The OTHER Big Screen Thors

Although next week's Thor film is being touted as the character's live action debut, they'd be wrong. The mythological Asgardian god of thunder has been depicted numerous times on both the big screen and small, from non-Marvel versions of the character both in parody and tribute as well as Marvel's true Odinson himself. Here's a rundown of some of the most memorable appearances — and some you wish you could forget.

The Incredible Hulk Returns (TV Movie, 1988)

In the late 80s, Marvel brought back the legendary Bill Bixby-led TV series The Incredible Hulk through a series of TV movies with the not-so-secret plan for it to serve as backdoor pilots for other series. For The Incredible Hulk Returns, it was meant to launch Thor into his own series. Although Eric Allan Kramer's Thor bears little resemblance to the Marvel comics character visually, they did keep with the idea of Thor being sent to Earth to learn humility. But when this movie debuted on TV, I think the people that made the film ended up learning a bit of humility of their own.

Adventures in Babysitting (Movie, 1987)

Thor seemed to be on the minds of people in the late 80s, as one year prior to The Incredible Hulk Returns the hammer-wielding hero was hinted at in the film Adventures in Babysitting, future star director Christopher Columbus' first feature film. In this, one of the children being babysitted has an almost-religious devotion to the idea of Thor — and a devotion that rings true when the mechanic that fixes their car bears an unnatural resemblance to the blonde-locked hero. Although there are no Thor antics to speak of, this movie is worth a viewing just to see a mechanic Thor played by a young Vincent D'Onofrio (Law & Order: Criminal Intent).

Stargate SG-1 (TV series, 1997 – 2007)

Although he bears no likeness to the Thor we know and love, Thor — and his realm of Asgard — was a major player in the spiraling stories of the TV series Stargate SG-1. The series postulates that the mythological Asgardians were in fact a highly advanced alien race with the visuals of the familiar grey aliens connected to Roswell.

Muppets Tonight (TV series, 1996-1998)

Although nothing can quite top the idea of Thor as a bulbous-eyed alien creature, Jim Henson and Co. do that just fine with a series of skits in the late 90s series Muppets Tonight. The sketches found the god of thunder trying to deal with everyday tasks such as getting a driving licenses, checking books out of the library and other all-too-human chores. I just wish I could do what he does in these situations — the muppet Thor strikes down anyone that angers him with lightning.

*cue laugh track*


  1. Verily, I am in a world of shit!

  2. Great post. Muppets Thor for the win, but what we’re they thinking with that alien Thor?!

  3. I thank you for reminding me that Muppet Thor exists.

  4. Home Improvement star Zachary Ty Bryan (Brad) also played Thor in the direct to DVD film Hammer of the Gods 

  5. Adventures in Babysitting…brings back a lot of good childhood memories.

  6. I desperately want Vincent D’Onofrio to have a cameo in Thor.

  7. omg SG1 was so good

  8. Also, Michael Shanks, aka Daniel Jackson, was the voice of SG-1’s Thor. I always liked the “Asgardians as aliens” angle on the show, similar to how the Goa-uld were Egyptian and Chinese gods, even using holograms to disguise their true appearance.

  9. Muppet Thor would annihilate the others in a fight.

  10. Lol, little hammer.

  11. The Asgardians in SG1 were awesome.

  12. Muppet Thor pwns all. 

    They talked about Thor on a recent ep of Storage Wars….found some old action figures.  

  13. I’ve always had a softspot for that incredible hulk movie.  Watched ion constantly as a child.  and according to imdb at least Eric Kramer is in Thor.

  14. Muppet Thor?? Excuse me while I begin searching YouTube.

  15. “Take it back Brad!  Take back what you said about Thor!”

    Adventures in Babysitting is still in my mind, 20 years later. 

  16. Elizabeth Shue. This movie has to win because she had a Thor Helmet, the mighty mjollnir and a cape!

  17. Oh God. I forgot about that annoying Thor from the Hulk TV movie. I remember to change, he had to hold the hammer and scream “ODIN!” really loud while making a stupid face. *SHUDDER*

  18. When I was a kid I was so psyched for the Thor appearance in the Hulk movie.

    And then I watched it. So, so disappointed.

    (Daredevil too, though that was a little better.)

  19. @conor  I felt the exact same way. If Thor fought Hulk in a comic back then, I would have bought it without hesitating. this was a movie i HAD to see. Then I saw it. I was so disappointed I STILL haven’t seen the Daredevil one. 

  20. @JohnVFerrigno  I should say that I enjoy all of those Hulk movies immensely. I was just let down by the way Thor was portrayed more like the actual Norse god and less like the comic version. Daredevil was a lot like the comic version, just in an all-black costume.

  21. @conor  I haven’t seen that movie since i was a kid. I remember liking elements of it, but i wasn’t happy with how they used Thor. I had pretty much the same reaction: i wanted Thor like he was in the comics. When i didn’t get that, I was angry and didn’t like it. But I always liked the Bixby/Ferrigno Hulk TV show, and liked the parts of the movie that reminded me of that. I actually should check those out again, now that i’m much older and more open minded than I was as a little kid.