The iFanboy 2012 Best of the Year In Comics


As we wrap up 2012 we’ve come to that time of year again. It’s time to honor the best and the brightest in the world of comics! From series to innovations to characters to creators, and everything in-between, we present to you the iFanboy’s 2012 Best of the Year in Comics:


Best Single Issues of 2012

Every week, hundreds of single issues are released by all the major publishers. Trust us, we’re drowning in these issues, there are alot of them. But amongst the masses of issues, there are the few that rise to the cream of the crop and deserve attention and adulation at the end of the year.

Josh Flanagan sifts through the hordes of issues and gives you the top 15 issues that were released in 2012. With the merging of art and writing into masterpieces, these are the best of the best in the single issue format of comic books for 2012.


Best Non-Fiction Comics of 2012

Some of the best comics are visual stories of the real world. Ranging from personal experience, to historical recounting to tales of accomplishment and disappointment, the human condition sometimes is best shared through non-fiction comics.

Josh Christie, our resident man amongst the books, delivers the top 10 non-fiction books to turn up the heat for your love affair with reality. Experience the lives of some talented cartoonists, or marvel at cartoony angry Jack Kirby. There’s something for everyone here.



Best Reprinted Material of Comics of 2012

There’s no better way to enjoy the comics of the past than through the latest and greatest reprinted editions. With book production and design improving each year, these comics look better than ever.

Jeff Reid filtered through all the masses of reprints from all the publishers to find the true gems of 2012. With long out of print archival editions, to some of the comics greats and their earliest work, this is bevy of comics that will last a lifetime


Best New Comic Series of 2012

There was an explosion of new ideas and new comics in 2012, and we’ve been extremely lucky to have so many amazing new comics from all the publishers to choose from.

Chris Arrant went all the way back to January and evaluated the numerous new comics series that came out to break down the top ten new comic series. From Saga, Prophet and the Manhattan Projects, Image Comics lead the parade of new comic series. But Marvel NOW! gave us such greatness like Thor: God of Thunder and Hawkeye. But not to be denied, Dark Horse and IDW also delivered some of the best new comics series of 2012.


Best Cosplay of 2012

It was a big year for the cosplayers, with lots of attention, both positive and negative, on the wacky con goers who like to dress up like their favorite characters

Molly McIsaac was on the scene capturing photos and evaluating the numerous other photos on the web of the of some of the best cosplayers at the cons of the year.


Best Innovations/Use of the Medium of 2012

Not only was 2012 packed full of new and exciting art and stories, but some of the most innovative work done in the medium in years. With so many amazing examples, it was hard to narrow it down to one list…

…but Timmy Wood was up to the challenge, lucky for us and he serves up some of the most compelling and inventive uses of comics from some of the most talented creators!


Best Covers of 2012

This year was an embarrassment of riches in terms of art in comics, and the best place to show off amazing art was the covers of the comic books out every week.

Paul Montgomery has stayed awake for 2 weeks, sifting through every comic book that was released in 2012 to come up with the Best Covers of 2012. There was so many great options, he couldn’t limit it to just 10, so we’re proud to give you the top THIRTY covers of 2012. There’s some stunning art here folk, so pull up a chair and enjoy.


Best Comics Stuff That Isn’t Comics

There isn’t a better time to be a fan of comics, with not only hundreds of comics to choose from, but with tons of comics merchandise to fill the shelves of your home

Gabe Roth poured through all the catalogs and the websites to find the best comics themed merch that can help round out your collection and give you the edge over your friends in the race to have all the cool stuff. So whether you need that cool belt, or some art for your walls or the book that everyone is reading, here’s your shopping list.


Best Characters of 2012 

The one thing great comic books all have in common is great characters. The back bone of great stories are the people and personalities involved and 2012 was filled with memorable characters.

Ali Colluccio has been reading comics nonstop to build the master list of characters that rocked our world today. From the strong women in comics, to the lovable emo rag doll to some of the most diabolical villains, 2012 was not without the characters we’ll never forget. Nor would they really let us, now would they? (That Doctor Octopus cover freaks me out…)


Best Comic Writers of 2012

There’s one thing we have an embarrassment of riches of in comics, and that’s great writers. It’s a golden age of amazing writing and with so many to choose from, it’s nearly impossible to narrow it down…but we tried.

The task was so daunting that Paul Montgomery and Ron Richards teamed up to break down the list of the best writers of 2012. Who gave the best performance this year? Who’s body of work was so good that it it’s impossible to ignore. With so many bats and mutants and monkeys running around comics, who could possibly be crowned the Best Writer of 2012?


Best iFanboy Moments of 2012

I’ll let you in on a little secret…the reason why we do iFanboy is to have fun. To have fun with our friends, to have fun with all of you. It’s this commitment to fun that sometimes gives us some of the funniest and best moments of the year. So, we like to celebrate those.

Jim Mroczkowski takes a look at the highlights of the year and reminds of what made 2012 so much fun to be at iFanboy. Phil Coulson would be proud.


Best Comic Artists of 2012

When you think of comic books, you think of art. There’s no avoiding the pretty pictures that tell the story of of our favorite comics. We’re lucky to have such amazing artistic talent to choose from…if it just wasn’t so hard to narrow it down.

Josh Flanagan has been losing sleep as he’s sifted through the panels and pages of the art of 2012 to devise the ultimate list of comic artists who’s work shined this year. Some of the most inventive men and woman who can put ink to paper and make these funny books come to life.


Ron’s List of the Best Things in Comics 2012

Ron reads alot of comics. He also reads alot about comics. It’s kinda hard for Ron to avoid thinking about comics, so sometimes he needs an outlet to share his thoughts and opinions about comics. Luckily, iFanboy is the place for that.

Each year, Ron takes a look at the industry and the year that has passed and comes up with his list of the 5 best things in comics. The things he’s happy to celebrate and spread the word about, as well as his personal picks for the year.



Ron’s List of the Worst Things in Comics in 2012

The dark side to Ron’s list of the best things in comics, Ron takes a critical look at the worst thing about comics in 2012.

Ranging from the dark side of crowd funding, to the dangers of variant comics, to the lackluster performance by DC Comics, to the rampant negativity in the comics community to the perils of accelerated and adjusted shipping schedules.

Look, Ron just wants everyone to be happy, but sometimes you need to be critical…


The Best Licensed Comic Series of 2012

Comics has a long history of licensed properties coming to life in comics and this year was no exception, in fact if anything, licensed comics are the place to be. So much so that it seems like it’s all a couple of publishers do.

Chris Arrant went through some of your favorite characters and strange worlds that came to life this year thanks to some immensely talented comics creators. Whether you you’re into monsters or cartoons or swords and sorcery or espionage and military maneuver in garish costumes, there’s a licensed comic for you.


2012 Publisher of the Year: Image Comics

One of the easiest decisions for the iFanboy staff this year was the publisher of the year. After last year’s strong showing by DC Comics, last year’s honorable mention publisher rose to the challenge in 2012.

Image Comics, with it’s explosion of talent, creativity and new series was the clear winner when it came to publishers in 2012, and we’ll tell you why.


The Picks of the Week of 2012 – By The Numbers!

For the stat hounds out there, the complete analysis and breakdown of the data involved with the Pick of the Weeks of 2012. Conor Kilpatrick pulls out his spreadsheet and crunches the numbers based on publishers and creators to show you just who was on top for 2012 for the Pick of the Week!



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