tyler Christopher.


Writer Michael Alan Nelson, Artist Scott Godlewski

Covers  A: John Tyler Christopher B: Mitch Gerards

The Orphans have lost one of their own due to a training “accident”…or was it? Dad investigates the sordid circumstances that led to last issue’s shocking death as the Orphans are sent on a new mission — one that could not only spell doom for the United States at large, but for “The Council” as well…

Ask your retailer about the Mitch Gerards (THE ACTIVITY) incentive variant cover.



  1. Maybe they’re intended to be blue jeans and the purple wash on everything makes them look purple? I’m grasping.

    Either way I’ll pass. No offense to men who rock purple jeans.