“The Dark Knight Rises” in Nolan’s Third Batman Film

The LA Times reports on the third film in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, and we can now refer to it by it's proper title. The director reveals that this next one will be called The Dark Knight Rises (no doubt taking a page from Eric Hill's Fun with Spot series of imperatively titled children's books). But obviously titles don't so much matter in the long run when you're already hip-deep in the fun. Nolan also quashes rumors that the Riddler will appear, though he's tight-lipped on any new villans turning up in his Second City Gotham. We will be seeing some previously established antagonists though, bringing the trilogy full circle. “We’ll use many of the same characters as we have all along," Nolan says, "and we’ll be introducing some new ones.” 

As previously reported, one of those new ones will be played by Inception's Tom Hardy. But is he a good guy or a baddie? New DA? A mobster? A genuine rogue? Even a new Joker stepping in for the deceased Heath Ledger? 

Also. Also. Fans of subtlety may also find this next bit a godsend: No 3D. 


  1. I wonder if Hardy will be the new DA. it is a roll that has been important in the first two filsm, and can’t see it vanishing for the third.

    And i see on twitter a lot of jokes about the title, and it really has me thinking, is this nolan’s choice, or the WBs? And was there any deal made with WB to shoot the film in imax instead of 3D, say for example, putting the dark knight back in the title? just a thought.

  2. No Riddler? 🙁 Oh well cannot wait for this film!!!!

  3. Let the rampant fanboy speculation commence!

  4. The title seems kinda redundant. But whatevs. In all honesty they could call it Boogerpoop for all I care. I’ll still be there with a half-chub on opening night.

    I never wanted the Riddler so I’m happy about that. I’m also happy about the fact that my confidence that Nolan is the only sane man left in 3DWood has been rewarded.

  5. He’ll be playing the famous iFanboy villain, JMS.


  7. John Goodman is playing Killer Moth.

  8. I was really hoping the Riddler would be the big bad for this film and the plot would center around him actively trying to figure out batman’s identity and really taking an aggressive approach toward the dark knight as opposed to the other villains who only delt with batman when he interferred in their plans

  9. Still, Riddler or not, this will surely be an awesome awesome film

  10. I like that title, especially with where the character was left at the end of the last movie (i.e. Most Wanted lists, etc.).  I read the other day that he is looking for a femme fatale as well, which makes me think Catwoman will be involved in some way in the movie.  Hardy being in the movie is a positive, but it’s hard to speculate what he’ll play. 

  11. Aw man, I was really hoping for the Riddler. I do, however, have enough faith in Christopher Nolan that I’m still REALLY excited for it, and I figure he has some reason for not including the Riddler. Also, is there a date associated with this yes? I can’t seem to find one

  12. I was hoping for the Riddler as well. I think he could be turned into a very dark character. 

    I"m still hoping for Catwoman and maybe Mr. Zsasz. I’m sure it will be good either way.  

  13. This should be interesting. I’m excited.
    (I want Hardy for Catwoman.)

  14. I’m so glad it’s not the Riddler.  I mean, at least not for this film.  His modus oporundi is too similar to Nolan’s Joker.  "8th and Orchard.  You’ll find Harvey/Dent there."  I think the more obsucre the character the happier I’ll be to be perfectly frank.  I think a really good choice would be The Reaper from Batman: Year Two.  It fits in with Nolan’s chronology and the only other place we’ve kind of seen the character is "Mask of the Phantasm."

  15. The best news out of this is no 3D!!

  16. id like to see hush

  17. Actual news!

  18. I love how Nolan keeps things so secret. I prefer that to say, Favreau’s tactic which is to let people in quite a bit more. I think Nolan has a lot of respect for the magic of movies.

  19. No Riddler makes me sad.

  20. @ wallythegreenmonster Mr. Zsaz was actually in the first film. I’d like to see the return of Two-Face.

  21. @oldmanlogan88: Hush! I second! I’ll throw another name out there to… Mad Hatter.

  22. Thank god for it not being filmed in 3-d. But I can only hope that it’s filmed entirely in IMAX.

  23. Admit it. You just threw the Joker line in there hoping to get more comments.

    I was looking forward to the Riddler but not obsessing over it. Anyone we get will be awesome. 

  24. How come no one has suggested Hardy playing Black Mask?  Also, it’s not entirely far-fetched that Two-Face or Ra’s Al Ghul would come back.  Isn’t "coming back from the dead" kind of Ras’ thing?

     Personally, I’d like to see Bat-Mite played by Warwick Davis.

  25. I get the feeling that they would have liked to call this film The Dark Knight Returns but couldn’t

  26. Dent is gonna survive that fall. Plus, Crane will have to be seen in Arkham. Those will be the returnees. Joker will be mentioned, but never seen.

    My dark horse: Zsasz.

    Hugo Strange would be awesome too.

  27. Oh, and I’m so happy about there being no 3D. Keep the same visual appeal TDK had. Dark and noirish.

  28. Remember when they announced the casting of Anthony Michael Hall, and the internet was abuzz with Riddler speculation?  And he ended up being a newscaster with about 15 minutes of screen time? 

  29. Well, I would say that I wouldn’t want another actor coming in to play the Joker, but I learned that lesson with Ledger.  I really enjoyed Jack’s portrayal, but I feel Ledgers performance eclipsed his. 

  30. @RaBoogie: The internet must really love The Riddler.

  31. Anybody else notice the initials for this film will by DKR? How cool is that?

  32. it would be interesting if the femme-fatale character Nolan is looking for is for Talia and not Catwoman.

  33. not worried about the quality of the movie itself but the title is really lame.

  34. There’s already been a character named Zsasz in the 1st one; an escaped prisoner during the riot scene at the end.

  35. @captbastard: And he was on trial in the beginning.

  36. I’m a bit surprised with the name.  I thought they were further along with the development of the Batman/ Dark Night character.  I thought they would have gone with "Redemption", "Reigns", or "Rules" (or even a long shot of "Falls") instead of "Rises". 

    Anyway I’ve got a ton of faith that Nolan will make it work no matter what the title is.

  37. Can’t even explain how happy I am about NO 3D!!

  38. In thinking sbout the title, the villain has to be someone or something that has kept Batman down.  I think of this more in terms of his rise from vigilante to hero.  So who or what could prompt such a rise? Of this, I’m not sure, but I’m thinking the villain in this one will be more than just  one person.  It will probably be a force or things…maybe…

  39. @Neb: Clearly, then, the villain will be The Man.

  40. I am thinking Hush will be involved, but not in the way Loeb/Lee did it. He will probably be an amalgam of multiple villains Hush + Hugo Strange + killer croc.

  41. I mean I understand why they didn’t do the Riddler. It’s hard to live up to such a monumental performance like the one Jim Carrey gave in the incredible film Batman Forever.


    Seriously though, only slightly bummed about the Riddler. I’m predicting Killer Croc with the Louisiana setting and everything.

  42. Ra’s will be back FOR SURE!!! That would make it come full circle as Nolan suggests in his comments.

  43. @conor – Good one.

  44. for the love of God, find someone else to be bats. CAN’T STAND BALE!

  45. @oopsxlandmine: I think you’re going to be disappointed.

  46. Thank the lord there will be no 3D!

    I’m hoping the next villian will be The Penguin or Catwoman.

  47. I can see Talia as the female lead.

  48. Man, I second that Hugo Strange nomination.

  49. sadly i am the only person in creation who wants to see azrael and the order of st. dumas…

  50. I kind of think that the Mad Hatter would be a nice fit for the series in terms of tone, because mindcontrolling peadophiles are just megacreepy.

  51. If it’s not The Cavalier this movie is DEAD TO ME!

  52. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Egghead and King Tut! 

  53. Oooooh – Egghead! Someone call Zombie Vincent Price’s agent!

  54. @conor: Don’t you mean Black Lantern Vincent Price?

    I’m still betting on Penny Plundrer, just to work that giant coin into a movie once and for all!

  55. The title The Dark Knight Rises sounds like a political upheaval, Batman insipres the Sons of The Bat to form and the people of Gotham to revolt. 

    the movie will look like the streets of Paris after the age of retirement is raised by 6 months  



  56. I’m just really happy they are intriducing new characters! I hope that means new villains! 🙂

  57. With no Riddler I am both disappointed & relieved cause now there’s a bigger mystery to what the villain would be. I am still pullin for Two-Face & Black Mask (get it Face & Mask, football joke, cough, well) I think that would be very interesting. Tom Hardy as Black Mask would definitely be intriguing to me.

  58. I’m trying to figure why sone are averse to 3-D? Why is that, to me it is an excitig tool available to the creator! I’ve watched only one 3-D movie many years ago. Wasn’t a very good movie. But it seems to me that 3-D isn’t the issue, it’s how it’s used.

    Am I missing something?

  59. It’s a trend being forced upon many filmmakers because theaters get to charge a premium for it. 3D can be a fun stylistic tool, but far too often it’s an imposed distraction. 3D for the sake of 3D. Since this is a prevailing trend, a number of filmmakers and moviegoers look at it as an obstacle in the ongoing production of quality films.  3D effects are not appropriate to the tone of this particular film trilogy. Nolan didn’t want to have to do it in 3D, so we’re pleased he’s sticking to his guns and not allowing the studio to sway him.

  60. I like the title. Not the best thing ever; but it makes sense considering it will be the ‘rise’ (see what I did there) of Batman’s status again in this continuity. Thank god there is no freaking 3D involved at any kind. I’m fine with just simple IMAX stuff, cause it makes the picture look so much better. But I do not want any kind of 3D in this film.

    Also, I really hope Black Mask is the villain. 

  61. @jumping–for me i think its a total gimmick that has rarely enhanced the movie experience. Also movies are expensive enough without the $5 markup. Plus i wear glasses and the ones they make you wear at the theatre don’t always work that well for me. Stuff is kinda blurry and out of focus for me.


    Zsasz would be perfect….he’s a serial killer, he escaped from Arkham, and he’s already established in that movie universe. 

  62. If Larry David gets cast as The Ventriloquist, i will see this movie in the theater 42 times. 

  63. I see…

  64. Riddler seemed the next obvious choice, I’m actually kinda glad Nolan isn’t using him.  Yes, he’s the next most well known villain they haven’t used yet, but it would be repetitive to use him in the 3rd, just like they did in Batman Forever. 

    Is it time for Black Mask?  Hush?  The return of Ras al Ghul?  You would think they want another well known villain. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  65. KGBeast!

  66. @conor: I like that idea!

    If only this was 1984. 

  67. NKVDemon!

  68. The terrifying TaliBandit !

  69. @Conor maybe they can us KGBeast and do a Red Dawn crossover! (yeah, I know it’s the Chinese in the remake, but whatever…..)

  70. Yeah. Now that I think about it, Black Mask would be incredible.