The REAL Guardians of the Globe are coming

Okay, now that we've all had a good laugh over Image poking fun at Marvel's Avengers add campaign we can look forward to the reveal  of the real Guardians of the Globe.

Guardians of the Globe


Let's just hope that the parody is over and we don't get another week of reveals.


  1. Ahh fudge..

  2. Unfortunately, the actual team will not be even remotely as cool as the pretend team.  #UnintendedConsequences.

  3. Yay!

  4. I Wonder is this is in and of itself a parody of the secret avengers releases?

  5. @stu I think the main thing the fake team had going for it was rick grimes. I didn’t care too much about the fake team.

    But it’s hard to get excited about an image-verse team book like you do about a marvel team book, since you pretty much see everyone together in invincible. But then again they might surprise us. 

    Are there any image-verse characters that we’d actually be suprised and excited to see?

  6. Cool I’ll be excited to see who get announced for reals next week.

  7. COME ON BRIT!!!!

  8. I hope they pick a different logotype. It works for the parody ads, but this one is way too similar to the Avengers.

  9. Hahahahaha. What Stulach said is totally true.

  10. I love it that they do have to specify this is a real team.

    Cause I’m sure so many still think Obama and Harry Potter are on the team for real. 

  11. That’s a bit of a downer. The parodies were so much fun. I’m guessing Brit and The Astounding Wolf Man will probably be on the team. 

  12. And now the backlash of the same people who praised this, now claiming they will not buy an Image team book.  Predictable.

  13. There’s a wealth of "cool looking" characters that could use some more story time. Guardians of the Globe though as a team name I’m not exactly Wowwed.

  14. This is what I expected the whole time. More than likely it will be made up of a lot of the current lineup in INVINCIBLE, but this was a great way to draw attention to the book. Bravo, Image!

  15. I hope they cram these characters into the corner of a panel somewhere in the book, just as a call-back. 

  16. That should’ve been the real team!…rassin’ frassin’ Image with their bait n’ switch..

  17. Wow awesome news! That was a great ad campaign and a lot of fun! I will definitely be picking this up!

  18. @Kickass-because I like a commercial, it does not mean I have to buy the product

  19. Too bad rex-splode got killed off right as his character started to get interesting… but maybe this book is set in the past?

  20. You mean to tell me that everything we saw was just a joke?

  21. @harwellpkg: A joke that became more and more obvious with each passing day, yes.

  22. conor – sarcasm by-pass?

    I’ll buy this if Barbara Thorson is in it. 

  23. I suspect that Starlord gets demoted and transfered to the mudball known as planet Earth.  In all seriousness, I wonder who will be on the team. I hope it’s a cool amalgam of characters throughout the imageverse.

  24. i hope firebreather is on the team

  25. Much like with all books, I don’t find I care so much about the team of superheroes so much as the creative team. I will say I enjoyed these over the week though.

  26. @smee Me too, I miss that book

  27. Great ad campaign that created some buzz.  Who I would want on the team: The Immortal, Monster Girl, Robot, Tech-Jacket, someone related to Red Rush (i.e. an unknown speedster daughter) and Young-Omni-man.

  28. People do know that this is a team that’ll mostly be comprised of Invincible characters! I doubt it’ll have any of the classic Image characters. Maybe Savage Dragon.

  29. This is going to be an Inviciverse based book. Not a big Image mash up. Like Muddi900 said, it’s not going to have a bunch of big name, non-Kirkman characters in it.

    Kirkman said himself that during the big Viltrimite war that Invincible is going to be gone from the Earth for 7 issues. And that he didn’t want to totally ignore all the other characters of the book for that long. So this is going to be their book for the time. I think he said it’s just a 6 issue mini. And that he is co-writing it (liking just giving his stamp of approval) with another writer and it’s being drawn by the guy who did the Atom Eve-Rex Splode stuff.

  30. Great campaign.Contrary to what I said of course it became obvious after a couple that it was a great play on what Marvel was doing.Smart campaign!

  31. let me place a guess… Invincible, Robot, Dupli-kate, Atom Eve, Science Dog, Immortal and AST.Wolfman

  32. Cool.  This past week’s spoofs have got me intrigued enough to be paying attention to the real announcement.  This has potential to be pretty darn cool.

  33. It would be comedic genius if in a couple days they started in on the jokes again.

  34. In some ways I’m relieved. It was really going to bother me that Harry Potter was on this team. I hope some left field picks are made, like Witchblade. It would be REALLY balsy if Kirkman had Ottley draw a Grifter amalgam from Wildstorm. XD.

  35. I really wanted Rick in there as the blackest of black comic relief.

  36. "I’ve never really been much of a team payer" – Invincible

    "Todd lost a bet so he’s loaning me out for this" – Spawn

    "It makes no logical story sense for me to be here, but I suppose it will help sales" – Rick Grimes

    "I’m not as popular as I used to be. How much is Amazing Spider-Man  583 going for on eBay?" – Obama

    "Okay, now this is getting a little ridiculous…and slightly illegal" – Harry Potter


    I love it. A team of the this magnitude would’ve bitch slapped every other comic book on the shelf. lol

    Joking aside, I hope Wolf-man makes the team. With The Astounding Wolf-Man coming to an end soon it would be nice to see him as part of the Guardians of the Globe.