iFanboy’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Comics for Kids!

It’s that time of year again, time to head to the stores (or if you’re like me, to Amazon) in search of the perfect present for your loved ones during this holiday season. We all know that there is no better gift than the gift of comics, so iFanboy is here to give you the inside track to make your shopping a little bit easier this year with our hand picked presents for everyone on your list.

To kick things off, we’ve got some comics sure to entertain and make lifelong fans out of the young ones in your life. It’s the perfect gifts of Comics for Kids!

For Mommy’s Little Aspiring Bounty Hunter


Cow Boy

Written by Nate Cosby – Art by Chris Eliopoulos
Archaia – $19.95

One of the most special releases in recent memory, Cow Boy is the adorably rough tale of a a young bounty hunter in the wild west on a quest for justice. A jam packed hardcover makes this perfect for any little young’n who’s heart is out there on the range with the cowboys and Indians and horses, and yearns to experience it with some top notch cartooning.


For Those Who Live and Die by the Cartoon Network


Adventure Time, Vol. 1

Written by Ryan North – Art by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb
Kaboom!/BOOM! Studios – $14.99

After a couple of years of gaining fans and popularity on the Cartoon Network, 2012 was the year Adventure Time blew up and became one of the biggest forces in pop culture. Enjoyed by both kids and adults, there’s a good chance that just about every kid in the U.S. is watching Adventure Time and pretending to be Finn. Keep that momentum going by getting this stellar collection of the first batch of Adventure Time comics and make that Finn in your life squeal in excitement.


For the Young Reader Who Wants a New Look at a Classic


A Wrinkle In Time

Adaptation By Hope Larson
Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)  – $19.99

I already marveled at this piece of work in November’s Book of the Month, but in case you missed that, if you’ve got a late elementary school/pre-teen reader in your world, then they’ll fall in love with his graphic novel adaptation of a modern fiction classic. Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle In Time celebrates 50 years of being one of the most read books by kids and this new way to experience her story is just the right way to enrich the life of a young reader while also exposing them to the world of graphic novels. Hope Larson’s cartooning and storytelling style is perfect for young readers who will have a hard time putting this book down.


For Daddy’s Little Baseball Fan


Play Ball

Written by Christina Weir & Nunzio DeFilippis – Art by Jackie Lewis
Oni Press – $19.99

For all the tomboys or baseball fans in the world, Play Ball is a wonderful story of a gifted softball player who challenges her new school and the world around her by wanting to play on the championship boys baseball team. A great mix of sports and growing up angst, Play Ball is great for athletic girls looking for inspiration or any fan of the national past time.


For the Future Slayer


Giants Beware!

Written by Jorge Aguirre – Art by Rafael Rosado
First Second – $14.99

If you’ve got a child in your world that loves the world of fantasy, filled with swords and magic and the like, then Giants Beware! is a perfect addition to their library. This book has it all, a young heroine who defies her parents to go become a slayer of Giants, a young princess, a young chef and even an adorable doggy. Who doesn’t love slaying giants and doggies?

For the Kid Who Enjoys the Packaging More Than the Gift Itself



by Doug TenNapel
Graphix/Scholastic – $12.99

Every kid has spent hours lost in their imagination thanks to a cardboard box. Whether it’s a refrigerator box, or a castle or a spaceship, adventures are to be had in those cardboard walls. Acclaimed creator Doug TenNapel whose unique art style has brought us some amazing stories takes the concept of kids playing with cardboard and brings it to a new level as the cardboard comes to life! Mix in an evil neighborhood bully with his own cardboard army and you’ve got the makings for a story in Cardboard that any kid will love.


For The Kid Who Read Bone Last Year



By Mike Norton
Dark Horse Comics – $14.99

Now this one is for the older kids, the early and mid-teens in your world, who you previously turned onto to comics with high adventure stories like Bone. Eisner Award winning Battlepug is the right amount of action, adventure and humor to draw in any easily distracted teens. Holding an important place in the heart of iFanboy, Battlepug represents some of Mike Norton’s finest work and it’s exactly the kind of wacky book to get the kid to put down the damn Nintendo DS and sit down and read a bit.


For the Kid Who Dressed Up Like Captain America for Halloween


The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!, Vol. 1

Written by Christopher Yost – Art by Chris Jones & Adam Dekraker
Marvel Comics – $9.99

It was the biggest movie sensation of the year, so it makes total sense that kids would be crazy for The Avengers, so how better than to fuel that craze with comics about The Avengers! Bursting from the screen form the Disney cartoon of the same name, The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!, Vol. 1 collects the first four issues of the comic book that’s got every kid’s favorite Marvel heroes and could be the perfect launching point to the world of comics.


For the Kid Who Wanted to Dress Up Like Bane for Halloween


Young Justice Vol. 1

Written by Art Baltazar & Franco – Art by Mike Norton
DC Comics – $12.99

Maybe Marvel isn’t your thing and you prefer DC Comics heroes and you want to get that kid in your life to follow in your footsteps? Or maybe the children in question also loved watching the sidekicks of Young Justice on the Cartoon Network? Then Young Justice, Vol. 1 may be the right present. Filling in the gaps in-between the episodes of the cartoon, Young Justice is more great adventures of the DC Comics iconic sidekicks by a solid creative team on both the writing and art side.


For Kids Who Like Pretty Ponies! (Konies?)


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #1

Written by Katie Cook – Art by Andy Price
IDW Publishing – $3.99

Normally, I try to recommend collected editions or graphic novels and not single issues for these gift guides, but the amazing phenomenon that is My Little Pony cannot be denied this holiday season! For the little girl who likes cute, cute things or the future Brony in your life, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #1 has got the world turned upside down. Might as well get involved while you can and add a little bit of CUTE to your loved ones world



  1. I bought my son a bunch of 3 Geeks trades and Batman: Noel for Christmas. He has one issue of 3 Geeks that he’s re-read a dozen times and he’s crazy about the way Lee Bermejo draws Batman and the Joker.

    I think Axe Cop is pretty good for the kiddies as well.

  2. I can’t recommend Adventure Time strongly enough. You kids will love it. Unless they suck. In which case, get new kids.

  3. Great list, and I’m all for slaying giants, but please leave the doggies alone. 😉

  4. great list, but if your looking for something fun like giant slayer BE CAREFUL that you don’t accidentally get your kid “I Slay Giants”

  5. I actually bought the Adventure Time trade, along with a Futurama trade, for my best friend’s son for Christmas.

  6. I’m so, so happy that Cardboard made it on to this list. It’s a great read (for all ages) and one of my favorite OGNs of the year.