The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman on ‘The View’ (UPDATED)

Earlier today, Robert Kirkman, creator and writer of The Walking Dead comic book, and executive producer of The Walking Dead on AMC, appeared on the daytime gabfest The View. Until there’s an embeddable version tomorrow you can find the episode here. Kirkman’s segment starts at the 00:11:30 mark, after the first commercial break.

In the meantime, enjoy two screencaps.

UPDATE: Here is the show on Hulu, which means it will be available only for the next five days or so.

I tuned in this morning to watch and it was… weird. If you’re used to our many chats with Robert Kirkman you’ll probably be surprised to find a more subdued and matter-of-fact Kirkman. Sadly, he did not talk to Joy Behar about the conditions of the bathrooms at New York Comic Con. What he did do was answer the hosts’ surprisingly pedantic questions about zombies. He also commented on Sherri Shepherd’s Zombie Flava Flav costume. Those were some sweet gold teeth.

To see our more… free-wheeling chat with Robert Kirkman at New York Comic Con, click below.


  1. Well, going on the View has to be worse than any Zombie apocalypse

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    “What exactly IS a zombie?” Whoopi asked.

    It’s been an odd day.

  3. Much success to you Robert!

  4. Two of the comments are from people seriously upset that they were talking about zombies as if it wasn’t Halloween and the show doesn’t discuss frivolous shit everyday.

  5. I could be wrong, but shouldn’t the zombie (insert celebrity) costumes be reserved for celebrities that have passed?

  6. This is so strange to see Kirkman without being himself. I mean he is having fun with it but clearly he is so toned down from what he would normally be.

    It would have been cool to see him give someone a bear hug though.

  7. bendis is going to give him so much shit for this

  8. Having never seen THE VIEW I had no idea…

  9. I can’t bring myself to watch this. I wouldn’t watch the View even if the guests were Supermodels Who Want to have Sex With John V. Ferrigno

  10. Mother of God…This is the greatest mash up ever.

    Also my brain just exploded. I don’t know how to not speak of this event in hyperbole.

  11. Holy Crap! Have we arrived? Is this great or terrible?

  12. I admit to watching the view daily. (Guilty pleasure.) Kirkman being on was a great bonus. But yeah, it was like someone trying to school you on X-Men who have only watched the television cartoon show or movies. I was most surprised by Whoopi’s silly questions. She’s usually much more on point especially about things she likes and she enjoys certain horror cult things. Ah well. Kirkman, while not his usual crazy self, was adorable none the less. I didn’t realize he was THAT young!

  13. I don’t believe he subjected himself to this… Who would want to chat it up with these yentas

  14. Alas, I cannot watch it:

    You appear to be outside the United States or its territories. Due to international rights agreements, we only offer this video to viewers located within the United States and its territories.

  15. I dont think Im going out on much of a limb (though someone feel free to prove me wrong) and say that Kirkman is now the only comic book creator ever to appear on the View. Though in fairness he was there more representing the show than the comic.

  16. The only one who asked any sort of thought-out, relevant question was Joy Behar. The rest of them asked questions a 5 year old would inquire about.

  17. I did have to laugh at the idea of zombies having an “eating disorder.”