The iFanboy staff go superpowered for the holidays!

No article this week because (if you haven’t noticed) it’s Christmas today. Instead, I present a vision of the iFanboy writers as they might look if there were in the Justice League. Enjoy!

staff writers

From left to right: Jim, Ron, Josh, Sonia, Conor, Gordon, Mike, and Paul.

Click to see an enlarged version of the image.

Disclaimer: Even if I worked out, I would never ever look like this. My apologies to the guys, who gave me these photos in good faith.


Sonia Harris loves writing her usual column, but when it’s time for the holidays, it’s more fun to mess about with photoshop. You can ask her about her various time-wasting hobbies via email;


  1. Conor could stand in for just about any bald hero &/or agent of evil. Pretty much.

  2. Good god this is the thing of nightmares.


    I mean…. Merry Christmas… Happy Holidays…

  3. This is SO awesome!  Thanks for doing this, Sonia!  

    Being Red Tornado is more fun than I would have thought.  Look at my cape!  

    Ron as Supes?  Pretty perfect.  

  4. There is a good chance I will be repurposing this photo in a number of venues.

    (i have no idea who i am; booster brown?)

  5. Conor isn’t Batman.  He is so pissed at you.

    Josh looks awesome.  Ron’s eyes are seducing me.  Red Tornado suddenly looks very friendly.

    @Jimski – I believe you are Geoforce.  That is unfortunate.

  6. @jimski You are none other than Geo-Force!

  7. Just wait until I photoshop my face on Amazo… then you’ll all pay dearly.

  8. That tattoo finally got Josh noticed by the Guardians!

  9. Geo-Force is Captain Planet’s uncle, correct?

  10. Conor as Black Lightning…priceless.

  11. @Jimski – He controls dirt.  So, he has one of the Planeteer rings.  

  12. BLACK LIGHTNING!!!!!!!

  13. If Ron were Supes, he still wouldn’t read his own books.

  14. Thanks! Conor as Black Lightning could have gone wrong easily…

  15. Ron might be mad when he finds out if the picture hadn’t been cropped at the bottom, he could have been the Flash.

  16. Because Paul didn’t already have delusions of grandeur…

  17. I will answer only to Red Paulnado now.  


  18. Whatever you say, R. Piddy.

  19. Or that.  

  20. Please note: Gordon is a late addition because I only just received a photo of him. Due to his tardiness, he gets to be the Black Canary with a dubious shag haircut.

  21. Where is paul dini? HE should have been batman.

  22. That leaves two more spots – one of them should be Dave, the other a TV that reflects the viewer.

  23. George Clooney should’ve been Batman

  24. Waitaminute. Conor is black?

  25. @Paul – Now that you’re Red Tornado you’re going to get lots of undeserved attention from Brad Meltzer!  Enjoy!

    Merry Christmas iFanpersons!

  26. This…this is AWESOME.

    Sonia, thank you for this–really…this is literally something I could never–ever–have imagined seeing. Like, ever.

     Great work and a fantastic gift. thank you!


  27. Does that make Conor "White Lightning", then? Or is he still "Black Lightning" similar to Black Canary, eventhough she’s white?

    And I think Gordon’s confused as to which finger to use to flip us off.

  28. uh, red tornado has a goatee? pretty cool for an android

    @wonder woman.. Bring your rope cause I’ve been a baaad boy

    Happy holidays JFA

  29. Oddly enough, Gordon looks the most normal of the group, as he simply resembles an ’80’s metal fan. 🙂


  30. This is awesome Sonia!  I have a new desktop background now.  I love that Josh wears his domino mask over his glasses. 

    I agree with Diabhol, instead of Black Canary Gordan’s character should be "Whitesnake Fan."   

  31. lol that looks amazing!

  32. 1- AMAZING.


    3- Ron as Superman? Uh, he doesn’t read it so…

    4- Josh as GL perfect.


    Nice job really good piece of art. 

  33. Sonia, could you try that with any Avengers roster? that’ll be awsome too. Love you guys!

  34. awesome!!

  35. Awesome pic! Too bad Nightwing isn’t bald and didn’t make it to the team in Meltzer’s run of JLA. It would have been a more appropriate hero for Conor.

    Conor as Batman would have been tough to Photoshop while still making Conor recognizable.

  36. I have a strange urge to see Gordon playing guitar with that hair and jacket. Rock on, Gordon. Rock on.

  37. Sonia, that is so cool. You are awesome.