The iFanboy Letter Column – 06/13/2008

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I don’t know what it is with DC picking random writers to come in a write Supergirl and only a couple actually get the Supergirl character. In what I used to think was the best Supergirl stories (Supergirl and The Legion of Super-Heroes, and the single issue of Kurt Busiek’s Superman run that brought Kara back to regular continuity) Supergirl #30 was great. If I remember correctly Conor dropped this book, but issue #30 was really good. I think he’d like it a lot. Too bad Will Pfeifer probably wont stay on long.

Charles S.

I actually only bought Supergirl very, very briefly. I picked up the arc that Tony Bedard wrote and Renato Guedes drew which was Supergirl #20-22. I really liked that they were doing a less sexed up, more realistic, teenage Supergirl. But it only lasted three issues and I bailed before I had to witness its inevitable return to cleavage and panty shots. (It may or may not have returned to that — I’m not saying it did — I just didn’t want to take the risk, and I was really bummed about Bedard and Guedes leaving the book).

There are no two ways about it — Supergirl is a mess and DC doesn’t seem to know what to do with it, which is no surprise because that’s how you could describe most of their books these days. I’m leery of jumping onto this book at the moment because, as you said Charles, they seem to change creative teams with every story arc. You can’t get any kind of momentum going like that. It’s a shame, too, because I like her as a character — much more than when she debuted in Superman/Batman #8. I did not like her at all then.

The one interesting thing to note is that in our interview with him at New York Comic Con, Grant Morrison said Supergirl was a character to watch for Final Crisis so maybe I’ll be enticed to pick her book back up once the dust settles.

Conor Kilpatrick



  1. wait just so I’m clear, Supergirl IS in current DC continuity? B/c is S/B i thought batman was never convinced she is who she said she was.

  2. Yep.  She’s been around now for a few years.  Was even a member of the Teen Titans for a short bit.

  3. Batman KNOWS Supergirl is a Skrull. 

  4. It won’t fix the mess that the main continuity Supergirl currently is, but don’t forget that Johnny DC has a Supergirl title coming down the pike in which Kara really is a girl — ie., just eight years old, so hopefully none of the sex kitten stuff we’ve been seeing — and is aimed at young readers.  Should be fun.  I plan to read it with my son, who will soon be seven — and hopefully one day with my daughter too (but just being eight months old at present, she’s still a bit young, even for Johnny DC!) 🙂

  5. I agree with Charles, Supergirl #30 was a great issue, although I think it’s just a 1 time deal with Will Pfeifer since the issue wasn’t the one that was solicited.

    I’d like to see him as the next regular writer on the series if this is any indication of his take on the character.  I haven’t really read his work before outside of a brief glance at Catwoman.

    I didn’t like when they pulled Supergirl off Teen Titans, because I thought that would be a great place to grow the character but with how that series has struggled lately it probably wouldn’t have made a difference.

  6. I’m trying to get my niece and nephew into comics and my niece wanted Supergirl.  I had only read one issue, but all I seem to remember was a shower scene that lasted a couple pages; so I hurriedly walked her over to the Woner Woman section.

    Come to think of it, I should really try to find that issue…

  7. I heard that Johns/Robinson are planning to incoporate Supergirl into their Super-Continuity of the coming future. If that’s the truth (and I think they said there’d be slight crossover) I might have to pick the book up again…

  8. I really enjoyed supergirl when i got back into comics and it was pretty much the comic i looked forward to each week. i really liked what the writer was doing with kara, in that the normal view of kara as supes strongest ally or ‘secret weapon’ was kinda turned on it’s head, and it seemed one day she would try to kill him. it was a different direction for a superman family character go in seemingly to, or actually are failing to live up to the superheroing ideology and i responded to that. maybe it wasn’t fantastic but i enjoyed it. but when he wrapped everything up at the end of his run in a nice big bow I bloody screamed. ok the next arc was pretty good and guedes art was nice and she was learning from her mistakes. but then it seemed like a whole other kara in the stories beyond that. and issue 30. i have the same problem i had with that supes issue about the origin of bizarro in that it didn’t really reveal anything i didn’t already know, and didn’t really need to know anyway. i’d love to put her in an adventure with the kingdom come superman, send them off into space, go fight some bad guys, make some friends, maybe find a new superboy or something. oh well i can dream.

  9. I am actually going to check out Supergirl when James Robinson does the New Justice League, Superman, Supergirl crossover.

  10. I thint he worst part about this Supergirl is that Dan Didio said that the Peter David version no longer has existed and has been retconned out of existence. I thought this has been the only successful version of the character. I liked the idea that she as not Superman’s ACTUAL cousin. It just makes more sense that way.

    If they wanted to introduce another alien, I wish they would have used the idea from the cartoon where she was the last survivor of a world close to Krypton.

  11. Not giving Supergirl to Terry Moore when he asked for it is probably one of DC’s bigger mistakes.


  12. I think a lot of my love for supergirl comes from how matrix was in the 90s and how well written linda danvers was by peter david. i haven’t actually read a lot of that run but i had a soft spot for that character. it pains me that she no longer ‘exists’.

  13. I think the character, like most of DC’s sidekicks/teen heroes, is a good idea.  A teenage girl version of the man of steel sounds interesting but the personal stuff and the hero stuff has to work together.  People that are just icons without personalities are boring and stale.  I think I would read this title if Peter David was on it based on his work with Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man.  He is really good at writing people, not just characters and turning something so basic (Flash Thompson and Frank Marko if you read FNS) into something human.

  14. I was really excited for Supergirl when it first came out, but after reading the first arc, issues 1-5, I felt really really disappointed. I really like the character, but I just can’t stand the book and the stories. Are there any arcs that are actually good aside from the aforementioned #20-22?

  15. short answer….no probably not. i consider the first nineteen issues to be one continuous arc and it builds from the first 5, so most people may not like it. i enjoyed most of it, the visit to kandor as dark and gritty, the friendships with boomer and wonder girl, the introduction of power boy, hell even the phantom zone inhabitants invading earth. there was a lot of nice moments like supergirl visiting ma and pa kent and seeing connors empty room, hey even reintroducing streaky the wondercat, and this ever present feeling that there was something wrong and something different about this girl of steel.