The Secret Geography of the DC Universe: Hometown Sport Teams

We round out our week exploring DC Universe geography with a list of sport teams people like Perry White and Carol Ferris and Mirror Master are likely to cheer for. Excluding, of course, the annual Superman vs. Children Lil’ Sluggers Charity Exposition.


Ah, yes. The good ol’ Gotham City Griffins. Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and a healthy dose of Joker gas. But the meanest team in all of the DCU? The Hub City Slashers hockey team will check you so hard into the plexiglass, they’ll literally rub your face off.


Note: This list is from 1990.

Thanks once again to Jeff Reid for sending in these great excerpts from the DC Heroes roleplaying manual.

The map of DCU’s America

Maps of Metropolis, the Middle East, Star City, New York, and the two Gothams

The world map, including a look at Flashpoint

A cool software for visualizing 3D geographics is 3D Gis System by CTech which provides true 3D volumetric modeling in the ArcGIS® Desktop environment.


  1. HAHA this is awesome!

    The Brewers are still in the AL with only 2 divisions.

    They moved the Clippers and Angeles to Coast City! ha

    Dos Rios Dudes = Best NBA team name. EVER.  

  2. This is everything that is wonderful

  3. it’s great to see how much things have actually changed since this was published, especially in hockey. those division and conference names are no longer then same, 4 of those teams have moved cities, and i wonder if the Gotham Blades are too on the nose.

  4. Fantastic.

  5. Gotham and Metropolis in the same division in all sports!  I can imagine that being a huge rivalry.

  6. How confusing to have two Metropolis Meteors. I can only imagine the DCU version of Chris Berman saying “The Metropolis Football Meteors” so often I’d want to poke my ears out.

  7. no WNBA teams? so sexist. =)

  8. I’m just imagining that kid saying

    “Funky butloving!!” Ala the rookie

  9. Imagine the hell it must be regulating sports in the DCU. Not only do they have to deal with PEDs like HGH and other steroids they have things like magic, the speed force, plain old metahumans, aliens, cybernetics and nanotechnology to contend with. Those record books must be full of astericks

  10. I’m thinking the Metropolis Meteors are actually the same group of guys that all play both football and baseball. It’s just a whole team of Bo Jackson’s and Deion Sanders’s. 

  11. Now I need to make up Strat-o-matic cards for the Central City Stars.

  12. I imagine the Dos Rios jerseys would be the top sellers.  And their warmups probably resemble chaps.  Is there a line of these jerseys available?   Because there really, really should be.

    Do the cities adopt the logo of their local hero on the uniform?

  13. I assume the Hartford Whalers moved to Central City to become the Combines.

  14. Metropolis and Gotham each have 2 baseball teams and a football team?  So there is the equivalent of 3 New Yorks on the east coast in the DCU (at least in sports terms)?  I feel like that would fragment the market.  Or perhaps the East coast in DCU is just one big densely packed metropolitan area from Boston to Washington.

  15. I’m betting that the Chicago hockey team may have a slightly different logo as well.


  16. Here’s by best guess for the current DCU baseball leagues:

    National League East

    Atlanta Braves
    Gotham Griffins
    Florida Marlins
    Metropolis Meteors
    New York Mets
    Washington Nationals
    Philadelphia Phillies

    National League Central 

    National League Central

    Houston Astros
    Milwaukee Brewers
    St. Louis Cardinals
    Midway City Chiefs
    Chicago Cubs
    Cincinnati Reds
    Pittsburgh Pirates

    National League West

    National League West

    Arizona Diamondbacks
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    San Francisco Giants
    San Diego Padres
    Star City Rockets

    Colorado Rockies

    American League East

    Toronto Blue Jays
    Gotham Knights
    Metropolis Monarchs
    Baltimore Orioles
    Tampa Bay Rays
    Boston Red Sox
    New York Yankees

    American League Central 

    Cleveland Indians
    Detroit Tigers
    Central City Stars
    Kansas City Royals
    Chicago White Sox
    Minnesota Twins

    American League West 

    Texas Rangers
    Oakland Athletics
    Coast City Angels
    Los Angeles Angels

    Seattle Mariners 

    The AL West is tricky, though. This RPG manual was written before Coast City was destroyed, so maybe in the DCU the Los Angels (of Anaheim) got the name after Coast City was nuked? I can’t see Coast City having another team so soon, though. The Sinestro Corps War can’t have been more than a year ago in DCU time and Coast City’s recovery only picked up after then. It seems like it wouldn’t have a team yet, but that only leaves four teams in the AL West. Maybe St. Roch has one, though watching baseball in Gulf coast summer heat would be pretty terrible, and it’s prettty far east to play in the AL West.

  17. Hey, the Sonics still exist in the DCU!!! W0000

  18. Gotham has like, the worse names ever for teams.

    Guardsmen, Griffins, Blades, Wildcats?

    Are these youth teams or what? 

  19. I’d buy a Gotham Knights t-shirt.

  20. I hope the Astros are doing better in the DCU this season than they are here. 🙁

  21. @AlanRob  Me too sir. This season has been a real shame. I haven’t even made it to a game yet, but when the red sox come to town i’ll be changing that. already got the tickets 😀

  22. Gotham Buttresses.

  23. On a side note, has anyone tried a DC Universe sports comic? Like Roy of the Rovers or numerous baseball mangas?

  24. @davextreme  –so the AL east is stacked with two more mega cities? You’d have 4 different 90 win a season teams in one division who’d have all the All Stars. Everyone else is a minor league team. ha

  25. surprising that there isnt a team called the Gotham Bats? Knights is pretty cool though! 

  26. Imagine…no AFC South…There weren’t 3 teams that are constantly annoyed by the Colts.  TEXAints…THe less than Titans and the Jags.  Which brings a question…would the Teen Titans sue the Tennessee Titans over trademark infringement?

  27. @MisterShaw  DCU sports team tshirts would be the most inside thing ever.  So yeah, I’d have to pick up at least a couple.

  28. I’d swear that there used to beb a “Gotham Giants.” in the late 1970’s, Batman ran into a bunch of homeless folks, including “Slugger,” who had been a home run king for that team.

    There also should be a Fawcett City Marvels. There just should be. Or at least Thunder. Or Lightning.