The final Guardian of the Globe is… Bulletproof (literally)

Our long international nightmare is finally over.


Guardians of the Globe: Bulletproof


  1. Good so not just all new characters and Brit

  2. Bulletproof.. Luke Cage in a yellow full body suit?

  3. Is this the same guy thats on the team in invincible?

  4. i bet he is only bullet proof if he eats a power pellet, then he is probably good at killing ghosts as well. </pac-man joke>

  5. The real ones have been a snore. I want the fake ones back.

  6. @smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Yep.. the same.

  7. he looks really similar to kaboomerang, they should have at least given kaboomerang a different colour sceme

  8. With exception to Brit and Yeti, they all have the same or similar costume colors. Wonder if that is intentional or an oversight. 

  9. aw, what happened to Robot and Monster Girl?  Maybe they’ll be on the Teen Team.

  10. Hey! It’s the only character with his own theme song! Bullet Proof by La Roux!

    We should pick songs for every character. Hell, I want my own theme song, ala SM3! Composed by me!

  11. @theworldaccordingtobob Bulletproof was the original title for Invincible but then Bulletproof Monk came out so they changed it. This is also Invincible’s original costume design. Proof that change can be a good thing.

  12. This works for me. I’m not particular about the actual team, although I do miss Spawn.

  13. He and Kaboomerang have the same color and style of outfit.  Is that the Guardians of the Globe digs (which I don’t think the first two announcements were wearing) or are they kindred spirits?  Or does the colorist just really like yellow and brown?

  14. Yo Bulletproof, 2002 called; they want their cornrows back.

  15. Is that the Whizzer?

  16. Just went to look up why a character from the Invincible universe that I love wasn’t on this team only to spoil for myself what happens to him in the book. Damn reading Invincible in trade!

  17. Just read an interview with Kirkman. These teasers aren’t the only members of the team. It’s pretty much going to be the current GotG members from Invincible with these new characters joining in to give it a more global feel. It seems the Bulletproof teaser was more of a symbol for the rest of the current members.

  18. It’s the Bronze Kneecap!