The Marvels Project – Preview

The Marvels Project is Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s 8 issue retelling of the origins of the Marvel Universe leading up to World War II.

I don’t normally look at preview pages for books that are coming out, but I am so excited for The Marvels Project that I couldn’t resist checking them out in the back of a couple of Marvel’s books this week. In case you missed them yourself, we’ve got ’em for you here, and a bunch of the variant covers as well! 


Cover by Steve Epting


                  Cover by Phil Jimenez                   Cover by Gerald Parel                 Cover by Steve McNiven


I have to admit, that preview did it’s job. I’m psyched for this mini-series! The Two-Gun Kid! Oh, man — this is gonna be great!

The Marvels Project #1 hits stores August 12, 2009!


  1. And of course Thomas Halloway is the original Angel

  2. Hey… does the Hulk have a mustache?

  3. I took that illustration to be a combination of how Two-Gun Kid described the characters and how Thomas Halloway interpreted the descriptions.  That would explain why alot of them are slightly off.

  4. I’m still not the biggest Brubaker fan but I’ll definitely check this one out even though I’m not much of a Marvel fan neither.

  5. From the looks of those previews this is essentially going to be a more detailed history than the original Marvels and told from a different perspective.  Seems interesting.  I will wait for some reviews from the iFancrew before jumping in.

  6. I really like the Gerald Parel Cover.  Very Ross-esque.

  7. That’s going to make an amazing trade on my shelf in about a year

  8. This is going to be awesome. Cannot wait. My only concern is whether I can stand waiting for the inevitable big ‘ol hardcover of this to read it, or if I break down and buy the issues. This concerns me because just looking at how good those preview pages look I know I’ll be buying the hardcover regardless of if I have them in issues, and I hate doing that 😛

    This is definitely my most anticipated project coming out of Marvel this year, even more so than Cap Rebirth. 

  9. I think this will be good.

  10. Looks incredible. Those covers are beautiful.

  11. Reminds me of Kingdom Come, this preview.  Might be good to read in paperback.  I just haven’t been a Brubaker fan recently, though his Reborn #1 was better than his other stuff.

  12. They got me at Hulk’s old timey mustache.

  13. Here’s my problem with this series: This seems to be just a revamp of Busiek and Ross’s run on MARVELS.

    While there is nothing wrong with that; and this preview is really good. I dont see why you cant just pick up MARVELS and get the same message Brubaker/Epting is telling.

    I’m trade waiting on it. It looks great and the prolouge is nicely written…but I cant read the same story that is pretty much double in length.

  14. It’s not the same story, though. It may go over a similar setting but this looks to be a very different book

  15. @TNC I’m not quite sure if I agree with this mini series being a "revamp", I do agree with a direct comparison and drawing parallels.  This seems to be a more direct approach to retelling some classic origin stories.  I would make the case that we’ve seen Cap in WW2 flash back sequences that almost always involve him jumping out of a plane or storming the beaches of Normandy, and I don’t care how many times I’ve seen it before, I always get the butterflies in my stomach and somehow think that if I were a real man, Cap is who I’d want to be (obviously the emotion that the creator’s were trying to elicit, case in point Cap Rebirth).

  16. MARVELS and THE MARVELS PROJECT are both history of the Marvel Universe stories, but they cover different historical ground. There will bea  little bit of overlap with the original Human Torch, but other than that, this is all pre-WWII whereas MARVELS was mostly about post 1960.

  17. Who was the very first Marvel? Are there stories fro back in the day of characters before the ones we know? I didn’t like the time travel arc of Runaways a while back, but what was interesting about it was the older superpowered beings of the early 20th century.

  18. @ato220: Well hopefully this is more then just telling of the origins of the Golden Age characters (which was told in MARVELS as well). Plus if conor is right, then it’ll focus only on them and not the 1960’s Marvel U (which Marvels did but this series isnt going to touch). I’m just saying that at first glance of this series, or of the preview shown, it looks almost a direct homage to MARVELS.

    I’m sure it’ll be different though, but I dont think you can deny that you’ll be thinking about the other series in your head when reading this.

  19. There is something cool about the Incredible Hulk with a nicely trimmed ‘stash!

  20. " I …drink your MILSHAKE……I drink it UP!!!<—Hulk

  21. @VichusSmith: I believe the current canon would say that the first Marvels were the three pictured on the Epting cover, Human Torch, Sub-Mariner, and the Avenging Angel.  They maintain this because they were the stars of the first Timely publication.  Obviously through other stories we know Wolverine, Dr. Nemesis from current Uncanny run, and probably a half dozen others were kicking around somewhere.  But as far as people going out there and fighting bad guys, it’s those three.

  22. Not really a fan of Brubaker, some of his stuff is ok but most is long winded and overhyped in the extreme – might give it a look for the Epting art and Hulk’s tash though…

  23. Hulk smash! eh wot, wot? bully!

  24. @edward: If Jeph Loeb wrote a Hulk story where he spoke nothing like that….I’d read it in a heartbeat.

  25. EDIT: Damn me and my bad grammar. I ment to see ‘If he wrote him saying nothing BUT that’

  26. @tnc: he has done a lot of squat thrusts and medicence ball extentions

  27. @edward: Also using their triangular weights and bicycles with the HUGE front wheel.

  28. Oh man! Oh man! I so cannot wait for this to come. I am a Brubaker fan and I love what he has done with Cap and DD so to take on the whole Marvel U is pure sweetness to me.

    I think the question of singles vs. the inevitable hardcover is obvious for me: get ’em all. Going back to the video podcast answers, I want to be part of the conversation around the proverbial watercooler, plus have something nice and collected for reading as a whole later.

    Bring it on! 

  29. this looks amazing. more greatness from brubaker