The Winner of the Avengers vs. X-Men Playtime’s Over Contest is…

We asked you to submit photos of your Marvel action figures staged in the brawls you most wanted to see in Avengers vs. X-Men. Picture quality and the aesthetic majesty or realism of the included toys were secondary. Story was paramount. We narrowed down the field of about three dozen entries to the five best. Some told their story with up to three ‘panels’  while others aspired to do the same in one static image.

You voted and now we have our winner!

Congratulations to Kevin Craig, whose single image of carefully posed Mighty Muggs snagged victory with just under 40% of the total votes!

Kevin’s photo tells a great little story in just a single image, using a perfect pose and dramatic depth of frame. It’s exactly the type of entry we were hoping for, and it’s just one of several great submissions from the very talented iFanbase.

Kevin, we’ll be in touch to organize your prize package of comics!

Stay tuned real soon for more fun contests and chances to show off your storytelling ability!


  1. This photo is pretty awesome. Well done sir.

  2. Congrats!

    Just like Wolverine, you too are the best at what you do, but what you do ain’t always pretty! 😉

  3. If they did the whole series with Mighty Muggs, nobody would be bitching.

  4. Congratulations Kevin!

  5. Lol, I f@#king love it!! I have a bunch of Mighty Muggs too, don’t have Thor, now I need to find that one. I have Vision, but he picked the right/ big 3 Avengers and a perfect simplicity here, great job!!! Whose side is Wolvie on now? lol

  6. Fuck you guys, I’m with the X-Men! or Fuck you guys, I’m a mutant! is what I hear him saying when I look at this pic.