The first (real) Guardian of the Globe is… Brit

Okay, just so everyone is on the same page:

There will be an actual six issue mini-series from Image called Guardians of the Globe. It hits stores in August 2010 and is a spin-off of Invincible. The mini will be written by Robert Kirkman and Benito Cereno and drawn by Ransom Getty.

And it appears as if we are still going to be subjected to the daily roll out of team members that Marvel "popularized" a few weeks ago when it started announcing its new various Avengers teams and line-ups.

Here's your first Guardian of the Globe:


  1. BRIT! YAY!

    I miss his series.

  2. Boo!

    I want the previous team to be the real one! 🙂


    He is a badass 

  4. I know I said it last week, but Tech Jacket would be great. I think it’s kinda stupid to do these teasers since Kirkman already pretty much said the lineup in an interview. Also, the font needs to be changed and the parody got old about half way into last week.

  5. F ya bring on the current cast of GoG.

  6. I love Brit, but it’s going to take me a while to get used to that costume. The red on top of the green turtleneck is freaking me out.

    Still, great great news. 

  7. Ok, now that Image is being serious about these "roll outs"  Marvel can and should stop this. 

    This is very weak from the Image Crew. 

    Yes, i did read Kirkman’s interview about doing these roll outs, but this is still Marvel concept, and a carbon-copy of there design. 

    I’d be surprised if Marvel doesn’t say something about this in the future.

  8. @tschafer: I’d be surprised if they did.

  9. That arrow on the "G" is bothering the crap out of me. That’s an Avengers signature, and as a graphic designer who designs logos on a regular basis, it’s more than a little offensive.

  10. Where do you think Kirkman learned to do this?

  11. So, with the joke over, now the whole look and feel of the teaser concept just feels too much like its riding on Marvel’s marketing coattails. I think it’s a GREAT marketing concept, by the way, and while i have no affinity for any of these Image characters, I think this a great way to roll out the premise for a book, and I’m all for Kirkman using this platform. But, that said, I kinda wish he had redesigned these teasers to be unique to HIS vision. The oversized shadowed logo, the tagline, and the Avengers-ish logo all now work to align his GotG concept with Avengers —  and I think he should be pushing for his own identity.

  12. Oh no! Image can’t do a parody of the Avengers logo? Give me a break.

    As the Joker said, "Why so serious son?"


    I’m looking forward to this new title!  Can’t go wrong with Kirkman.

  13. I think Brit is a given. Kirkman gave him his own series so he obviously loves the character (and so do I). But still glad to see it confirmed.

  14. The marketing is derivative.

    I will buy this in paperback.  To read along with Invincible since it ties in.  I like the other writer Benito Cerneo that is writing this as well.  His stuff is pretty good.

  15. I actually like Brit’s new threads (Though he looks like a prisoner.) However, I’m disappointed they didn’t change the ads at all…. AND… they’re doing the week long roll out. Still, I’m in for this after speed reading the 4 Invincible Ult. Collections. (Where’s #5, Kirk-Man!? I want to be caught up – relatively.)

    That said, someone pointed out on another thread (and I agree with their points as well) that the Image ads actually look better for two reasons: The figure of the person joining the team is actually significantly larger than the Marvel ones, which means there’s less null space. As well, on the Marvel teasers, the arrow in the A leads the viewer’s eye off the page, where as the arrow in the G draws the eye to the highlighted team-member. 

  16. @bluedream – they DID a parody. It was funny. But if they’re going to use this gimmick NOW, I’d rather see some originality. Just a preference, as a marketing guy and designer.

  17. I would comment about how Image has copied the style of the Marvel logo…But i’m not going to…Because it’s a comic book, and really, who cares?


    But i’ll probably buy it…

  18. @Preacher – I care. Not because I’m a slavish fanboy, but because I’m a creative professional. As such, I don’t need to apologize for scrutinizing a creative campaign. 😉 I like original marketing and original content. It was PERFECT as a parody. Now, not so much.

    @Prax – I see what you’re saying, but the arrow leading away isn’t necessarily a problem. I just looked back over one of the Avengers’ ones, and it leads your eye away when it’s time to. You naturally drop down to the red Marvel logo below it. Which is what you want. There’s a decent flow, although none of these designs are stellar, I’ll grant you that. 

  19. To tease another’s method only to duplicate it completely straight-faced the week after is asking a little much. I would’ve preferred just a straight team-wide rollout., but oh well.

  20. C’mon SuperPatriot *crosses fingers*

  21. @OttoBott Yeah I’m with you. This is like if Mel Brooks tried to make a dramatic Robin Hood the following year he made Men in Tights. Whats the point of jumping into a pool you just made fun of other people for being in?

    I have no idea who this guy is, and if the Avengers Academy threads taught me anything it’s that I hate this book already because of that.

  22. Is Ransom Getty the artist for these pinups?  I hope he is because they have been purty.  I’m looking forward to this one.

  23. @Roi – That is a perfect analogy.

  24. Has trade written all over it.  Gonna wait for this one.

  25. AW BRIT!

  26. Brit ok theres Captain america and Wolverine rolled into one character, The next one hast to be an iron man so I am going with Fortress and Invincible for superman

  27. If Kirkman were to put Battle Pope in the book, it would be AWESOME!

  28. Wish it was an ongoing.

  29. looking forward to seeing if the rest of the team has new costumes.  I like Robot’s armor as it is, but some of the others could use an upgrade.  I can’t wait to see how Kirkman writes a team book.  I hope it becomes an ongoing.

  30. @cyberauron – Invincible isn’t part of this title. It’s taking place on earth while he’s off fighting the Viltrumite war.

  31. Love Brit, can’t wait for the rest.

  32. No way near the amount of people would be talking about this if Kirkman hadnt used the same style as Marvel. And Marvel wont mind at all as the campaign is so tied to the Avengers that it keeps attention on their relaunches too.

  33. Ive never heard of this mother lover, but I think Im on board for this. Me loves Kirkman and his hero comicking. And your comments seem positive so, I trust you! (well…)