Eagle-eyed Chris Arrant over at Robot 6 spotted this exciting bit of new on the DC Blog today.

DC released a list of some of the higher profile collections that they have set for May 2011. The most exciting book on the list?

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artists: Angel Unzueta, Scott Kolins, Ethan Van Sciver, Doug Hazlewood, Jose Marzan Jr. and others
$75.00 US, 448 pages

This has to be one of the most wanted collections in recent years and it's about time that DC put this collection together. I had always thought that DC would just reprint the original trades of Johns' Flash run that are now out of print. Nope. They're putting them together in a giant, Starman-style omnibus.

Flash Fact: This one will be finding its way into my bookcase.


  1. mmm……comics.

  2. I just made a Conor-eqsue ‘Oooooo’ sound.

    Too bad I already own these issues in trade, as a omnibus would look very pretty. Still, it’s nice they’re finally recollecting this run. Hopefully a Mark Waid FLASH omnibus collection won’t be far behind.

  3. This is weird. I’m currently re-reading Johns’ amazing run on this. Is DC watching me?

  4. NIIIIIICE!!  I guess I can stop trying to track down all those back issues now.

  5. Have these in singles. Some of the best comics ever made. Ever.

  6. @REM yes they are, and they are watching EVERYTHING, which they will put in comic format!

  7. Just when I though I was going to be searching for these trades in the upcoming NYCC, DC Comics does this! For once, yes, awesome. Good job, DC.

  8. Awesome.  This will be purchased for sure.

  9. AWESOME! Can’t wait to see Kolins art in an oversized collection.

  10. Ah-Mazing.  Don’t usually get excited for collections, this has me pumped.

  11. Very tempting I think I have the trades that are included in this already but I’m definitely going to hold off buying more for when the other Omnibi come out!

  12. Do we actually know if it’ll be oversized? I hope so, given that its only 15 issues for $75.

  13. Yeah- that is WAY too pricy.  They are seriously milking the demand.  I’m sure that a paperback will follow at some point.

  14. @Hourman1941: They don’t paperback the Omnibuses.

  15. Fantastic.

  16. With this wonderful news, does this mean JSA By Geoff Johns Omnibus is not far behind too?

  17. i’m surprised they are calling it an omnibus. Doesnt marvel use the term omnibus while DC releases absolute editions?

  18. I’ve been able to read pieces of this, but not the entire run.  I’m looking forward to this.

  19. yeah i’m totally going to get this. It will be totally affordable through Amazon or whereever. 


  21. @greenbillblue – It doesn’t seem to be a trademarked term or anything. The recent STARMAN releases are labeled as omnibuses.

  22. To paraphrase Conor from earlier in the week, "Wonderland… boy, I dunno."  The Wonderland arc is not good.  The art strikes me as being very late-90’s-esque.  It’s dark and "hyper-realistic", which makes the characters appear to be fun house mirror reflections of their true selves.  (By contrast, when Kolins takes over for Blood Will Run, the art is much more "modern" or seems like art you would see on the shelf today.)  The story and plot are muddled. The dialog is not crisp.  Basically, there is very little of standard Geoff Johns hallmarks.  The only thing it has going for it is decent character development, which is vintage Johns.  There is a definite sense that Captain Cold and Mirror Master don’t respect Wally.

    So,… my excitement for this is tempered.  Maybe if it is over-sized and I decided I want all the volumes of the omnibus, I’ll buy this, but for now, it’s a pass. 

  23. @ctrosejr: I totally agree about the art. For me, this series begins with Blood Will Run.

  24. omnibus is used by Darkhorse as well as other prose publishers. Its an old term thats been around for a while. its also in the Dictionary, so i don’t think you can trademark it.

  25. Excellent news! Now it won’t be hard for me, or other fans, to read these stories.

  26. GreenBillBlue, the Absolutes are a considerably oversized reprinting of some of the biggest stories from DC Comics.  Omnibuses are any collection of things that is all encompassing.  It’s not a Marvel or DC specific thing.

     And more to this book specifically, I’ll be double dipping on these.  These were the books that pulled me into the DC universe.  That’s pretty special.

  27. I’m definitely gonna check this out one day, but it’s not gonna be any day soon with this economy the way it is and my being so damn broke nowadays!!

  28. Ahh, good, it’s always been spotty trying to find the back issues between 174 and 194. My Flash collection only starts with 200, so this is a nice bumper edition to my book shelf. Flash: OWAW and Iron Heights are both awesome stories. Now, DC, can we get a Johns (Goyer, & Robisno) JSA omnibus, pretty please?

  29. FINALLY IN DEED! but I just finished buying all the trades and the out of prints ones werent cheap……flash:blitz was almost a hundred bucks alone,and that was the cheapest I could find it.     I am happy that this is comming out but sad that I didn’t hear about it sooner….still gonna buy it though:)

  30. Awesome, I was going to start the process of tracking these issues/trades down but now DC seems to have listened to the folks!  Being Volume 1, I assume Volume 2 will come out later to complete his run through issue #225?  Now they just need to omnibus Waid’s Flash run and all will be right in the world.

  31. ahhh Wally goodness nexxt May, right on time for my birthday.

  32. the first issue of Flash I bought was when i picked up #175 on a whim during a slow week,a nd I have been reading ever since. It’ll be great to see what I missed in the beginning. 

  33. I’m really glad this is finally coming out. I am new to the Flash with Barry coming back in rebirth, but I have heard great things about this run.

  34. FUCK. YEAH.

  35. Thank you DC! I’ve been killing myself trying to find those out of print trades!

  36. Cool, I’ve been wanting to read this….

  37. Eh, I’ll pass. Not digging the current Flash anyway.

    Writers: Fabian Nicieza and David Hine
    Artists: Ramon Bachs, Jeremy Haun and John Stanisci
    Collects: AZRAEL #7-13
    $29.99 US, 240 pages
    Scheduled for release in May"


    Brightest Day/ White Lantern Spoiler? 

  39. yes!

  40. I’m 100% giddy about this. For once my addiction to "shelf erotica" won’t mean double dipping as I never had the pleasure of reading Johns’ Flash run in the first place.

  41. I’m excited, but I feel the price tag is too much. $75 for 16 comics? Some of them are specials, annuals, etc, so maybe the content is closer to 20 comics…but still, I’d be happier with the price point of the Starman Omnibuses.

    @conor: DC doesn’t paperback their omnibuses, not that I can recall, but Marvel does for some, like the Bendis Dardevils. DC could follow suit.

  42. @bffnut: They don’t put out softcover versions of the omnibuses. The Daredevil Vol. 1 Omnibus is 848 pages. The softcover Daredevil Ultimate Collection is 480 pages. That’s not a softcover version of the Omnibus. That’s just a bigger trade paperback.

  43. Of course they do paperbacks out of the omnibuses:

    * Superman/Doomsday Omnibus (412 pages) – Paperback

    * Superman: Our Worlds at War Omnibus (512 pages) – Paperback

    The Flash Omnibus seems interesting to me but $75 retail price is too much.  Even the Amazon price doesn’t justify the purchase.  Not for me anyway.