‘The Robot Chicken DC Comics Special’

The mad men behind Robot Chicken are delving into the world of comic books tonight at midnight with The Robot Chicken DC Comics Special on Cartoon Network. Featuring an all-star voice cast that includes Seth Green, Megan Fox, Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris, Paul Reubens, Tara Strong, and Alfred Molina, I can’t imagine that any of the DC Comics scared cows are going to be spared.

Certainly not Aquaman.


  1. I’m a little too excited for this.

  2. I hope they put it on their site – no cable!

  3. I can not wait for this!

  4. Anyone know if this is being show in Canada anywhere?

  5. “And you bitches can pay for your own drinks.”

    This was very funny.

  6. Best joke you had to be paying attention to see…Camera panning across with all villians laughing, then you see Bizarro crying. Perfect.

  7. “er was I supposed to fight darkside because I’m a guy in a cat suit”

  8. Rerun on this? I totally forgot to setup to DVR it!

  9. I dont get y everyone picks on Aquaman I love him hes one of my fav DC heros since I watched reruns of the Super Friends re runs on boomrang as a kid. Poor poor Aquaman the world may never understand you.

    Anyone but me laugh my ass of when Sups went around kissing everyone?lol

  10. “riddle me this: what’s pink, quivering and needs a shave?”
    “two things: Ainestro and Sinestro’s vagina!”

  11. My favorite part? “I hope they gave Abin Sur a proper burial.”

  12. It was great, but then they literally rehashed EVERY joke in the last 3 minutes pointlessly…like the writers got lazy and just copy pasted the last few pages of script

  13. I was really looking forward to it and I thought it stunk. The best part was seeing the legion of doom together.

  14. I really loved this. The dodge ball sound effect got me every time. Though I DVRed it, I’ll probably end up buying it on iTunes.

  15. Just watched this on iTunes. The Captain Cold/Icicle/Chillblade deadpan had me actually laugh out loud. I was surprised how much I did end up laughing. I also enjoyed the “Rule of 3” joke quite a bit.