The Twitter Comic Book Master List

Here it is, culled from the lists of followers and followings, the greatest list of comic book creators (and a couple editors) that has ever been assembled on this website! If you want to know more about the industry, are an amateur stalker, or just want to hear about some artist’s day at the dentist, is your best tool. I’ve assembled as big a list as I can. Please add any I’ve missed in the comments, and follow at your own risk.

Agent M
Alex Grecian
Andy Diggle
Antony Johnston
B. Clay Moore
Becky Cloonan
Ben Templesmith
Brandon Jerwa
Brian Denham
Brian Keene
Brian Michael Bendis
Brian Reed
Brian Wood
Bryan Lee O’Malley
Cameron Stewart
CB Cebulski
Chris Eliopoulos
Christina Strain
Christine Norrie
Chuck BB
Chynna Clugston
Cullen Bunn
Darick Robertson
Dark Horse
Dave Stewart
David Gallaher
David Hahn
David Lafuente
DC Nation
Dean Trippe
Dennis Calero
Devil’s Due

DJ Coffman
Duane Swierczynski
Dwight MacPherson
Dylan Teague
Ed Brubaker
Elizabeth Breitweiser
Eric Trautmann
Evan Dorkin
Fabio Moon
Frank Tieri
Freddie E. Williams II
Gail Simone
Gerry Duggan
Hope Larson
IDW Publishing
Ivan Brandon
Jacen Burrows
Jamal Igle
James Lucas Jones
James Robinson
Jamie McKelvie
Jason Aaron
Jeff Parker
Jeremy Haun
Jim Lee
Jim McCann
Jhonen Vasquez
Joe Hill
Joe Quesada
John Reppion
Jonathan Hickman
Josh Fialkov
Karl Kerschl
Kevin Smith
Kieron Gillen
Kirsten Baldock
Leah Moore
Lee Garbett
Leinil Yu
Mark Brooks
Matt Fraction
Matt Silady
Matthew Sturges
Michael Avon Oeming
Mike Choi
Mike Deodato Jr.
Mike Norton
Mike Oliveri
Mitch Breitweiser
Neil Gaiman
Oni Press
Paul Cornell
Paul J. Holden
Peter Bergting
Rantz Hoseley
Rick Remender
Rick Spears
Rob Liefeld
Ryan Kelly
Scott Allie
Scott Kurtz
Si Spurrier
Skottie Young
Slave Labor Graphics
Sterling Gates
Steve Ellis
Steve Rolston
Terry Moore
Thomas Zahler
Todd Nauck
Tom Beland
Tom Brevoort
Tom Peyer
Tony Lee
Tony Moore
Top Cow
Vasilis Lolos
Vito Delsante
Warren Ellis


  1. You forgot Eric Trautmen

  2. Holy crap that’s a lot, i think i only follow Quesada, Jim Lee, bendis, brubaker, agent M and the iFanboys.

    If anyone is interested my twitter name is (obviously) Mikegraham6

  3. @SixGun – the list grows…

  4. Could we start another category for comic book bloggers?  Let me (modestly) suggest

  5. I’ve got the marvel people folowed on twitter even Qyesada’s cat and the fake Brevoort acount.  But this has always buged me who at marvel is Agent M?

  6. You forgot to add me. Not that any sane person would want to follow, mind you. Nonetheless, here’s the url to my page:

  7. YES. this is so awesome!! thank you!! i have been wondering how to follow my favorite creators and artists. thanks!!

  8. How about adding an iFanverse twitter list so we can follow each other.




  9. @yamiangie – Agent M is the editor of  He’s the only person on that list who isn’t a writer, artist, or comic editor.  But he’s on there, because when it comes to comics on twitter, he’s the man with 131,570 followers. He did write a short story in the Marvel Holiday Special as well.

  10. @dwight – dude I am following you, I am not sure why but I am 😀

    we also need a category for "Internet Icons in the Making" so you can put me at the top 😉  (feel free to follow and learn about donuts and important stuff).



  11. Well let me jump in here and say I follow a few of the people on that list, but the most entertaining has to be agent_m and  Warren Ellis.  If you like you can follow me at

  12. @BrikHed – HA! Perhaps you enjoy my maniacal blather, sarcastic wit or… perhaps you’re just insane. Nonetheless, I appreciate you following me. 🙂

  13. @vamiangie Agent_M, whose real name slips my mind at the moment, is a Web editor at Marvel. He’s the same person that does most of the Marvel Twitter account updates. 

    Thanks for compiling this list! 

  14. Oh and everyone loves a list so remember to Digg this story and so we can get iFanboy to the front page.

  15. Hey! Why did my post take almost 10 minutes to post. Weird.

    Anyway, forgot to say, if you’re interesting in the odd ramblings of a social scientist grad student who loves comics and talking about BSG, follow me at

    I might also suggest for my friend who is currently on a Fullbright Scholarship to  study the underground comics culture in Brazil.

  16. YES! you guys used my voicemail suggestion. This is awesome, what a huge list. oh and ps http://www.twitter/roivampire

  17. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’m kind of an editor….kind of sort of…when Popgun 3 or 4 comes out.  Not sure which volume contains the Peter Bergting comic I edited (Peter’s awesome).  

    Follow me!  /fuzzytypewriter

  18. Hey there comic book folks!

    I would love to be on your Twitter creators list:)!

    Currantly working on GRIM NORTH, as artist and cocreator, a graphic novel with Jezus Hates Zombies writter Stephen Lindsay for Alterna Comics. And just putting the finishing touches on the first issue of STILLBORN for Chimaera Studios new imprint Nightmaera Comics.

    Dead cool if anyone would like to follow my tweets:)!

    Best regards,

    Rolf Lejdegård 






  19. If there’s someone out there who follows everyone on this list, I want to hear from you. What is your life like? How long does your phone battery last, typically?

  20. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    If you’re not following Agent M you’re not getting the full story.  A twitter essential. 

  21. I’m a tweeting and twooshing son of a bitch.  Follow me


  22. Here’s acouple:

    Octane Comics:

     Grim Crew:

  23. you can add me.  I write online comics for’s Heroes

     So does Jim Martin

  24. I think I’ve reached the point in my life where I come to the realization that I’m out of the loop and uncool–I have no clue what Twitter is.

  25. this list just turned into a Gremlin with water poured on it …out of control growth

  26. soon the whole comics industry will be on Twitter. I forget to mention my own twitter site  but I’m no where near the importance of the others mentioned.

  27. Just dugg.

    This is a great idea! I’ll have to look through my followees a little bit later and see if I have any that you’re missing.


  28. oh it’s Morse.  I rememeber him posting in CBR about that holiday comic and I comented that I really liked his part.

  29. no Geoff Johns, Van Sciver or Ivan Reis on Twitter!? Or even the REAL Dan Didio!? Oh well. The list is awesome nonetheless.

    BTW, @Paul Montgomery: Are you the same Paul Montgomery that worked on a couple of episodes of the Wormwood season 2 podcast? just curious.

  30. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @samuraigrifter – Haha, the very same.  One of Wormwood’s co-creators in also a regular on the site.  (daccampo)

  31. I’ll admit outright, if a creator is publishing mainly on the web, or in foreign countries, I probably don’t know them.  Further, there are about 8 billion indie comic folks out there.

  32. I thought about joining Twitter once, but then decided against it, realizing my near zero free time would plummet into the deep negatives.

  33. Thank you for making me a more complete stalker.  I love it

    @brikhed-I be following yo ass!

    @Paul-Can we expect a plethora of shennanigans from your tweets?  Or just an abundance?

    Thats mine ^__^  I almost never updated and/or cared about it.  Then someone on a podcast mentioned tweet deck and that app makes it so much easier to waste your time on twitter.  i recommend it for anyone that doesn’t have an iphone or logs onto all too often

  34. @drake – thanks for following me man… you won’t be disappointed, promise to mention the word donut at least twice per day for some unknown reason 😀 


    This is getting to be a pretty BIG butt kicking list… cheers to iFanboy for putting this out there 

  35. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @drake – A barrage.  I’m a power-user. Prepare to see my Where the Wild Things Are icon obnoxiously often.  

  36. Forgive me if any of these are repetitive, but: (Brant W. Fowler – letterer/writer) (Grant Chastain – writer) (Anthony Hary – artist) (Red 5 Comics) (Itai Rosenbaum – writer) (Ape Entertainment) (Brent Irwin) (Tim Simmons – writer) (Beau Smith) (Joe Keatinge) (Derek Ruiz) (Devils Due Publishing) (Sean H. Taylor – writer) (RD Hall – writer) (Kris Simon – editor)

  37. I think the guys got me from my twitter reply, but please, everyone, feel free to follow me.  ever since I added TwitterFon to my phone, I am addicted to updates!


  38. I think I thought you abandoned Twitter Vito. Welcome back.

  39. Follow-up idea: "The List of Interesting Comics Twitterers vs. Those Who Post Exclusively About Lunch."

    Should I mention that I’m at I post a link at the bottom of every article, but I guess a little overkill never hurt anybody.

  40. @Jimski-I admit to being one of those that doesn’t look at the bottom of your articles.  But fear not, I have added you sir!

    Also, for those in the iFanbase that want to follow each other, there is a thread somewhere on the forums that is specifically for posting your twitter details and stalking each other.  Lets make that list grow and know everything about each other!

  41. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    For people who don’t look at the bottoms of the articles:  You’re missing out on funny jokes!  Our bios change every week!  Exciting!

  42.  I update mine with art posts and such. Feel free to add me:


  43. Matt Fraction is <i>insane</i>. He’s Treat Williams in "Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead"-type crazy.

    Totally adding Terry Moore.

    Anyone who wants to follow me (for whatever reason) can find me at this username.

  44. My Twitter address is:

  45. Excellent list. Now I don’t have to track all these people down myself.

    If anyone cares, I mean also MeanOldPig on Twitter. 

  46. Please add me as well. I do work For Twomorrows (Back Issue, Draw, TJKC), As well as freelanceing art. Have some coming up with AC Comics.

  47. Too many people….not much of a social player…

    Nah I got my own twitter too, I’d love to talk to any of you or the comic book creators we got going on here…Although I dont know if they will be pleased a million rabid fans are reading their every move.

    Add me!

  48. What’s the twitter of the guy/girl that made those The Flintstones porn comics?

  49. I’ve went from following 72 to 85. Thanks.

  50. @josh, I didn’t abandon it as much as it cornfoggled me.  Once I figured out a) how to do it on my phone and b) how to link it to facebook, etc, it’s become much more fun and a bit of a daily routine

  51. Hatchi matchi!

  52. Here is one more I did not notice, artist If you haven’t heard of her you will soon.  She is working on DMZ with Brian Wood and a couple of other projects upcoming. Her art is "tres sexy". That technical critic speak for those not in the know.

  53. cornfoggling is no laughing matter.  You’re on this list and mine!


    Always good for a read. 🙂

  55. follow me at the risk of advanced boredom

    come oone come all

  56. Should Kevin Smith be added to the list?


    If you would like to follow me check me out @Luthor1

  57. don’t forget 😉

  58. Good start guys, here’s some you missed (and thanks for including me, by the by)

    Jimmie Robsinson (bomb Queen)

    Laurenn McCubbin

    Molly Crabapple

    R Stevens (Diesel Sweeties)

    Kathryn Immonen (Hellcat)

    Dan Goldman (Shooting War, ’08)

    Emma Vieceli

    Scott McCloud

    Colleen Coover

    Vasilis Lolos

    Dan Panosian

    Rafael Albuquerque

    Stat StGermain

    Dean Trippe

    Neil Kleid

    Salgood Sam

    Kevin Mellon

    Mark Sweeney

    Lea Hernandez

    Svetlana Chmakova

    Kelly Sue DeConnick

  59. @trishm

  60. My name’s Rob Guillory, and I draw a new series for Image Comics called CHEW.


    Follow me at

  61. Brandon Jerwa succumbs to peer pressure:


  62. Because I’m unoriginal


  63. Hey, feel free to follow my tweets about comics, teevee, porn and my kid at:


    Mike Dawson:

    Kody Chamberlain:

    Paul Salvi:

    Chris Kirby:

    Marc Bernardin:

    Dan Taylor:


  64. @Kory Seeing as some of us Ifanboys may not know what twitter is, this is according to Wikipedia;

    Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service. It enables its users to send and read other users’ updates (known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length. Updates are displayed on the user’s profile page and delivered to other users who have signed up to receive them.

    Thanks to the list my following just double (please feel free to follow me at

  65. I’m a writer for Mirage’s TMNT comics (got an ish out this month actually), got a few other things on the boil at the moment too…

  66. Here’s another one…Writer and certified madman… Dr. Schnabel… Approach at your own risk!


  67. Haha! Yeah, I actually know about the one you posted, Dr. Schnabel! He’s quite a loon, guy makes Wacko Jacko seem citizen of the month. Dr. Schnabel’s posts are over-the-top-freakish.


  68. Not sure if I qualify or not, since I don’t have any Marvel or DC work to my credit.

    I write & draw a book called Athena Voltaire for Ape Entertainment (nominated for an Eisner and the Russ Manning Award) and have drawn for IDW, Moonstone, and Classical Comics.




  69. Hey, I’m Maximo V. Lorenzo, feel free to add me, I’ve done work with sony, tokyopop, and image so far.



    Thanks 🙂

  70. Howdy –

     In addition to co-writing and doing the art for my coming of age zombie book, SULLENGREY (published by Ape Entertainment), I also provided the art for Tokyopop’s Dark Goodbye and SLG Haunted Mansion.

    Feel free to follo, I promise to entertain. Also I occasionally eat small children.




  71. Drew Rausch has, in fact, eaten small children. But I have to say, his table manners are exquisite.

  72. Hey there,

    I just launched a site called It compiles reviews from critics in the comic book industry – various comic book blogs and websites. Sort of like Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, but for comics.

    Follow us:


  73. @jordanlyall: great site, I immediately bookmarked it!

  74. If anyone cares for colorist’s ramblings, you can find me here:;

  75. James Burns is twittering at Not only my brother, but a talented Grumbler at

  76. As it looks like we’re adding webcomics, keep in mind (Sex Percussions and Webcomics Reviews & Interviews).