‘The Spirit’ Hype Continues!

With less than a year before the release of the movie, but right as we’re going into the full convention season, I’m sure we’re going to be getting tons of info and images released relating to Frank Miller’s film adaptation of Will Eisner’s The Spirit. In addition to the trailer that was released over the weekend at the New York Comic Con (see below), we’ve also been treated to the teaser poster and a a character image of Eva Mendes (iFanboy intern Paul’s favorite).

After seeing the trailer, it’s obvious that this is Frank Miller’s The Spirit and definitely going to have that Sin City feel, as evidenced by the red tie on The Spirit in the trailer and a lot of the imagery. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, just a statement of what it is. No matter what, I’ll be there when this movie comes out opening weekend. That said, I miss the Eisner-esque logo, not sure if I really like the logo featured in the poster and the trailer, but what would anything I talk about be without a nit pick?

Enjoy the poster and pic of Eva:


  1. Uh… no.

  2. Thumbs up for everything but the logo.  But I guess it fits with the tone Miller is establishing.  Still, it looks too close to Sin City’s logo.  Everything else?  Bueno.

  3. Sin City 2 is going to kick ass! What? It ain’t Sin City 2? Who cares. It is the G-damn Miller! And he can do what he wants. I’m gonna love it!

  4. Yea I wanna see it, but I’m still annoyed. I have no beef with tone. Why does the Spirit have to look, stylistically, like the f-ing Sin City? Nothing annoys me more than a form that is totally arbitrary to the content.


    Scratch that. Sometimes arbitary forms are cool. What annoys me when is when it is done in order to ride on the commerical succes on something where it was relevent.

  5. Eh.  I’ll wait to hear the reviews, and then figure out if I’m gonna pay 12 bucks to see it.

  6. I had seen all of the photos of how it was going to look and was not looking foward to a Spirit movie that looked exactly like Sin City.  That said once I say the trailer, I was sold.

  7. I’m there.

    Even the music is like Sin City tho 

  8. Why is anyone surprised that this look like sin city-ish?  It’s frank miller for fuck’s sake!  This beef would have alot more weight if it was some other director shamelessly aping Sin City.  This like complaining that Romita Jr Spiderman doesnt look like Steve Ditko.  Or that Full Metal Jacket looks so typically Kubrick.

  9. That trailler was pretty damn sick, the monologue in that is KILLER! Hmm… but how does this fare to the other comic book adaptations coming out though, show me the list!

    1. The dark Knight (+gotham knight…man DEADPOOL is going to be in it!)

    2. Watchmen

    3.  The spirit ( it made it!)

    I was skeptical after seeing those crappy(leaked) screenshots, but this trailer makes me think it’ll be great! 

  10. @wolf – That music is from THE UNTOUCHABLES.

  11. Yeah, how awesome was the music in that movie, even if it did over take scene or two

  12. @ripvanruben

    Its not an issue of any artists particular drawing style(In fact, tho, I’d be anoyed with artist that drew everything the same way too). If you notice, not everything Frank Miller publishes has to look like Sin City…in fact the only thing to really look like Sin City before this was….Sin City!

    This situation is more like when Amazing Spider-Man re-introduced the black suit in order to pimp Spider-Man 3 and vice versa. Totally arbitrary choice, made just to make sales through familiarity.

  13. Gotta say, the Morricone music was a nice fit for the trailer. It was the most "Spirity" element of the whole thing…..though I know how much Miller respects Eisner’s body of work, so I’m sure that despite the Sin City vibe it’ll be worth viewing.

     And yes, this is what a trailer should be.

  14. deadpool? in dark Knight? hmmmm

     anyway, does anyone know where i can get a blue screen neck-tie?

  15. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I think he meant Deadshot in Gotham Knight.  

  16. Hm…I still feel torn on this one.  Stylistically, it looks pretty good, and I really dig the effects with the tie.  It’s very cool.  I’m ok with the shift in tone, but a lot of the acrobatics and such had a campy look and feel to them.  So, I’m wondering:  is this going to be dark campy style or is it going to be serious and come out looking stupid?  I can appreciate if it has that campy/goofball feel to it because it’s not like The Spirit is a graceful hero. 

    We’ll see.  I’ll probably end up seeing it, but I’m fairly skeptical, mainly because I’m such a big fan of the original material.

  17. i give credit to whoever put Eisner’s name in the trailer

  18. My favorite aspect of the trailer is how he moves across the buidlings. Sure its mostly wire work, but the fact that he’s not graceful about it… somehow that assures me that this is going to be good.

  19. I think that this going to be a fun movie.

  20. I’m officially not interested anymore.

  21. It looks like Frank Miller didn’t learned to make movies, he learned to make Sin City.

    Of course I’m gonna watch it, It’s the Spirit, It’s Frank Miller. But let’s hope it offers something different than Sin City (by the look of the trailer, is not going too)

  22. What’s up with the music?  Is this some kind of unofficial trailer and that’s why they use the score from another movie?  Or will they use this music in the movie itself?

     Don’t think I am complainig, because I think it would be sweet if they used it throughout the Spirit.

  23. @Andrew – Movie trailers often use the scores from other films.

  24. Don’t mean to sound glib but it looks like "Frank Miller’s" Spirit. 

    Would everyone complain if a Jim Lee comic did not look like a "Jim Lee" comic (except Deathblow).  Hell yeah. 

    I know its a different medium but the general public does not undertsand the difference between Eisner and Miller or Milgrom for that matter. 


    This said.  I would rather see Frank Miller’s Spirit than Uwe Buell’s Spirit… how about you?

  25. I personally don’t care that it looks like Sin City but more than anything I’m worried the general public may recieve it negatively because it’s SO stylistically similar. Kinda in the same way that a lot of people get mad at Tim Burton for making a Tim Burton-ish movie I fear they may feel the same way about Miller but worse.

  26. it’s hard for me to judge a movie by the trailer, even movies I love don’t have good trailer 9 times out of 10.  But I can say I never have gotten this kind of atmosphere from am Eisner Spirit book before. 

  27. Basically, it’s a series of cool shots that don’t quite gel together.  They look like panels of a comic, well composed but static. The shots on the roof tops are cool, but nothing we haven’t seen before ("The Crow" did it WAY better).  The narration is typical Frank Miller "I’m such a dark bad ass" schtick.